“Ugh, Stop Trying To Make ‘JEMMACIDE’ Happen!”

I hope you’ve seen Avengers: Age of Ultron & Agents of SHIELD’s second season finale because here be SPOILERS! (I know that you really wanted spoilers for The F-Lash season finale. Sorry.)


Now that’s an image that I would’ve had made for last week if I wasn’t “almost clever.” According to my top secret stats page, someone actually found my blog by searching for “jemmacide marvel comics.” Using the same search criteria, I’ve found that others have been using that nomenclature too. So I’d like posterity to remember me as the coiner of this portmanteau on March 4, 2015. At first this just referred to her sudden xenophobic desire to kill all Inhumans. (I’d originally misspelled it “Gemmacide” because how was I supposed to know Simmons doesn’t spell her first name like Gemma Arterton?) Now that she’s been assimilated by an anti-Inhuman artifact, next season will be the perfect time for her to use that codename in the show. Marvel, you can have Jemmacide for free.  Marvel, since you  possess more metric tons of money than I’ll ever see in my life, I’d really appreciate a token pittance for naming Jemmacide for you.

It is known that everyone thought the viscous relic looked like the Venom symbiote. (Comics Alliance’s Andrew Wheeler had suggested murderous Simmons become the white clad Scourge of the Underworld before this development, but Venom is a better mantle for her to adopt given her penchant for biology. There’s also not enough established supercrooks in the movieverse yet  for her to go albino Punisher on.) Now that Marvel Studios & Sony have worked out some sort of deal over the Spider-Man film rights, this would be the ideal way to tie Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe & keep Agents of SHIELD relevant. The show already has Ming-Na Wen playing the best version of Aunt May possible. Even though the morphing monolith won’t turn out to be The Venom so the MCU can maintain plausible deniability (after all, we wouldn’t want the recommissioned Helicarrier with flying lifeboats in Avengers: Age of Ultron to seem like less of a deus ex machina cop out), it should at least be a very similar alien symbiote. Since Venom isn’t known for being an anti-Inhuman WMD, this could be its long lost cousin, Inhomicide.

Does anybody really expect the cliffhanger unceremoniously killed off one of the core cast? At most, I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Venom will possess Jemma’s body like Illyria did to Fred on Angel or make itself a doppelganger. Alternately Jemma will retain her own mind whilst infused with anti-Inhuman powers. Considering how outspokenly xenophobic she’s become (I guess she didn’t need to lie that much when undercover with HYDRA), it’d be an interesting character development to see her adjust to merging with an alien lifeform. Hopefully it’ll be less superficial than Raina’s cliche “I’m ugly now” lament, which was unequivocally false because Ruth Negga is always gorgeous. Now that Raina’s wearing flower dresses in the actual afterlife (I miss her already), Jemmacide should get drunk off her new powers & pick up the unethical superscience slack. (It was a missed opportunity not to have Simmons & Raina become Science Sises.) Whichever option the writers go with, Jemmacide should be able to explode Skye/Mary Sue Poots/Daisy Johnson/Quake with a single touch! (Sorry Skimmons shippers, but MockingNerd is where it’s at. This profound change in Jemma could finally spur FitzMack to be canon too. The sheer banality of the “real SHIELD” plotline may have forced me to write some slashfic.) Just don’t have Simmons be purged of the alien via the power of Fitz’s love.

Since the finale basically proved the large xenophobe contingent of SHIELD was right & there’s going to be plenty of new Inhumans popping up next season, Jemmacide would be an asset to the forthcoming Secret Warriors squad. Seeing as how Cal showed that SHIELD has never been particularly adept at handling “Gifteds,” Coulson probably won’t notice putting Gemmacide on the Inhuman outreach team might be problematic. Maybe her newfound superpowers could work against Graviton too. (This show does recall that it introduced Gravitron, right? We’re not going to have another The Leader situation, are we?) More importantly, Jemmacide needs to finally put Ward out of all our misery. He’s not an Inhuman, but him trying to become a new HYDRA head with fourth-rate goons that weren’t good enough to get curbstomped by the Avengers doesn’t justify his continued existence in the least.

A glossy pleather costume for Elizabeth “no relation to Natasha” Henstridge to strut about in as the symbiote’s host should be within the show’s budget & much harder to screw up than Deathlok’s costume. There’s even fan art of Jemmacide the symbiote that I didn’t have to draw! I did make this one though:


I wanted to give Jemmacide a chest logo like Venom to break up the black, but a jagged spider wouldn’t make sense. I soon learned that stretching the SHIELD logo across a lady’s torso just makes her look like Wonder Woman. Of course Jemmacide’s costume won’t look like that on the show because I don’t work for it. This is a show where, instead of using color-coded uniforms like the comics, SHIELD & HYDRA get into shootouts wearing generic black gear. We’ll be lucky if Jemmacide gets a costume instead of just black contact lenses to confuse viewers about whether The X-Files is part of the MCU.

On a tangential note, I’m relieved that the proposed Mockingbird spinoff has been nixed. If Agent Carter isn’t even allowed to show her co-founding SHIELD then I don’t see what another present day spy show beholden to the movies’ restrictions on exploring the Marvel universe could accomplish besides redundancy. The addition of Mockingbird, Lance “my actor’s real name is even more badass” Hunter, & Mack to the cast helped it improve dramatically from its frustrating first season so that’s where they ought to stay. I did, however, come up with an alternative spinoff that’d be ratings dynamite:

lp2skYou know you’d watch it.

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