We’re #1 With A Bullet!

Runaway Goodness/Booktrope is running its inaugural Holiday Prefunk this week. That means the eBook edition of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is free from November 9-14 (depending upon your time zone) on Amazon!  I post these towards the end of the week, so you’re running out of time to nab your free digital copy! If you’re on a tight budget, now’s the time to stock up on holiday gifts at an unbeatable bargain. (Do people give eBooks as gifts? That seems bizarre. If you agree, buy everyone the paberback version instead.) Even if you miss the freebie period, it’ll still be on sale for $2.99 the remainder of the month. There’s over 200 Booktrope bokes participating in the promotion, so your voracious bibliophiles won’t be wanting for virtual tomes to occupy your mind!twitter_wk2

Look what’s #1 in free historical fantasy:

best seller

See, it pays to write in uncrowded genres! Thank you very much to everyone who downloaded it! I don’t understand how freebies can be best selling, but I’ll take this oxymoronic superlative. Henceforth I will be liberally applying this designation to myself. You are on notice that I am officially a best selling author now!

Over the weekend, Matt the Catania cleared 10,000 views! Thank you to all the readers who mistakenly clicked onto this blog. Now trick some more of your frenemies so it can reach 10,000 visitors.

War Witch: Rise now has a cover! Check out Cain S. Latrani’s blog for more info on how you can read it a month early! It’s his fault I got hooked up with Booktrope to begin with. So if you don’t like The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose for some strange reason, send all complaints to him.


So far Supergirl is my least favorite DC TV show at the moment (why is it competing directly against Gotham?), but Melissa Benoist is a fantastic Supergirl. The scenes of Supergirl doing superthings are highlights. It’s weird that she has padding in her costume to give her delts of steel but then they disappear once she’s Kara. Her sleeveless civilian attire kills the illusion. Do you think they’ll have Ms. Benoist pull double duty portraying Power Girl down the line?

It makes sense if they want to have Supergirl struggling to live up to his standard, but Superman already existing as a beloved hero still detracts from her. It may work better if he was part of the core cast she could interact with, but absentee Superman is off-putting. He couldn’t be bothered giving her the cape personally but will blow her cover by IMing her work computer? Why isn’t he involved in thwarting the Fort Rozz invasion of bland aliens with the DEO? Why does the show keep shouting “You could be watching a Superman series that’s much better than Smallville!” each episode when I’m trying to pay attention to Kara?

The set-up of working at CatCo in National City is too similar to The Daily Planet in Metropolis to give the show a unique spin, although I kind of dig über-harridan Cat Grant. Generic romantic lead James Olsen doesn’t have the quirky Jimmy Olsen vibe whereas the guy filling the more traditional Jimmy Olsen role is named after the villain Toyman. I wonder if genius upgrade Maxwell Lord will be an Lex Luthor stand-in too. Hopefully Lucy Lane will get to rock a Superwoman costume soon.

The DEO seems a bit shoehorned in. It’s also really convenient that her stepsister is a DEO agent specializing in xenobiology yet somehow managed to keep it a secret from her. It’s less exciting to see Supergirl fight aliens if there’s already a agency that’s already well equipped to handle aliens (aside from that obviously harebrained Hellgramite trap).

Most importantly, that guy was NOT Vartox! Vartox looks like he’s from Zardoz! YOU HAVE FAILED THIS COSTUME! Also, the Legion of Super Pets needs to become a key factor. Comet the Superhorse would be a the most interesting romantic choice for Kara.

So people have been freaking out about the current DC shows not immediately coming to Netflix or Hulu+. I don’t understand why this is so upsetting since you can watch the DC shows on TV, stream them from the networks’ sites, or watch them on DVD, so that’s still more options than making them Netflix exclusive like some Marvel shows. I don’t see why streaming them directly from network sites wouldn’t be feasible. You can’t binge whole seasons, but if you make a point to catch up at least once a month (they usually only keep the 4 or 5 most recent episodes available) it shouldn’t be a problem.You can borrow the DVDs for free from a local library or using interlibrary loan whereas they’d be behind a paywall on Hulu+ or Netflix. Are people that addicted to Netflix that it’s the only way they’ll consume television?

Rick Mercer met Captain Canuck!

More interviews with this best selling author & artist are coming!


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