The Game Is Afoot?

“The more that I read I think that the story would make a good video game, with all of its levels!” says my Grandma. I don’t own a video game playing machine, but this sounds about right. Any video game developers reading this that’d like a piece of the action before The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose becomes the next big thing?

The Holiday Prefunk promotion has ended, but you can get learn of great ebook deals by signing up for Runaway Goodness’s newsletter. While the sale may be over, it’s never a bad time to buy The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose! It makes the perfect present for Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, New Year, Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever winter holidays you celebrate!

Thanks to Robert “Sharky” Pruneda for giving me a cameo on his Thanksgiving blog, which I should’ve linked to in my Thanksgiving blog.

I liked The Hunger Games; Mockingjay Part 2 about as much as I did The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which is to say quite a bit. This was a solid film adaptation, even if the less exciting first half of the book had to be partitioned off into its own less exciting movie. That actually helped to give this installment room to breathe & not feel as frantic as the book. I’m so happy they kept the downer ending intact. Finnick, who really should have an epic ginger Tintin quiff & a Southie accent, got to be Aquaman for a spell. I really liked the spinning hugging dancing shot of Katniss & Prim. I still don’t understand how The Capital was able to install numerous giant booby traps into its residential zones, but I will allow it since it made for some good set pieces.  Can we not have any doomsayers about women carrying action films because this only made slightly over $100 million its first weekend? I’m bummed that NECA isn’t making an action figure of Katniss  in her Mockingjay outfit (a crimson variant like the posters would be extra awesome), but I was surprised to find a Barbie version of it. It’s still inexplicable that Alicia Keys’s “Girl On Fire” has been on none of the movie soundtracks.

So I’m the only person who’s not awed by the Captain America: Civil War trailer? This did nothing to convince me that a movie about superheroes beating each other up is a good idea. I wrote a whole article about why Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice is a bad idea, so I’d be a hypocrite if I endorsed the premise of CACW. Civil War is as terrible a storyline to inspire a film as The Dark Knight Returns is. Haven’t the Marvel movies already had enough misunderstanding fights between superheroes? I don’t want the MCU to throw itself off the rails making all its heroes unlikable jerkwads. At this juncture in the manufactured battle of Marvel vs. DC, I’m going to have to side with NEITHER! I want both movies to be great, but their premises feel inherently flawed.

Kang the Conquerror would be the most sensible way to introduce the Time Gem into the MCU, but James Gunn said Fox has the rights to him (probably since he first appeared in Fantastic Four as Rama-Tut. But then why weren’t the Kree & Inhumans automatically included in Fox’s blanket FF license?)  SPOILERS for a comic mainstream news spoiled years ago! Will they be introducing the Time Gem in this as time time travel bullets for Captain America’s “assassination?”

Much like BVSDOJ, this movie already seems overstuffed. On top of the pre-established Avengers, it has to introduce Black Panther (I wish his Vibranium accents were golden instead of silver), Spider-Man, the Superhuman Registration Act/Sokovia Accords, a possible Infinity Gem, & Baron Zemo. We don’t even see Baron Zemo in the trailer, making me worry he’ll end up a glorified cameo. Rest assured, as soon as I get some conclusive news about how exactly the film version will differ, I’ll be sure to rant about how they’ve missed the entire point of his character!


Contrariwise, the pre-Legends of Tomorrow crossover  was everything I want in jam packed crossover. Yes, it did have a superhero brawl, but it was just one scene rather than the whole basis for the story. Overdressed Hawkman still looks like Wolverine. Merlyn is shadow-porting exposition man! Why didn’t Cisco make Hawkgirl an Nth Metal mace instead of whatever that thingy was? Sky Rocks grant dying wishes!

I’m on episode none of Jessica Jones because nobody with Netflix has invited me over to watch it.

Erudite stoic Luscius Fox stole Gotham’s midseason finale. Why bother using the Order of St. Dumas without Azrael?  Now Montoya & Allen can return to bust Gordon for real murder. Does Gordon’s dream about  the butterfly in Barbara’s mouth mean she’ll return as Killer Moth with a power upgrade courtesy of Hugo Strange? Because I’m the only person that likes both stabby Babs & Killer Moth, this crackpot speculation is sure to be 476.02% more influential than Jemmacide! This show still wins the award for  Best Debate About Whether Dolphins Are Psychic.



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