Happy 1st Birthday To My Blog!

Happy Birthday to Matt the Catania! You’re a whole year old & I still can’t decide if your ‘the’ is uppercase or not. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for fifty-two consecutive weeks either! After last week, I expected I’d be slain by Supergirl loyalists before the big day. (Yes, I’ll discuss some DC & Marvel movies if you keep scrolling.)

To commemorate this historic occasion, the Kindle edition of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is on sale for $0.99 through Sunday! If you prefer paperbacks, you can also get the physical edition for below cover price from Barnes & Noble or Amazon!


So tell all your pals to get in on this limited time deal while the getting’s good! (Unless you’d prefer the schadenfreude of convincing your friends to buy it after the price reverts back to its regular $4.99 bargain.) Always remember to leave a good review after you’ve read it on its sale pages & Goodreads. Reviews, ratings, & word of mouth are the best ways you can help indie authors like myself without buying a metric ton of our books. Thank you all very much for your patronage & enjoy your book!

In less than a year, I’ve gone from having no product of my own to having my very own professionally published & self-illustrated novel to solicit. I don’t believe I’ve ever shown the back cover of my book here so let’s rectify that right now:

Banenose back

Belatedly behold the back cover of Brother Banenose!

Thank you very much to everyone who’s visited my blog in its inaugural year. I don’t say it often enough but I deeply appreciate you all. Feel fee to catch up on my previous entries, especially if this is your first visit. In case you were wondering, “Ugh, Stop Trying to Make ‘JEMMACIDE’ Happen!” was my most popular post of the year by a ginormous margin. If your site has  liked one of my posts, I’ve added you to my expansive blogroll. So readers, click that cog icon so you can discover plenty of other nifty blogs worth your time!

I’ve read that you need at least three years to build an adequate fanbase. I wish I’d heard that much earlier so I didn’t procrastinate so long on staring my own blog.  Of course, I have written articles online since 2009. Can I grandfather those in? Has anybody been a fan since my early Legal As She Is Spoke, Topless Robot, or io9 days?

I’m considering upgrading to the paid version of WordPress. I’m satisfied with the free version, but my indie author colleagues suggest upgrading to prevent WordPress from arbitrarily deleting all my content. The most certain change would be losing the “.wordpress” in the URL.

I want to keep the site free for users even though that doesn’t financially benefit me directly. I will continue to advertise The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose, but I understand that most visitors will only want one copy if any. So I’ve been considering joining Patreon to supplement my high cost of living with a cat whilst writing my difficult second novel. Would anybody be interested in backing me on Pateon? If so, what sort of rewards would you be into?

Now that I’ve done a full year’s worth of these, what content would you like to read about on the next year’s worth of Matt The Catania? Is there anything you really liked or disliked? Feel free to provide detailed feedback so I can pander to your whims more effectively.

This weekend, I wrote down the title to my difficult second novel! Then I followed that up with the first chapter! So now I figure I can go back to not writing it again.

If you’ve listened to some of my interviews, you’ll know it’s not a sequel to The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose. As the prophecy foretold, it will instead be a tale of horror! I’ve embedded a scan of its first page as proof that I will eventually make another book, which will hopefully also be published by Booktrope. Would you like me to periodically post the remaining pages of the first chapter until my demands are met? (Note: This is not how ransom works.) Since it’s a horror tale, I shouldn’t need to advise you of trigger warnings. Embiggen at your own risk.


Ravings of madman to be adapted into book?

So Margot Robbie almost wore the iconic Harley Quinn costume in Suicide Squad. There aren’t enough tables to flip.

J.K. Simmons will be your new Commissioner Jim Gordon in the  Justice League movie. I’ve read earlier reports that in BVSDOJ, Jim Gordon had already died. So I’m wondering if they’ve cut that scene to use the character in the present or if he’ll just be in flashbacks? Now that Marvel Studios is insistent on making its own Spider-Man movies, I’d love to see him reprise his star-making role as J. Jonah Jameson. Neither Gordon’s nor Jameson’s film roles tend to be that substantial (unless the reason why Gordon is in this movie is because he’s already replacing Bruce Wayne, who should really be pulped early in BVSDOJ for having the hubris to fight genuine superhumans), so I don’t see why both mega-franchises can’t share him aside from corporate spite.

Apparently ginger-dyed Jena Malone won’t be playing Barbara Gordon (the neice or daughter of the Commissioner, depending on your choice of continuity) or the Carrie Kelly version of Robin. We won’t know which character she is until the R-rated BVSDOJ DVD (this is getting an R-rated cut but not Suicide Squad?) since she’s been cut from the theatrical version. As cool as it would be, she’s probably not playing Poison Ivy, Batwoman, or a gender-swapped KGBeast. Maybe she’s Artemis but they ran out of time for more Amazons in order to showcase Batman origin flashbacks again for the benefit of the four people who don’t know his deal. (Though I am vaguely interested in Lauren Cohan as Martha Wayne since she has a wonderful Joker smile for a possible Flashpoint movie. “See, our DC films could’ve been even grimdarker!” would be WB’s tagline.) I was personally hoping that WB had licensed Chandra Nalaar since she’s a dead-ringer for Jena Malone. NEVERMIND: She is Barabara Gordon like everyone suspected. How nice of them to leak this the same day I write about her not being Barbara Gordon based on the official misinformation!

Now they just need to sign Helen Mirren as Catwoman!

Iron Man v. Captain America: Dawn of Vengeance Captain America: Civil War will have a new inciting incident for superheroes to come under government scrutiny, though I don’t think they really need another one. Wasn’t Tony Stark creating a robot that wanted to kill all the humans sufficient? Or when his premeditated strategy for stopping the Hulk’s rampage was to punch the rage-powered monster through a populated unnamed African city (not in Wakanda) instead of attempting to pacify him? (If you’re going to carp on Man of Steel for this, Avengers: Age of Ultron deserves your chagrin too.) Yet somehow world leaders still trust the anti-authoritarian egotist who told off Congress for questioning his right to wear a high-tech suit as powerful as an entire army that he made all by himself? Making Captain America public enemy #1 fighting the system seems redundant after The Winter Soldier.

There will be no Inhumans in the movie. Even if you don’t watch Agents of SHIELD, this is big oversight. The movie’s writers didn’t even know about the mass Terrigenesis, which doesn’t bode well for Marvel’s shared universe. They might as well change the series tagline from “everything is connected” to “everything is irrelevant.”At most we’ll get a throwaway line on the TV show like, “It’s a lucky thing we were able to put a pin in the Inhuman proliferation situation in the nick of time behind the scenes, otherwise all this Avengers infighting would seem even more petty!”

Who cares about Spider-Man? Where’s Zemo?

Thank you very much for attending my blog’s birthday party! Please come back next week wherein I’ll cast a hypothetical The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose motion picture!


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