Pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths Catch-Up!

This week’s blog is delayed because Ezekiel the cockroach ice storm treacherously deprived me of power for over three days. I missed out on Monday’s #joinLodge49 campaign, Cyber-Monday deals, & watching television as it aired. The only thing saving me from hypothermia was my cuddly cat. She donated so much warmth! I SHALL BROOK NO INSULT AGAINST HER MEWOJESTY!

Now’s the time to check back in on this DC CW season before the five-part Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover. Soon the general public will have a sense of Pre-Crisis vs. Post-Crisis continuity! (I haven’t even written about Riverdale season four shenanigans yet!) SPOILERS for Batwoman, Supergirl, Black Lightning, The Flash, & Arrow ahead!

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Freak Out & Watch Doom Patrol!

After last week’s foray into Marvel’s merry mutant cult, I’m finally getting around to reviewing the TV adaptation of their DC equivalent: Doom Patrol! (It also inspired The Umbrella Academy, whose TV series debuted at the same time.) If I had DC Universe I would’ve reviewed it sooner. Luckily my local library got it on DVD without me even requesting it! The main titles alone are superb! This cold take is made of SPOILERS! At the end, I’ll once again try to induct you into the campaign to save Lodge 49! I’m thankful for both of these series, making this blog Thanksgiving topical.

The first season is fifteen episodes, which seems long in the age of streaming. It works though! Each episode clocks in at around an hour. Unlike the Netflix Marvel Shows, every minute is well spent. Doom Patrol is a dense show but in a complimentary way. It feels like the shamebaby of Legends of Tomorrow Legion, & it may be even better than both.


OK Doomer

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X-Men’s New Dawn Doesn’t Mark The Spot

I’ve been spending a lot of time on DC properties lately, what with the Professor Pyg & Joker customs. So before Crisis On Infinite Earths takes over The CW, let’s check in on Marvel’s House of X & Powers of X leading into “Dawn of X.” (HoX, PoX, & DoX for short, soon to be followed by CoX.) Before this SPOILERY dissection of the X-Men’s latest status quo, let’s talk toys! Remember to save Lodge 49 too!


The best part of the MCU having the X-Men & Spider-Man is now they can do a movie inspired by Marvel Team-Up #74! (Which current SNL castmember would an acceptable substitute for Jim Belushi though?)

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Professor Pyg Will Make Gotham Perfect!

Now that She-Ra season four is finished, it’s time to muse on Disney+’s The Mandalorian. WRONG!!! Crank up “Pygmalism,” because this week features a custom of Gotham’s Professor Pyg! (For the intersection of Star Wars & swine, see my Gamorrean gourd.) Diamond Select Toys’ series ended well before getting to him, so I took matters into my own trotters. I brazenly stole this recipe from terd123.


Got ham?

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She-Ra Season 4 Must Break You!

The fourth season of DreamWorks’ revamped She-Ra & the Princesses of Power has arrived! Wait, didn’t we just get the third season in August & the second in May? Netflix must be trying to set a record for the most seasons released for a single series in a year. If it gets the fifth out after the next solstice it’ll have She-Ra for all seasons! Read on for SPOILERS for the Honor of Grayskull! Feel free to skip the next two paragraphs though.


The Princess Alliance is low on elfin ear representation.

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The Joker Is Wild In Gotham!

By now my recap of the latest DC TV premieres is officially old hat. What’s even older is Gotham! It’s been off the air for six months! (Longer, if you’re reading this in the future.) So now the time is ripe for more custom toys! A big oversight of Diamond Select Toys’ prematurely ended toyline was never making a Joker. So I rectified that with a rendition of his season five look. Obviously the spiffy one prominently worn in “Ace Chemicals,” not the series finale version with the gratuitously hideous visage. (Underneath the purple trenchcoat for the final outfit, Mr. J wore vintage Edward Nygma.) Now I’m sharing this creation because you are my very best friend.


“I wanna be the star of the show!”

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