Meet The B-Team!

It’s time for you to meet the international behind-the-scenes team I selected for The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose! I call them the B-Team for short. Not to their faces, of course, because that would hurt morale. So don’t tell them I wrote that. Wait, are they reading this? ABORT BLOG! REPEAT, ABORT BLOG!

To start, Martin Jones is its Proofreader. He’s also the author of Mason Wilson & The Dead Bird Debacle, a quirky Middle Grade mystery-adventure. Although originally from England, he currently resides in Canada. So I’m going to put him down for two countries. He actually was the first to join the team by volunteering as tribute! Here’s why:

“I was attracted to the project simply because the first few pages of the book made me laugh, as did the content of your blog. That was important for two reasons: 1) I like to work on books that I enjoy reading myself, it makes all the difference and 2) if the book made me laugh (and I’m a grumpy, miserable so-and-so :) ) then it will make others laugh too! In this genre, laughs lead to sales. On top of that, I happen to be a medieval history graduate, so I am always drawn to books with this setting, whether comical or not.”

Next I recruited Majanka Verstaete as Editor.  “Well, I was attracted to the project because of the prose, the way the book is being told. Just by reading the first chapter, I knew I was going to like this: the writing style, the humor. Hah, I’m not good at explaining this, but this is what drew me to the project.” Majanka is  also a prolific author. She’s from Belgium, but I won’t hold what Douglas Adams or Martin McDonagh wrote about her homeland against her.

For the Cover Designer, I enlisted USA’s Ashley Ruggirello. She told me, “This sounds right up my alley and I’d love to be involved!” She’s currently hard at work turning one of my paintings into a professional & eye-catching book cover.

Last but not least, Lydia Thomas stepped up as Book Manager. That means she handles marketing and promotions for the book. So contact her if you’re interested in some The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose book signings, interviews, & general synergy.  She also hails from the middle of North America & is the author of The Field. “I was definitely drawn to the humor. I finished reading last night, and the other thing I really liked about it was that you just never knew what was going to come next – it kind of keeps the reader off kilter and hooked at the same time.”

But you don’t have to take the words of people that have a financial stake in my book’s for it! Author and educator Bobby “not the famous chess player” Fischer once said this about an early draft he asked to read: “It’s funny, which may be more important than good.” With any luck, his assessment of the finished Booktrope version will be marginally better!

Having these fine folks working with me to make The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose even more stupendous makes for exciting times. As someone who’s used to handling everything by himself, it’s also terrifying. It’s kind of like being hung in the air by your genitals.

n03ivThank you, actual Paul Bettany quote.

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