Uncovering Brother Banenose’s Cover!

Remember back when I showed you the painting that would part of the cover? Well now i can finally reveal the finished front! Click below to see it unveiled in all its splendor! Of course if you’ve been directed here via social media, you’ve probably already been spoiled. But click onward anyway because I wrote some more stuff afterwards.


Great thanks to Ashley Ruggirello of Cardboard Monet for applying her cover expertise! Is that not the perfect font? Just wait til you see the back cover! It’ll probably be much like the front but with the blurb instead of a painting.

Doesn’t this look like the type of classy book that you should have in your home library? Now you know what cover to look for in bookshelves this autumn. In fact, you should print out this page & show it to your local book merchants to convince them to stock this handsome volume. Booktrope will offer it through the mega-vendors that furnish bookstores & libraries with their wares, but public demand is the key factor to getting them to stock since it doesn’t have the promotional backing of a major publishing house. Or you can just buy it online if you’d rather your local business go kaput. Definitely get it painted on the side of your van regardless of which purchasing option you end up taking. I guess you may to invest in a van, too.

NBC decided it would rather air pre-season football than the penultimate episode of Hannibal because it is THE RUDEST. This is after they already bumped the show from its Thursday slot for Nightline. Since NBC already paid to have the episodes made, why not air them? If they know sports is better ratingswise, why not move the final episodes to a different time slot without conflict? Why alienate fans that might watch future NBC shows by not letting them see the final episodes? So help me Grodd if they pull this same stunt during the finale!

One of the nifty things about Canada is that you can buy collector coins from the Royal Canadian Mint in post offices.  The RCM’s coin innovations put other mints to shame! Its too brief series of Canadian cryptids was among my favorites, but lately its offerings have either been too expensive or too south of the border themed. What it needs is a series of Canadian Chanteuses (the RCM can attempt a catchier name). Just imagine coins bearing the visages of  Alanis Morissette, Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, Tegan & Sara, Carly Rae Jepsen, Anjulie, Diana Krall, Fefe Dobson, Emily Haines, Nelly Furtado, Lights, Melissa O’Neil, & Shania Twain. The likeness clearances may get a bit complicated, but who would turn down the opportunity to get their face on a Loony? Surely there’s a large enough intersect between numismatists & Much Music viewers.

Lleu Llaw Gyffes of The Mabinogion may have the most oddly specific Achilles’s Heel/Siegfried’s Shoulder/Balder’s Mistletoe/Superman’s Kryptonite I’ve ever come across.

Alison Bechdel requests that the Bechdel Test be called the Bechdel-Wallace Test. But then we’ll miss the irony of the test’s popular name erasing half the women!

Grunkle Stan punching bald eagles is your moment of zen.

I’ve got a new Topless Robot list up today: 10 Fictional Heroes Who Really Suck at Their Jobs I had considered putting Harry “With A Little Help From My Friends” Potter on the list, but everyone standing next to Hermione “I Used Time Travel To Make Myself Even Smarter” Granger looks like a nincompoop.

Thus far I’ve not had the pleasure of any visitors from Greenland. This giant uncolored landmass mocks me from my Word Press Stats Map. Anybody know some people in Greenland they can forward this blog to? I also need a visitor from Antarctica to knock off all the continents. We’re still counting it as a continent, right?

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