Gotham v. Supergirl: Dawn of Justice?

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Our long national nightmare is finally over: Gotham has returned to grace our airwaves with its guano madness! This polarizing show is addictively watchable. It has similar prequel problems as Smallville, but it’s somehow not nearly as awful. Even its completely unlikeable hypocrite Jim Gordon isn’t enough to put me off it. (I get that they’re trying to give Gordon a dynamic character arc so he’s not flatly noble for the entire series, but it’s not making him more compelling. The stridently lawful good Barnes feels more like the real Jim Gordon, which highlights the problem.) Fortunately it portrays mobsters, the mentally ill, & psychiatrists just as negatively as it does police-cops so it evens out.

Mr. Freeze has been handled surprisingly well thus far. He doesn’t even make ice puns! Subtlety in Gotham?! They’ve wisely decided to stick to his Emmy-winning BTAS origin instead of removing sympathy for him like the New 52. This is probably the most Nora Fries has ever gotten to do. I appreciate that they found a way to pronounce Fries that’s not completely on the nose yet not sacrilegious like Ivy Pepper. My favorite bit is that Mr. Freeze politely asked the pharmacy patrons to help him move two frozen humans into his van & they complied.

Then this dude finally showed up:


Experiments on Firefly were alluded to, but unfortunately there’s no word on Hugo Strange making Killer Croc from cloned dinosaur DNA or  turning Barbara into Killer Moth. 

Meanwhile Supergirl’s crazypants Indigo/Brainiac-8 (played by a previous Supergirl limited to casual cosplay) looked like movie Mystique sans irregular scale clusters therefore better. I’m not sure why she only had one Freddy Kruger glove though. It makes me wonder why Livewire couldn’t get a good costume. Never has an alien super computer been so insane that it fails to grasp the concept of predator-prey interrelationships so thoroughly. I did enjoy how she made her arms all stetchy (the Fortress of Solitude’s giant golden key based on the Man of Steel design instead of the Silver Age look was the other highlight), but why didn’t she do that more often? How many choke-sex slashfics have since been written about Indigo & Cheryl Tunt?

For an episode with a genius supervillainess, the plot is quite dumb. Indigo wants access to a nuclear missile base that’s not connected to the Internet so she hacks Sashley Tadison to find a general that works there. I’m very surprised he’d put that that specific job info on his philanderer networking profile. Even if this website was for some reason the only source of this information, Indigo inexplicably decides that she also wants CatCo to dox all its cheaters. It’s a completely nonsensical plot device that’s just there to get Supergirl (who is a hypocrite about murder this episode because she definitely waited until Red Tornado became sentient to explode him with her rage eyes) involved rather than Indigo nuking the city without warning. She gives up on keeping Supergirl distracted with disasters far too early to be effective. Indigo accesses the base by jumping out of the general’s phone, which shouldn’t have even made it past base security, in the control room. She also has no protection against outdated malware viruses made by humans. What I’m saying is that Supergirl has no business throwing stones at Gotham.

I guess the cheater site hack was supposed to tie into the episode’s theme of infidelity  but in a very hamfisted manner. Lucy Lane finally dumps Jimmy because he only confides in Kryptonians. Unlike the comics where Lucy Lane is a hateful shrew, his actions aren’t justifiable. In fact TV Lucy has been so awesome that I wonder whether I’m not supposed to like Jimmy Olsen? Parental infidelity wrecked Siobhan’s childhood, so I’m wondering if she’ll be fired for eventually leaking the flashdrive so Silver Banshee will become the magical  Venom to Supergirl’s Spider-Man. Oh, Non was  having a choke-sex affair behind his late wife’s back in case he was too sympathetic. (How many times do I need to type ‘choke-sex’ to boost my search rankings?)

Which brings us to the reveal that Astra’s plan to save the Earth wouldn’t have wiped out mankind but Non’s & Indigo’s will. So why did Astra insist on being a vague terrorist instead of trying to to get the world on her side? Or was her scheme the lesser of two evils? Exploring this would be ethically fascinating & relevant to the overarching plot, so why is this treated like an afterthought?

So in the Monday 8 PM tussle of titans, I’m going with Gotham as the victor! Although if I really want to extend the title’s BVSDOJ metaphor, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would be the Wonder Woman in this showdown of supehero series whose schlock may be unintentional. These shows shouldn’t be at war & cold showers lead to crack!  I’ll still be watching Gotham live over the other two because I committed to its lunacy first. This begs the question: Why is all the good television (Gotham, Supergirl, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Better Call Saul, The Magicians,  Lost Girl) suddenly on Monday?

Sarah Shahi is playing Jessica Drew! Oh, NANCY Drew. Never I mind. Making this another police procedural is even conceptually dumber than Gotham. Isn’t the whole point of Nancy Drew is that she’s a teenage sleuth that cracks cases adult professionals can’t?

For the record, Julia Carpenter is the best Spider-Woman especially in the sartorial category. That’s why Drew had to steal her single parent shtick to stay relevant.

It may be of interest that I’ve joined Pinterest. I don’t think I’m very good at it yet. There’s now a P-logo hyperlink under the heart icon. I’ll be pinning stuff from here to make it easier for you to add them to your boards. So far I’ve got one board for The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose & another for everything else on here.

Today is World Book Day, so  crack open a copy of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose!


This photo came all the way from a reader across The Pond!

March 10 will be this blog’s first anniversary! You still have time to tell me what to type about:

1. quotes from the book superimposed onto incongrous pictures
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3. behind the scenes character profiles
4. a fancast of the book
5. a sneak peek at my next novel
6. something else that you’ll suggest

Be seeing you next week  for this historic event … unless I run afoul of kidney thieves!


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