Need Something To Read At SDCC?

By the time you read this, 2016 SDCC will be happening. (It might even be over, if you choose not to read it while on queue for Hall H as the headline suggests.) Thank you for accidentally clicking on a link to my blog while you’re at the con! I’m not there myself, so this will mostly be reacting to preview night stuff & furiously updating as news is released on publication day. The more thorough armchair coverage will be up next week (will Marvel continue to troll X-Men fans?), but do stick around for exclusive photos of my cat tormenting a mouse.

It’s that time of year again to vote for the next Star Wars Black fan choice figure! How is Mara Jade the lowest polling of the lot? She’s even doing worse than Dengar, & he’s legitimutantly terrible! You have until this Friday at noon Pacific to make this right.

There’s going to be a King Shark BAF! It even has alternate heads so you can make it from The F-Lash TV show or New 52’s Suicide Squad comic.  Jawsome! Too bad the Mattel figures it comes packed with still aren’t up to DC Collectibles’ snuff. The amount of Frank Miller toys is disturbing, but The Reaper looks tempting with its Eiko Ishioka vibe. (How does proto-Phantasm take his mitts off?) Good on them for finally giving Wonder Woman some attention to tie into her movie, even if it means they’re wasting plastic on her mercifully short-lived costume with Azrael vambraces & a suggestively-framing V-loincloth.

Speaking of DCC, its pinup-inspired Bombshells are expanding into the world of toys. I love the deranged look on Bombshells Wonder Woman’s face! Its manic joy is the anti-grimdark. Now this is a Wonder Woman that should be played by Abbi Jacobson!

Even though I was the only one who liked TMNT: Out of the Shadows, there are still plenty of companies producing high end TMNT products. I wonder if they’ll still sell despite the new movie bombing since these all have better turtle designs, notably the Sideshow statues. NECA’s only allowed to sell its toys as SDCC exclusive box sets with pixelated paint jobs because of contractual limitations. Its quarter-scale original movie turtles look superb but they’re too big for me. I especially like DreamEx’s 12″ Shredder based on the first cartoon. But when is the 2003 cartoon getting its share of nostalgia merchandise? Unfortunately I won’t be able to afford them unless the reissue of my book does astronomically well or if the black market organ harvesting market remains strong. (I’ll be trading in others’ organs, naturally. I’ve only got so many of mine.) Or maybe they’ll go on deep discount quickly if the TMNT no longer have the same license to print money as Deadpool does now?

Rachel Talalay said she’d love to direct a She-Hulk movie! Who do we need to sacrifice to make Marvel officially announce this is happening at its Saturday panel?

At least we know the rumored Kamala “Ms. Marvel” Khan figure is real. Dazzler is finally getting  a Marvel Legend too! Last year’s fan choice winner Angela was also on display (along with the current Nova &  previous poll loser yet another symbiote Spidey), but this year they’re running the polling through daily Instagram matches before moving the finals to Facebook. UGH. Somebody with Instagram vote wisely (Songbird! Typhoid Mary! White Rabbit!) on my behalf!

The first images of the long-gestating The Tick TV revival have surfaced, … & they don’t look good. They’ve put too much distracting detailing into the suit instead of getting his mask right.  Jackie Earl Haley as The Terror sounds wonderful, but reports that this will be a darker take on the lighthearted superhero satire does not appeal to me. If it makes it past the Amazon pilot stage, I wonder they’ll work in  any of my recommendations?

Congratulations to The Americans for finally getting a substantial block of Emmy nominations. I’m still rooting for Tatiana Maslany’s genticals (if you’re not just going to say clones, it rolls off the tongue better than genetic identicals) to win this year. It’s bogus that Gravity Falls got snubbed for an Emmy nomination (along with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), but the Bill Cipher statue is real! This is not a drill! Maybe they should’ve submitted as a documentary? All my Summerween candy to whomever retrieves it for me!

After three days of hunting & waiting, my cat finally caught her ninth mouse! She’s just one away from making double ace!  It’s been two years since the last rodents were foolish enough to invade her territory, & she didn’t disappoint! Hearing the snap-crackle-pop of its mouse bones while your cat chews off its head in front of you is one of the most amazing things you can experience. I took pictures! (I’m not even posting the gory ones for any rodent-lovers of delicate sensibilities.) Not even Baxter Stockman could build a better Mouser!



In addition to having the best summer pelt, she also said “Murph!” At first I thought she’d been possessed by Matthew McConaughey, which explains why she refuses to wear a shirt. It turns out it’s feline for “Your cellphone is almost done charging!” Add that to the inter-species lexicon!

Meanwhile  this bank discriminates against black cats, despite hanging a poster of a ginger cat in its lobby. Tell me which one it is so I can be sure not to patronize it.

Cain S. Latrani’s Rise: War Witch  is now back in print thanks to Dragon Moon Press. He even got Katy Perry to do a song for it!

David Horadan, who interviewed me for D20 Roulette, also produced his first book, The Order Chronicles: Recruitment Drive.

If your need something surreal betwixt Pokemon hunting,  witness Risa Pappas’s music video for Tigerman’s “Someday You’ll Be My Wife.”

I requested Twitter verify me as a real live person of interest with a white-in-blue checkmark.  What’re the odds I’ll get it? More importantly, I’ve submitted the revised The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose manuscript to Lethe Press! Now which pop star can we get to sing a tie-in song for the re-release? Cast your vote in the comments section!


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