Brother Banenose Is Becoming!

Buy The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose RIGHT NOW!

The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is finished! All of the required documents have been sent to Booktrope. Nobody is more impressed than me, since I started writing it in high school but have since matriculated. Clearly I lack the work ethic of Lou Bloom from Nightcrawler (sadly not starring the fuzziest blue mutie, Kurt Bamfenstein). So to celebrate, here’s the blog debut of a painting (unless you count it being in both trailers) with an excerpt & hashtag on top.rbac2

This was the first painting done of Fairuza & the baboon (who has a name, you know!). Maybe I’ll tell you more about their secret origins someday.

Today’s title says The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is (be)coming, but you can actually get it RIGHT NOW!  SURPRISE! Barnes & Noble just has the NOOK edition at the moment, but you can get the paperback & Kindle edition at Amazon. More vendors should roll out soon. Yours, dear reader, are definitely the right hands for this book to fall into. If you could review it after you’ve read it, that’d be awesome. Many thanks in advance for your gracious patronage. I’d like to thank everyone at Booktrope who helped make this happen!

Character Options is finally making 5.5″ scale action figures of Missy! They’re perfect for customizing into Mary Poppins or Amanda Palmer. You can probably approximate Madame Vastra by mixing in some Silurian parts too. So naturally Underground Toys isn’t importing the smiling black frocked version I prefer stateside, but you should definitely buy the violet one from WhoNA (the awesome family owned vendor with a great fan forum) when they get theirs in (unless you already live in Europe where direct shipping from CO is less exorbitant). They you can pair Missy up with Captain Norrington’s toy for an out of scale replica of the real life thespian couple. Now I still need both classic & new Nimon toys!

Vote Endor so we can all wear sweet Ewok rings some day.

This is an accurate preview of  post-Secret Wars Marvel.

The first Thursday Next novel, The Eyre Affair, was stupendous! Now I have a lot of reading to catch up on … on top of all those used books I compulsively snap up. I do not have enough of those.

Non-memetic memes that I should’ve made last week, Gotham edition:


Hers is an evil laugh. Making Barbara a villainess is a huge improvement. The showrunners must’ve seen Erin Richards’s episode of Misfits halfway through season 1 & realized she does excellent psychopath.

Riddle me this: Why does Edward Nygma have a dissasociative identity when Harvey Dent is already a recurring character?

I really liked the season one thread that anybody could potentially become the Joker, so I was disappointed they changed their minds & declared it was Jerome. In this episode, however, he really grew on me like lichen.

Wow, the GCPD is more useless than a cheesecloth condom.

Agents of SHIELD‘s first episode back felt meh, mostly due to lack of Melinda May. I’m also not keen on swapping mutants for Inhumans (understandable in live action due to licensing rights belonging to competing studios but infuriating in comics where Marvel has complete dominion over both). Coulson’s new hand is not as baller as the Satan Claw. Quake’s hair is too long. At least there was no Ward. I hope Mack makes an axe-shotgun by season’s end. Where does Blanka get such sensible shoes & slacks? How does the world not know SHIELD still exists since its Hellicarrier evacuated all of Sokovia? Who is in charge of the the Inhuman city Afterlife now? Jemmacide wound up on one of the many quarry planets of Doctor Who!

Suicidal cat

Leaps off the tallest building

Lands safely on feet.

Would you like to professionally review The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose or interview its author? If you answered yes to either, please contact Olivia Howe. She’ll hook you up.


Next week is the release party! It’ll be my first (but hopefully not last) one. In addition to some wonderful guest offers, we’re going to have a giveaway for a signed paperback copy of the book! Since it’s happening anywhere you are (including long queues at NYCC), you should totally come! Be seeing you!


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