And The First Interview Shall Be Second!

Robert Moore of The International Writers Association interviewed me! The interview portion of the podcast begins at 25:28:

This was actually my very first interview for The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose, albeit the not the first one uploaded. Do I sound like Kermit the Frog?

Would you like to interview me by audio or text too? Write to She can also arrange book signings & public appearances. Or if you just have a question, you can leave it in the comments or on the social media linked to the heart icon.

Look, it’s the first book photo submission that I didn’t take! Sending in photos of yourself with an ebook counts too. Just use #BrotherBanenose so I can find them.


Falling tree branch implicated in arboreal assassination attempt on me. Only casualty was a cup of cold tea. Had special branch been successful, the aftermarket value of signed copies of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose would’ve skyrocketed.

If you come directly to the main page, do you click “continue reading” or just ignore them? Do you prefer having entire lengthy blog posts appear or the main page?  Also, do you realize that purple text are hyperlinks? (It seems one of my links to Unstable Molecules isn’t working but I’m not certain which article it’s from. If you find this one or another broken link, let me know so I can replace it.)

Crimson Peak is so gorgeous! I was expecting more ghosts, but it was still great. The gore is sparse yet fantastic! All the acting is solid. I was a bit confused why Tom Hiddleston wasn’t wearing his Loki helmet, as I believe there ought to be a law requiring him to wear it at all times even when he’s playing Hank Williams. The Sharpes really ought to patch that hole in their roof.

Speaking of Kermit, the current The Muppets is meh. It does play better if you view it the whole show as a meta performance by the Muppets rather than an authentic peak behind the curtain, but the human guest stars (Laurence Frogburn!) shouldn’t be more entertaining than the Muppets themselves.

Gotham City having a Costco for criminals may be the most sensible thing about Gotham. Its version of Firefly is already superior to the one that popped up in season one of (Green) Arrow, whose exit reminded me of one I wrote in my book yet it was very awkwardly played straight on TV. I’m not sure why her name isn’t something close to Garfield Lynns (is this a weird licensing thing or the writers just not giving a damn?), but the show’s first real costumed foe just needs a jetpack. Not only is the secret origin of Theo’s motivation absurd, it also sets up Azrael to appear! Maybe the showrunners did read my list?

Shockingly, (Green) Arrow was able to call dibs on Anarky instead of Gotham. He’s not written like comic Anarky (neither was the one on Beware the Batman), but hopefully he’ll get a costume next time he appears. So far this season is less of a dour slog than the last, so that’s a plus. I’m still confused by why Malcolm “Wold’s Best Earthquake Mass Murderer” Merlyn is allowed to run the League of Assassins instead of rotting in a Lian Yu cell. It’d be keen if Bug-Eyed Bandit gets upgraded to Queen Bee of HIVE. They still need to include Printer’s Devil. (I’m giving myself 3/10 since Brandon Routh was supposed to play Blue Beetle until DC nixed it.)


Fox is finally making X-Men TV shows … just not the ones anyone expected. We’re getting shows about Legion & the Hellfire Club. The latter will be a 60’s prequel titled Hellfire in order to make me compulsively type Hellfire (Club) just like Arrow will always be (Green) Arrow. Why not an X-Factor Investigations show? I’d like a Longshot show for extra metafictionality.

Stock up on The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose for Halloween! ‘Tis perfect for trick-r-treaters!

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