Brother Banenose Trailer 2: Medieval Boogaloo!

As it turns out, writing blog titles in German doesn’t boost global readership! Who knew? Here’s the epic second trailer for The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose you’ve all been waiting for! Now with gratuitous grimdark!

Once again, the audio is courtesy of Andrew Birchenough & Jack Gattanella. I recently attended their first live Wages of Cinema podcast on animated films. See with your ears whether you can hear my voice in the peanut gallery.

Last week, frequent patron of me, Topless Robot, changed its name to The Robot’s Voice. This presented a bit of a pickle since the voice over & visuals for both trailers were already completed. The new name doesn’t roll off the tongue as well, but it afforded me the opportunity to use a green pentacle in the second trailer update. Now the big question is whether I have to make a new tag for the site even if I’m linking to content from the previous name era.

Official photos from Jessica Jones have been released. The Purple Man purple doesn’t have purple skin & hair? NETFLIX’S EFFRONTERY WILL NOT STAND! As the defining characteristic of Zebidiah Killgrave since 1964, this is non-negotiable. It’s not like violet hair dye & makeup are exorbitantly expensive special effects. Of course he might not purple in this one image because he’s incognito or it’s before he becomes empowered, but I don’t want a repeat of Matt Murdock only wearing a Daredevil costume at the tail end of the last episode. My overall concern is that all these pictures are boring. If I didn’t already know what Jessica Jones (It says Alias Investigations right there on her door! That’s such a better show title.) was, these photos would not motivate me to binge watch it at a friend’s house. Why not generate some excitement by showing off a purple David Tennant at the very least? You can get regular-colored David “Tenth Doctor” Tennant everywhere else.  PREEMPTIVELY FLIP ALL THE TABLES!

TRICERATONS OF DOOM! I’ve been shouting this for years, but now it’s finally apropos of something. You need to watch the TMNT season 3 finale right now! Oroku Saki is such a tool … a shredder, perhaps. It comes with bonus David Tennant as Fugitoid who is clearly identifiable as such.

Congratulations to Amanda Palma & Neil Gaiman on producing a son who will one day be called Squeaker in hushed tones of fear & awe.

I’m glad to see they’ve ramped up the camp in Gotham. Black Mask Sr.’s anecdote about polo ponies was cute. Hopefully James Frain will turn out to be playing Killer Moth. Sometimes I get Erin Richards & Alice Eve confused.

My local library sold me an advance copy of Furiously Happy for a quarter even though Jenny Lawson says these ought be free as shoplifting. Libraries are veritable dens of iniquity! This a superlative book because it has both a happy taxidermied raccoon & sparkles on the cover.

Today at HomeGoods, I was looking at plates of black cats flying broomsticks & some stranger randomly started disssing Frank Frazetta because he doesn’t like comic book artists. I resisted the urge to smite him.

The Encyclopedia of Hypothetical Police Procedurals is an invaluable resource, yet Police Cops, Defective Detective, & Crime Hospital are conspicuous by their absences.

Mondo produced an actual “For Sara” mixtape from the Emmy-winning Over The Garden Wall. Then they immediately sold out before I could order because Mondo never considers making enough stock to meet demand. Now where am I going to get my poetry & clarinet fix?

On the subject of Saras, the mega-talented Sara Black is now open for commissions. Get them while they’re hot!

The Interwuzzle release party for The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is happening on October 8. I didn’t want to write it out in just numbers because some cultures arrange them in different orders, & I wouldn’t want anybody showing up on August 10 by mistake. Bring all your friends! Is there anything special you’d like me to incorporate into the release party?


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