Shameless Cross-Promotion!

Well I’ve broken my oath twice in as as many weeks. Just don’t expect semiweekly content from here on out. This instance was born out a timing necessity to maximize synergy.

If you remember from the introduction, sometimes I write content for Topless Robot. Today my latest daily list,  “The Top 10 Movies That Were Basically Uncredited Superhero Comic-Book Adaptations,” was published. It’s my twenty-fifth piece for the site. So this will be me writing an online article about another online article I wrote because this Amphisbaena has already converted itself into a hoop. Here’s the URL in case you’d rather not click the previous hyperlink for some strange reason:

The site’s editor, Luke Thompson,  greenlit  this article after I pitched it to him at the beginning of January. I originally titled it “The Top Ten Stealth Superhero Movies.” My first draft didn’t have an entry on The Matrix = The Invisibles because there had already been a few articles that covered this thoroughly. It’s the platonic ideal of my listicle’s thesis, however, so I made it the bonus eleventh entry. In revising the article, I copied & pasted some of the entries around, inadvertently leaving two #7’s & no #4. Numbers: HOW DO THEY WORK? I also misspelled Aza Chorn. I’m usually better at proofreading. I can’t discuss much of the response to the article because people are still commenting on it, but I am surprised that Unbreakable has fans.

Do you want to know more?


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