Is “JEMMACIDE” A Thing Now?

Is it? Last week, “Ugh, stop trying to make ‘JEMMACIDE’ happen!” became my first post to surpass 1,000 views. WOW. It only took about two months. I’m already ashamed of posts that don’t clear 100 views, so now this wrecks the curve for the lot of ’em. I wish I’d get that level of exposure whenever I attempt to pimp out The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose. So click on some other posts while you’re here to help their self esteem.

Even when I shamelessly link about like fiend, I’m often baffled by why some posts are much more popular than their brethren. The numbers tend to go up whenever I mention Jemmacide in passing even though the portmanteau hasn’t become that memetic elsewhere on The Interwuzzle. So I guess that means that the people want continuing coverage on the Jemmacide situation as it develops or doesn’t. If it’s the latter, I could really string this out: “Will Jemma Simmons finally become Jemmacide in season 7 of Agents of SHIELD even though the Kree artifact arc wrapped up four years ago? Come back next week to read me wildly speculate about it yet again!”

Elizabeth Henstridge is on record as hoping the Kree artifact teleported her. Perhaps The Kree Supreme Intelligence (conspicuously absent from Guardians of the Galaxy) transported Simmons to Hala (the Kree home-world) because it’s fascinated by her. They can cast The Face of Boe in the role. Whilst there, she can request a symbiote suit nearly identical to Venom with the power to neutralize Inhumans. That way everybody’s fanfiction wins!


Well, except the weirdos who prefer even more infighting amongst interchangeably bland bureaucracies (oh wait, we’re still getting those) over stupendous sci-fi escalation in their televisual comic book adaptations. For them, I’ve hastily defaced image above so they can post it to The Tumblr. The right thinking Jemmacide faction may continue to rebut with this & this. Get ready to rumble!

Speaking of superheroes on TV, Stephen Amell turned out to be a dream-crushing monster! At least we have Legends of Tomorrow to look forward to. Rory Williams took that gig just to spend time with his granddaughter. Can it focus on Dr. Stein & Atom performing impromptu marriages? Casper Crump is Vandal Savage, neither of which sounds like a real name!

Angela won the Marvel Legends poll! Darkhawk was a close second! Spider-Man came in dead last! Now let’s cross our fingers that Hasbro puts some effort into her instead of just a straight repaint of the Moonstone body because recycling the same head for different characters in insultingly cheap. Sculpted costume details beat merely painted detail also. Aside from a Mini-Mate, this will apparently be the first Angela action figure (excluding repaints) in twenty years, which makes me old.

Now that the Deadpool trailer is officially online, there’s no incentive to watch the gritty Fantastic Four movie in theatres. I’ve embedded it below so YouTube/Google can’t force you to sign in to see the soul-warping R-ratedness. Get your mind poisoned right here with no waiting!
Gina Carano punched him so hard his bed exploded! Please don’t suck.
According to Impurrator Furryosa, the distance from my hammock to house is 26 meow.
I figured out how to link my GoodReads account. It pops up when you click the “cog” icon at the top of the page. That also brings up my Fan Page, my The Twitter feed, & follow blog button. Some of these were not calibrated to appear all the time, but I think I fixed them. Now you can’t use plausible deniability as an excuse not to interact with them! Please convince all your pals to do likewise because I honestly do not have an advertising budget. Thank you for your continued unpaid patronage!
Next week I hope to have a big announcement about The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose. Unless of course Elizabeth Henstridge sends Deadpool to quash Jemmacide by slaying me. This is also a likely outcome.

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