Better Exposure Through Defacement

The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is now listed on Goodreads. I’ll be updating it with more information as I receive it. When the book comes out, that’ll be one of the places for you to slag it off.

You’ve already seen the cover, so now behold the marketing. I’ve specially defaced one of my paintings so that you’ll have your first glimpse of the writing within. It even has the #BrotherBanenose hashtag that only I’ve used. Maybe I should’ve gone with #TDAOBB instead.


I had to pay $2 extra to get volume the first of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl  (a.k.a. das unschlagbar Eichhörnchenmädchen) because Marvel raised the price last minute & Midtown Comics didn’t honor its pre-order price. The surcharge feels like simple greed since it has exactly what was solicited & the coverstock is floppier than any other TPBs I have. Do all of Marvel’s new TPBs feel so chintzy?

I love that in her first appearance, Squirrel Girl refuses to join the X-Men because Kitty Pryde is obnoxious. She doesn’t even meet Kitty; she just knows. (Never mind Kitty was on Excalibur at the time.) Now I want a scene of Cyclops visciously chastising Kitty for costing the team the unbeatable Squirrel Girl. At least then something memorable would’ve come from Bendis’s execrable X-run.

As I’ve said before, we need Kristen Schaal as Squirrel Girl in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If they can’t get her, I suppose Mae Whitman is acceptable. It’d recompense her for not being invited to reprise her role in the Independence Day sequel. Preferably, whichever actress is cast will wear her original costume rather than her latest, although both are spiffy.

I’m disappointed TMNT didn’t go full Time Bandits by casting David Warner as Savanti Romero. Hopefully they have another character lined up for him to voice. I’d also like to find out from Professor Jordan Perry how being exposed to ooze mutated Shredder’s armor but didn’t turn him into an animal hybrid.

Ridley Scott is officially making the Prometheus sequel nobody wanted to the detriment of Neil Blomkamp’s Alien movie that I have my doubts about because I really wanted a direct follow up to Alien Resurrection. This is terrible news, unless it gets NECA to un-cancel the Elizabeth Shaw action figure.

Jasper Fforde’s Shades of Grey is much better than 50 Shades of Grey. How many thousands of people have made this exact comparison before?

There’s a rumor that George Miller will direct Man of Steel 2, not to be confused with next year’s BVSDOJ. That means I have another reason to use the “Mad Max” tag. There’s another rumor that Man of Steel 2 has been shelved indefinitely. Let’s hear it for conflicting rumors!


For the record, Superman should NEVER be dating Wonder Woman. Now, Wonder Woman & Faora, on the other paw, would definitely be cricket.

Good news, everyone! The Marvel Legends Rescue figure is finally being released. Bad news, everyone! To get her, you need to buy the 2016 Marvel Unlimited Membership Kit with lots of junk you don’t want. Worse news, everyone! It won’t include her alternate Pepper Potts head. So not only are they not slotting her into one of their mass market Avengers waves, it won’t include her most important accessory. Will they be releasing another version with just the unhelmeted head later on just to enrage everyone?

You’re almost late to your cat’s supper because your chronic bibliomania compelled you to buy NPH’s Chose Your Own Autobiography from a charity book sale. Your cat bites you, You regret NOTHING!

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I’m throwing a virtual launch party for The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose on 9/22. Y’all are invited!


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