The Wages of Publication … Is Death!

The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is a real live book! It came out right in the nick of time for me to be eligible for a “30 Under 30” list … hint, hint, whoever writes “30 Under 30” lists. Booktrope letting me become a first time professional author & illustrator in one go was an excellent early birthday gift!

I’ve been interviewed by my pal Jack “Green Eyes” Gattanella on The Wages of Cinema podcast about my writing process, creative pursuits, & nerdy pastimes!

Important question: Would you be interested in buying color prints of the book’s paintings? Let me know in the comments.

Hey readers! Send in your snap shots with the book! I’m not sure how best to add them in the comment section, but you can post them to the Fan Page or tweet them with #BrotherBanenose. (Maybe this is what Instagram & Pinterest are for?)Then I’ll repost them so YOU can become even more Interwuzzle famous. Bonus points if you get a photo of it being sold at an actual brick & mortar store. Here, I’ll start us off. Check out the lovely gilded bands Ashley Ruggirello put on the spine:


Don’t have a copy of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose yet? Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & iTunes can hook you up.

The superfluous background lab techs of Agents of SHIELD are back! They’ve been bothering me since season 2. What is their deal? If SHIELD is so much more streamlined, how does it have agents whose names we don’t know? None of the cast even interact with them, so what’s the point of these extras? They’re like living props. Are they ghosts that only the audience can see?

I did not attend NYCC this year. (I also didn’t attend The Mary Sue’s NYCC after party, as there unfortunately was none this year.) I opted to throw a virtual release party for The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose instead. Mostly because tickets sold out whilst I was reviewing the layout. I did, however, follow the NYCC news from the cheapseats at home.

The big NYCC news for me is that Hasbro is  making a non-exclusive Marvel Legends X-Men toy line next year! The quasi-emargo is finally over! The first toy revealed is an awesome looking 90’s Rogue (not the Legacy Rogue that’s still MIA) that may come with an alternate classic head for the Red Onslaught BAF of the Captain America line. She looks like she’s on the Moonstone body, but that’s appropriate because Rogue’s physique was amped up with Ms. Marvel’s powers at the time & they’ve made a lot of new parts (especially a unique face this time) to make it look right. She looks better than the Rogue I customized from an extra Ann O’Brien because I disliked Toy Biz’s version, so I guess I have to buy one. Here’s an excuse to show off my soon to be outdated custom (not to be confused with the  Evolution Rogue I made because Toy Biz didn’t):





The BAF for the X-Men line hasn’t been announced yet, but it had better be Sauron! Boo to everyone suggesting another Juggernaut! I really hope this line has plenty of muties that have never before been Marvel Legends rather than focusing on rehashes of the most marketable again. I even made a very detailed giant list for Topless Robot The Robot’s Voice about whom they should make: The Top 14 X-Men Characters That Still Need Marvel Legends Action Figures It’s about time these gaping holes in my collection were filled … so I can be commissioned for a follow up listicle of all the characters that just missed the cut. If they make another frakking Cyclops instead of Silver Samurai, Multiple Man, or Polaris, Hasbro can collectively rot in Hell!

Speaking of the Captain America Legends revealed at NYCC, I’m really shocked there isn’t a new figure of Falcon in either his movie or new Captain America gear. My favorite is Whirlwind, whom I’d expected in this year’s Ant-Man Legends line. This mutie deserves to be the big bad of Ant-Man & the Wasp! If he doesn’t show up in Daredevil season 2, can Stilt-Man be in that sequel as well? (I don’t think he’s ever fought Ant-Man or Wasp, which seems like a huge oversight by Marvel.)This version of Scourge would look cooler than the one they’re making. Mockingbird looks good, but I still want a TV version with an undercover HYDRA-Mountie variant. I never expected Cottonmouth to be the next Serpent Society member to get a toy, but I probably should’ve since he’s just a new head on Sabretooth’s body. Death Adder & Anaconda are the ones I want most, but they’ll probably be made last (if at all) since they require unique sculpt with no reuse potential.

Thor: Ragnorak needs Gwendoline Christie in a comic accurate Hela costume!

Keep your ears attuned to this site for upcoming interviews!

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