Who You Gonna Call About Ecto-Cooler?

After years of separation, I finally got my paws on Hi-C Ecto-Cooler again! Sadly, I was not among the bloggers that received a promo for it with bonus slime. The store only had juice boxes instead of the large aluminum cans I prefer. (I did see Ghostbusters-branded Twinkies as well, but I didn’t get them because they were the kind that lacked green filing. Speaking of which, Key Lime TastyKakes don’t have enough.) I miss having Slimer on the label. Since he’s been in the ads for the Ghostbusters reboot that seem to spoil a huge plot development for the secretary, I don’t see why Slimer wouldn’t be back here too for nostalgic corporate synergy. Supposedly he’s absent because Coca-Cola isn’t allowed to use him as a celebrity endorsement anymore?


The juice boxes are genuinely smaller than they were when I was a youngling. After one hearty sip, they’re practically drained. This is a fiendish ploy to make me drink all the cartons in a single sitting then buy more. The included straws are too opaque, so you can’t tell you’re drinking something green through them. As someone who wants to consume all the green things, this is half the fun of Ecto-Cooler. I did confirm that it is still green by pouring it into a glass, but that felt like too much effort on my part when Hi-C could’ve just issued clear straws with it.

The Ecto-Cooler itself tasted … fine? I recall it tasting the same albeit more addictive. I guess from  drinking Juicy Juice’s & Langers’ orange-cocktail juices in the intervening years my palate is no longer wowed by Ecto-Cooler. You brought my ambivalence upon yourself by holding out, Coca-Cola! If I can find it in a format that’s not tiny juice boxes, I may give it another go. Hopefully Coca-Cola will keep Ecto-Cooler on shelves for years to come regardless of how the latest reboot performs at the box office. (I now realize that naming the classic cartoon The Real Ghostbusters is as misleading as HBO billing that made-up show as True Detective.) I am interested to see if a new generation that never tasted Ecto-Cooler before embraces it.

Now let’s see if just mentioning the newest Ghostbusters turns my comments section in a dumpster fire!


Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode VIII would be awesome if it prominently featured Rey giving Luke piggyback rides. The rest of the movie would be Luke & Rey going to extreme lengths to unsuccessfully kill a lone Mynock that got into their Midichlorian factory before Luke finally agrees that nobody cares if The Force is slightly less than 98% pure. Leia ought to be the one to declare “No more half measures.” Also, I need to see what therapy Ewoks are like in practice.

Now that clear pictures of the SDCC The Raft set are out, I’m happy to see Dreadknight does come with his lance as well as a sword. Now he just needs Hellhorse, the mutated version of Black Knight’s winged horse. If I had an extra Ringwraith steed, that’s what make for him. I still don’t get why a villain this cool is treated like a joke in the comics. Have Marvel’s writers even seen the rest of Iron Man’s rogues gallery? If Dr. Doom is Iron Man now (BAH! Why would Doom debase himself thusly?), can Dreadknight be the new Dr. Doom?

Sandman is a big disappointment as being painted exclusively in sand colors is his only selling point. That’s not even done as well as it could be since there’s no speckling to compensate for the lack of sculpted grit texture. The veins left over from the Absorbing Man BAF’s body look out of place on him. The biggest missed opportunity is that he doesn’t appear to have any weapon hand attachments. Aren’t those the whole point of Sandman? So you’ll be paying premium prices for one that’s objectively worse in every aspect than the Toy Biz version that came out eleven years ago.  Even Hasbro put more effort into its Spider-Man 3 Unleashed Sandman.

I’m still confused about the Abomination repaint being in this set. Doesn’t the completed BAF being in this set disincentivize people from buying the latest Captain America wave to build him? And doesn’t is dissuade folks who are already buying that series to make him from buying this set? It would’ve made slightly more thematic sense if the mass-market version was A-Bomb since Rick Jones was previously Captain America’s replacement Bucky. (Rick Jones would sidekick for anybody.) Or maybe one of them could’ve been Armadillo with a few new parts. I really like this Abomination’s head sculpt, but neither version is essential to me since I’ve already already got the last two. I don’t know why the newest version doesn’t include fists to punch the Hulk’s stupid face off.

Enchantress still looks great. I’m just not sure whether she’ll be available later in a less exclusive format. She is a pretty important character & they’ll need them to fill in a Thor line next year since Hasbro mixes movie & comic toys together. On the other hand Luke Cage’s latest figure remains an SDCC exclusive even though he’s led the Avengers, he’s starring in his own Netflix series, & his partner, Iron Fist, made it to mass market shelves. That’s crazy! Amora the Enchantress was referenced on an episode of Agents of SHIELD by her sister, Lorelei, & her servant, Skurge the Executioner, is in Thor: Ragnorak, but she’s not getting the live action treatment? Double crazy!

After months of fearing the line was canceled from lack of news, DC Collectibles unveiled a bunch of fantastic-looking toys based on its numerous CW shows. Well most of them look fantastic aside from Supergirl somehow looking less like Melissa Benoist than Mattel’s. My main complaint remains that there’s still no Speedy. What does DCC have against Willa Holland?

So last week, you learned that Lethe Press will reissue The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose! That means that I’ve got to update the afterword before submitting the manuscript. If you noticed any errors in the first edition, now would be the time to let me know.

Meanwhile I’ve finally written the second chapter of my difficult second novel! Progress! It features: Milk bags! Ghost cats! Maritime radio! Tsundoku! Eventually you’ll get context for these thrilling inducements as the story lumbers toward completion. I really need to do do something about my momentum.

So whilst y’all are out hunting pokemonsters, I’ll be home cornering the market on North American house hippos! MOOHAHAHA!!!

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