Introductions Are In Order

Ahoy! You’ve stumbled upon the blog of Matthew Catania. Or maybe someone ordered you here in exchange for the safe return of your loved ones. The important part is that someone besides me is seeing this. So greetings & salutations, dear readers! I’d like to extend an extra special welcome to the archaeologists of the future, some of whom may be extraterrestrial. I would like to confirm for the historical records that my polydactyl pussycat did in fact bestride the narrow world like a Colossus. Ergo I was also a credit to my species via the transitive property.

So this is my first blog. I do, however, have prior experience publishing on The Interwuzzle. (You’re officially surfing The Interwuzzle from here on out, Grodd damn it!) So far I’ve written pieces for Topless Robot, io9, & Legal As She Is Spoke. (I’ll probably be posting links to this back catalog periodically as I figure out what sort of content this blog will focus on.) I also make frequent comments on various nerdy sites & forums under a pseudonym that’s even cooler than my birth-name. I’m on The Twitter now too! (Doesn’t The Twitter sounds like a social disease?)

Currently, I’m working on a novel dubbed The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose! It’s Medieval fantasy comedy. I have made paintings & sketches for some scenes & characters. So you’ll be seeing some of those in due time.

Since Inspiration is a fickle mistress, I don’t know how often this blog will get updated. Let’s aim for once a week. It may not be the same day each week though, so sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss a single thrilling post. The Twitter & Facebook fan page (there should be clickable widgets somewhere on this blog if you look hard enough) will also alert you to updates if you’d rather not clutter your inbox any further. Or you could just compulsively check back here multiple times a day in hopes of lucking into new content. That’s cool too & totally up to your discretion.

That about wraps it up for the inaugural post. If you’ve read this far, you can leave me feedback. What kind of features would you like to see? Should I keep the overall blog title as is or try again? Do you fancy the free layout template I picked? Besides actually posting substantive content, what would entice you & your friends to become frequent visitors? Have I used enough tags? Should I ramble more or less? Do you have any extra money that you don’t want anymore that I could have? If Orville Redenbacher were reanimated & split into two beings, Orville Reden & Orville Bacher, which would win in a fight?

Until next time,

I remain


this kitty’s Feline Pleasure Maintenance Technician.

Be seeing you.


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