Batwoman Begins As Supergirl, Black Lightning, & The Flash Return!

Now that Preacher gave its last sermon, it’s time for the return of shows that admit to being based on DC Comics! I chose writing about these over watching Joker! Will no one think of the Joker? (Thanks to The Wages Of Cinema for taking that cinematic bullet for me.) SPOILERS for the newest season premieres of Batwoman, Supergirl, Black Lightning, & The Flash below! They’re all different numbers, but at least they coordinated them for the same week this year unlike the Emerald Archer & the Temporal Justice League! (I finally read The Collector so I can join the Time Bureau book club.) There’s a lot of Batwoman to cover since it’s the rookie. Apparently nothing noteworthy happened at NYCC, but I’ll pepper in some tidbits about Crisis On Infinite Earths!


Batwoman is the new CW series starring Kate Kane, not to be confused with The CW’s new comic book adaption Katy Keene. She’s an update of the original Batwoman, Kathy Kane, who is officially a separate character. Kate Kane should also not be confused with Cass Cain a.k.a. Batgirl, who’ll be debuting in Birds of Prey & Harley Quinn’s Extended Title. (That movie is probably keeping Renee Montoya embargoed.) Kate is the only member of the Bat-family to have had a bat mitzvah.

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The Last Sermon of AMC’s Preacher

The Preacher comics had a finite run, & the TV series wisely follows suit. (Why doesn’t it have a Vertigo or DC Comics logo in the end credits?) It probably didn’t have the ratings to justify running as long as Smallville regardless. I’m just happy AMC let it finish its story rather than prematurely cancelling it.

I still haven’t finished the Preacher comic books. I read the first trade after watching season one & shockingly didn’t like it as much. I decided to wait until after the TV show wraps so it won’t spoil my enjoyment. That way you’ll receive a rare review with a minimum of me complaining about changes from the source material. Being on the other side of this fun house mirror is surreal!

Preacher’s swansong seems like the end of the non-CW comic book show boom era. The endings of The Gifted, Gotham, Jessica Jones, & Legion all disappointed me to varying degrees, unlike Happy! (Krypton was also cancelled like the problematic planet.) Let’s see how this measures up to my unrealistic great expectations. If you’re not prepared for SPOILERS, take a gander at some eclectic movie recommendations in the prior blog.


Ruth Negga would be a better Bane than Jeep Swenson, Tom Hardy, or Shane West! I will also accept Julie Ann Emery as a Batperson. While I’m at it, Joe Gilgun resembles the Joker.

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Tubi Or Not Tubi?

Preacher’s swansong isn’t airing until this Sunday, so I can’t post my season four review yet. The CW’s season premieres are even further away. So this one’s going to be another free choice esoteric installment. (Aren’t they all?)

I’ve been remiss in my Netflix viewing lately. There’s a bunch of original series I’d like to check out like The Dark Crystal prequel, but i don’t feel a though there’s a rush. Almost every time a try to view a specific unaffiliated movie, however, Netflix doesn’t offer it. Its selection is dwindling.

This is what lead me to fall into a Tubi rabbit hole. It’s a free streaming site with a more eclectic range of titles. They’ll intermittently toss in a short ad, but it’s negligible. (It may seem a bit desperate if you get a few in a row extolling its own virtues.) This post is going to read like free advertising for Tubi. I would also be amenable to being paid to write nice things about your site, Tubi! I’ve been trying to watch as much stuff as possible since I’m paranoid this is too good to last. So without further ado, here’s some of what I’ve perused. (Batman & Star Wars tidbits follow afterwards.) I shall endeavor to concise & low on spoilers. Add a “spoiler text” option, WordPress!

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Birds Of Prey V. The Suicide Squad: Dawn Of Posters

WB released some tidbits about Birds Of Prey & The Suicide Squad. I’ll get to them, but this is merely an excuse to write about various DC Comics things in the backlog! I know you’re only coming here for my Gotham cold takes anyway.


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DuckTales Season Finale Two, Woo-oo!

After Disney gave us a daily dose of DuckTales in midsummer, they’re back to a similar schedule for the remainder of its second season. One episode a day is an ideal rate for me; I just wish it was more consistent. Big gaps between seasons may be necessary, but big gaps within a season are frustrating. It is an improvement from it taking over a year to finish season one. This one wrapped up moderately sooner. Now let’s get to spoiling the remainder! Woo-oo! Duck out now if you’ve not seen ’em.

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Catalogue Of Contextless Cats?

I’m disrupting your antiquated paradigm of paragraphs this week! It’s just going to be a string of loosely connected sentences about my pretty kitty & miscellaneous mousers that I couldn’t slip into earlier posts! (I specifically didn’t watch Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance or Carnival Row in preparation.) So it’s kind of like one of those articles collating reaction tweets except I didn’t get paid to generate my own.


Cat On Comics

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Spider-Rant, Spider-Rant, Does Whatever A Spider-Man Can’t

The big news is Sony revoked Spider-Man’s hyphen! Now we have to call him Spiderman as if it’s his surname! He’s not going to be in the MCU anymore either. When you’re done freaking out about that, please take a moment to also freak out about the Amazon rain forest being on fire for weeks.

I was working on a Spidey-rant too, but nobody warned me I had to have it edited so fast for it to be topical. This installment was supposed to be cat anecdotes! I blame my custom Scarlet Witch’s hex bolts! Of course the same week I mentioned Moon Knight, we got a Moon Knight TV show announcement at D23. So you can thank me for that at least. (Ms. Marvel & She-Hulk are also getting Disney+ series! So is Kamala Khan still going to be Inhuman or will she be the MCU’s first mutant? I’m both excited for a She-Hulk TV series & terrified of how easy it’d be to screw it up.)


“I do not wear the fishbowl. The fishbowl wears me!”

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