It’ll Be The Future Soon

 My book has made its way into at least one public library thus far! That’s kind of like a reverse heist!


You can now borrow it directly from the Sparta Public Library or via inter-library loan if you reside in a compatible NJ library district. If you don’t live in the Newest Jersey but want to read the paperback for free, request your library to add it to its own collection. That’s what librarians are there for! The power is yours!


Speaking of Booktrope titles, War Witch: Rise by Cain S. Latrani is now available to purchase! I have it on dubious authority that it pairs well with The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose.

I enjoyed the second trade paperback of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl volume one even more than the first. (Marvel canceled volume one for line-wide Secret Wars crossover alterverse miniseries shenanigans then launched volume two within the same year to make it extra confusing to talk about. This is why I support continuous numbering over periodically relaunching titles with new #1 issues.) First off, the cover stock feels much more substantial than the previous tome. Most importantly the stories are  sphadoinkel! Nancy Whitehead is the best new comic book character of 2015!

Why isn’t there a Marvel Legends Squirrel Girl action figure yet, let alone all her variants from  Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5? Something like this would be ideal.  Loki as Cat Thor with Mewnir & Ratatoskr is also required ASAP! (Since Hasbro is making another nipleless Absorbing Man, they’re also overdue on making Titania using the Thundra body plus lots of spikes.)

This fancast needs to become reality! It even found a way to utilize both my picks for the lead, Kristen Schaal & Mae Whitman. Make it so, Marvel! The world needs a Squirrel Girl film way more than another Spider-Man movie!

On the subject of Marvel Studios, the collar of Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation isn’t Prydonian enough! It’s better than the completely collarless cape he just started wearing, but it’s not ostentatious enough for me to take seriously as an ancient magic artifact. If Spawn did giant cape collars right, so can Marvel! His Eye of Agamotto sounds like it’s going to be the Time Gem, but the Soul Gem seems like it’d make more sense unless they’re saving that for Adam Warlock. I’m also disappointed that Rachel McAdams is playing one of the Night Nurses (why not just use the one Rosario Dawson is already playing?) instead of extradimensional sorceress Clea. I’m still worried about Marvel bunting on the long-awaited magic in favor of more Clarke’s Law. Trying to excuse fantastical magic as just super-science just makes it sound more unbelievable than embracing its inscrutable supernatural weirdness.

I saw the 70 mm “roadshow” version of The Hateful Eight. An overture, intermission, six bonus minutes, & a souvenir program are included, so try to see it at one of 98 theaters stateside playing this uncut version. (I don’t know about foreign screenings.) The opening credits ruin a surprise because Quentin Tarantino doesn’t understand spoilers. It featured a lot more slapstick blood vomiting than I expected, much to its benefit. The Morricone score is wonderfully ominous, but only Jennifer Jason Leigh gets to perform a song. The story is pretty straightforward, so it would’ve been even better if it had been a musical. It could’ve been Tarantino’s Cannibal! or Paint Your Wagon. The introductory & accusatory dialogue lends itself to song. The rousing finale could be the ensemble belting out “We are the hateful eight! Yes, we are the eight who hate!”

“The Husbands of River Song” was by far the year’s best episode of  Doctor Who!  I desire a Sonic Trowel! (Evil Baymax King Hydroflax was toyetic too.) Are you listening, Character Options & Underground Toys?

I found out how to enable all the sharing badges on the blog to make it even easier for you to spread my ramblings like a plague across the Interwuzzle! Each image has its own Pinterest option too! Go nuts!

See you next year!


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