Happy Day Without Sports, otherwise known as the day after Bastille Day! It’s my favorite holiday so I celebrate it 365 days a year! In honor of this momentous occasion, here’s that painting of a knife fight that I told you about. This is definitely not a sport. Somebody could die!

0001 (3)

Now you can see for yourself that I did a terrible job making it look like X-Men Adventures #6. First of all, there are way too many characters in it. My compositions are getting progressively more crowded. You’ll notice the titular Brother Banenose, the tooth-be-necklaced Fairuza, & the mighty Stephfi. You also get your first looks at Norbert the false pig specialist & the All-Seeing Insect of Doom! Lastly, we have the clothing-deficient [CHARACTER NAME REDACTED BECAUSE IT’S A SPOILER]!

Originally, I had intended to paint an entirely different scene for this chapter. Then I remembered I kind of made a big deal about the tanto fight so I should probably paint that. It also did not require me to paint a ceiling like the alternate scene so it won. My difficult second novel might be set entirely outdoors to completely circumvent the possible necessity of depicting ceilings.

Most books would put such a thrilling scene at the climax, but not mine! This happens in chapter ten, which is roughly the halfway point. So things can only escalate from there! Unless everything is downhill after that. I’ll let you be the judge. But first have a look at the even behind-the-scenesier uninked sketch for the painting that didn’t scan that well:


If you would like to spread awareness of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose on The Twitter, please use the hashtag  #BrotherBanenose. You can alternatively use #TheDolorousAdventureOfBrotherBanenose if you a lot of characters leftover that you’d like to use up. If you go for the acronym #TDAOBB, nobody will know what you’re typing about.

If you haven’t read last week’s SDCC piece yet, you should because it’s obsolete now! Apparently The Tick’s Very Secret mug with spoon I wanted was limited to just seventy pieces. Why would you do that, NEC?

Since I wasn’t there, I had to watch a crummy bootleg of the Deadpool trailer just like everybody else. It might not be terrible! Say what you will about WB scolding fans for watching Suicide Squad bootlegs (I hate the versions of Harley Quinn & the Joker they’re going with, but the rest of it could still be good), at least they had the decency to put an official version online pronto. Nobody wants to wait three weeks to see the Deadpool trailer with the gritty Fantastic Four reboot with evil blogger Doctor Doom! I actually want a movie Deadpool action figure to commemorate them not making him Baraka this time. Hasbro claims the X-Men aren’t off limits but they’d do comic figures over movie designs, but a Marvel NOW! Deadpool would be a close enough stand-in if they make anything at all. Maybe Diamond Select Toys will deliver?

I’d also like an official trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse so I can tell whether Apocalypse looks good. I like that they’re not trying to make Apocalypse look normal, but he sort of looks like blue Wishmaster or Piccolo from what I can see. It appears to be missing the unique geometric aspects of his classic design. Apocalypse has some good dialogue but Oscar Isaac’s voice doesn’t sound dramatic enough. Every time Apocalypse speaks it should sound like the sky is torn asunder. I hate how they’re treating Xavier’s baldness as some huge fanservicey bone being thrown to us. He should just be bald from the start without making a big deal about it. OOH! There’s a scene of hobo-ish mutants meeting in the woods! That was everyone’s favorite part of The Last Stand, right?

Back to Hasbro, it teased a Marvel Legends Sauron at its booth without any intention of producing him just to be bastards! The tail of their custom isn’t accurate, but I’d still trade them money for it & fix it myself. It’s almost as if they don’t want money.



I was also the only person excited to hear they’re producing CapWolf since that’s the only Captain America arc I specifically bought. I was greatly disappointed to find it’s just an alternate head for a classic Captain America figure when you need a lot of new werewolf parts for a proper CapWolf. It also lacks the scale mail (also oddly absent from his movie costumes) needed for a classic Captain America. I’m hoping that the Red Onsalught BAF for the series includes an alternate Magneto-y head too.

Democracy has failed the Gamorreans. Despite my insistence that you vote for them, the Gamorrean Guard came in dead last in the Fan’s Choice Poll (shouldn’t it be the Fans’ Choice Poll?).  I was wrong about being able to vote multiple times. The site just couldn’t be bothered telling me my vote was already counted. Do you realize how much more productive I would’ve been instead of trying to game the system if it’d only told me that? Darth Revan won, but they’re making Sabine Wren as well. I voted for her in the Topless Robot qualifier, so it’s not a complete bummer. Who I really wanted was Logray.


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