Batfleck Gets Slade!

So Ben Affleck randomly released test footage of Deathstroke on the Twitter. This version of Slade Wilson looks great although, just like with Magneto, I miss his studded gorget. I can’t believe how vibrant the blue, orange, & silver are!


He’s awful squinty, but odds are it’s Joe “remember when I was Flash Thompson?” Manganiello (who was hinted at for the role while Suicide Squad was being made) … or a random stuntman. It’s been rumored Deathstroke will be the prime antagonist for the solo Batfleck movie that’s not in production yet, so way to spoil the Justice League’s after credits scene, Affleck! Pitting Batman against Slade Wilson is an unorthodox choice, but I’ll embrace it if it spares us more of Jared Leto’s Joker. What if  the Batfleck film is inspired by Beware The Batman, & the big showdown is Deathstroke vs. Alfred Pennyworth?

So this is conclusive evidence why WB insists Deathstroke stay locked away forever on Lian Yu with Captain Boomerang on (Green) Arrow. (Why don’t you just lock up all the Aussies on a black-site prison island, Oliver?) Speaking of which, why is evil archer Prometheus (sadly not this dude) clad in yet another black costume instead of going for someone with a different palate like the Rainbow Archer? Is it weird that I want Lyla to start wearing the Harbinger costume? What else would you wear to abduct the King of Gorilla City? While we’re talking Gorilla City, can The F-Lash’s TV trip there feature Primat the Manic Pixie Dream Gorilla? Why this obscure simian supervillainess got snubbed by Benito Cereno I’ll never understand. Ought the antagonist archers (Merlyn, Huntress, Komodo, Cupid,& Prometheus) & sinister speedsters (Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Trajectory, & the Rival) form their own gimmick-specific villain teams?

Gotham has now been revealed to be part of the shared Tommy Westphall universe. The season 3 poster features a snow globe but no Mr. Freeze & a tagline alluding to the Mad Hatter without picturing him either. When he does appear, however, he will indeed wear a hat. I was concerned they might’ve been reserving his defining apparel for when Master Bruce comes of age. They released a couple trailers, the better one is spliced with Lucifer season 2. Unfortunately it looks as if Azrael was unsuccessful in murdering Captain Barnes. Will Tabitha train Selina in the art of the bullwhip? Will teen Poison Ivy being miraculously aged up be the craziest thing to happen this season?


Never content with letting DC hog the multimedia limelight, Marvel dropped a bombshell of its own. Is it an epic trailer for Agents of SHIELD season 4? Ha ha, nope!  The news is Marvel might be making a New Warriors TV show starring Squirrel Girl? (They’re also supposed to be making Cloak & Dagger, Damage Control, & Runaways shows, but so far they remain vaporware. If this season is SHIELD’s swansong, ABC better get one of these into production since Marvel’s Most Wanted was aborted.) Casting will probably skew closer to Mae Whitman or Shannon Purser than Anna Kendrick. It’s unclear whether Squirrel Girl would be joining actual New Warriors characters like Namorita or if Marvel Studios thinks naming the show Great Lakes Avengers would hurt its brand. Making it a buddy comedy costarring Ms. Marvel would be fantastic, but I presume they’re saving her for a Captain Marvel movie. Most likely ditto either iteration of the Earthling Nova. I’m curious if they’ll manage to scrounge enough budget for multiple unique superpowers each episode as Marvel TV series still struggle with this. While I do want to see a live action Squirrel Girl eating nuts & kicking butts, I’d rather she do it on the big screen to embarrass the Avengers & Guardians of the Galaxy like the pikers they are.

Give a planet fish, & it will eat for a day. Give a planet Chicago Mobs of the Twenties, & it’ll be gangster for life. Star Trek’s “A Piece of the Action” was gangbusters! (Of course nothing tops “Mirror, Mirror,” which has the honor of being the basis for the Gen 13/ Monkeyman & O’Brien crossover.)  Playmates once had the effrontery to produce a  Captain Koik from that episode without a fedora despite it being the trope-namer for Planet of the Hats! (The 9″ & 12″ editions, including Spocko,  would correct this oversight.) Only thee episodes later (they really could’ve spaced them out better), the Enterprise would visit the Planet of the Nazis. The Prime Directive is weakest where extraterrestrials are most proficient at slavishly recreating twentieth century Earth.

My total number of site views has finally surpassed 2015! Huzzah! I’d be really sad if 2016 remained inferior to last year’s views & visitor counts. Since 2017 will be my second full year blogging, that’s the one I should start being anxious about. I still don’t know whether it’s better to have more visitors or more views.It turns out my Deadpool review follow-up cleared 1,000 views well before the review itself. I’m almost clever at predicting stuff.

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