A WandaVision Of The Future?

Last week was a long Legion season three review, so this installment switches it up with fewer words & more amateur photography. (I was working on a Spidey-rant too, but nobody warned me I had to have it edited so fast for it to be topical.) After I debuted my custom Thea “Speedy” Queen, I noted I should spruce up the MCU Scarlet Witch & Vision set too. So I did. It was super easy! Barely an inconvenience! Come for the customs; stay for the Stilt-Man & Typhoid Mary tangents!


Wandavision is proof couple names were a mistake!

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Legion’s Final Season Contains Multitudes

Last weekend was very productive for me writing things that weren’t my difficult second novel. I wrote about Agents of SHIELD‘s penultimate season & She-Ra & The Princesses of Power season 2.5 back to back! Now I shall attempt to review the final season of FX’s Legion. (Not to be confused with the angel movie starring Vision, Mockingbird, Speedy, the Blob, & Abe Sapien that was adapted into its own TV show called Dominion?) There’s a reason it doesn’t say “previously on…”


Somebody didn’t commit to their Statler & Waldorf couples costume.

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She-Ra “Season 3” Was Worth The Wait

It seems like just yesterday I was critiquing Agents of SHIELD’s sixth season, & now we’re already on the new season of She-Ra & The Princesses of Power. (Oh wow, that was only just yesterday!) This is billed as season three, but it’s really the back half of season two. The missing six episodes finally arrived! I was able to comfortably watch them all in a single sitting. That also means I can get a review out quicker than the first season. (It would’ve been even faster had the SHIELD finale not gotten in the way.) A proportionate amount of SPOILERS follow.

I’ve read some people saying this is an improvement over the meandering season two because it’s more concise & dynamic. That’s because it’s the pay off to that set-up that should’ve never been released separately! (It doesn’t feel organic like splitting up CAOS.) They’re two halves of the same arc! Way to do a disservice to season two by dicing it in twain, Netflix & Dreamworks Animation! (This will not matter to anyone in the future binge watching the complete series.)


That’s not really how this works, Adora.

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SHIELD Season Six Sendoff!

With six seasons under its belt, Agents of SHIELD is officially the longest running Marvel television show. Its latest finale heralds the end of Midsommar midsummer! Now I will utilize my agency to remove the shield protecting you from its spoilers! My cat actually watched the penultimate episode with me until they aired a dog commercial.

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The Midsommar Blues

Remember how at the end of the fiftieth forty-ninth anniversary SDCC overview I said the next entry would be more punctual. Whoops! No The Boys critique here! I could’ve had this up earlier had I not myopically decided readers would only be interested in SDCC. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have admitted upfront to not being present as I would’ve given essentially the same level of coverage either way.) If you skip past the movie review, at least the esoteric prediction is right.

I saw Midsommar at a weekday matinee, so I had the theater all to myself. It wasn’t soundproofed to the adjourning one playing Aladdin though. By now it’s left most theaters, but I’ll still SPOIL it for you. (Not Aladdin, the animated original should’ve done that for you already.)


This might be tangentially relevant?

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SDCC Turned Fifty?

HUZAH! It’s the fiftieth anniversary of San Diego Comic Convention! I didn’t attend, thanks for asking. (I took last week off anyway after reviewing Stranger Things 3.) Did you? Here is my armchair event coverage (loosely arranged by DC, Marvel, & miscellaneous mess) that’s rapidly losing topicality! Wait, shouldn’t it be celebrating it golden anniversary next year?

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Stranger Things Is A Misnomer In Season Three

Netflix released Stranger Things season three on July 4, which coincides with this year’s narrative. It also competed against the Mysterio movie (Now that it & Aquaman are rolling in dough from embracing outlandish comic book costumes, can the era of grounded superhero aesthetics finally be dead?), much like how it pitted She-Ra against Avengers: Endgame. Unlike CAOS part two & She-Ra season three, this is definitely a discrete season unto itself. Holiday socializing pushed back my viewing schedule, so brace yourself for another cold take. I’d warn you about SPOILERS, but Netflix admitted that everyone already saw it.


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