Holy Metafiction On A Half-Shell!

Wingnut was one of my favorite action figures & a favorite character of the Archie comics. When the current TMNT toon started, I was dismayed to see that its Wingnut was apparently just a mutated Kirby O’Neil with a stumpy arm & huge cranium. The fact that his merchandise was officially labelled Kirby-Bat gave me some hope the real deal would show up. When they went into space for the first half of season four, I expected them to meet the real Wingnut & Screwloose. They didn’t, even though they could’ve tied the destruction of their homeworlds in with the Kraang, Triceratons, or Lord Dregg. I finally got my wish during “Bat In The Belfry”… sort of.

Both are conjured out of Michelangelo’s comic book via April’s Aeon Crystal as a clever way to explain why they’re dressed like Batman & Robin. (The Fantastic Four Food Groups is the best comic book nod in the episode.) This is a unique spin that still keeps them recognizable, unlike the Neutrinos or Antrax. They’re still extraterrestrials, albeit emphatically fictional ones. This allows for fun homages to Batman ’66 & Batman: The Brave & The Bold!  (I will always be delighted that the show has turned Turflytle from a one-shot gag into a running joke.) The Wingnut-a-rangs being live bats just like on the toy was cute. Bonus points for Monoculus & Skullface McGillin!

Although they were presented much better than the generic brainwashing aliens of their classic cartoon appearance, my main problem is that we don’t get to spend enough time with them. Secondly, Wingnut’s brown & black costume is too drab. If they weren’t going to do blue & grey like the toy, blue & purple like the comics (with Screwloose in green) would’ve looked better. His alternate suits in their lair would’ve also popped more. Thirdly, they don’t call anyone “plankton chip.”

Their crystal-crazed faces were wonderfully deranged. Was that heel turn a commentary on how trying to make fantasy too lifelike spoils it, much like Amazon’s The Tick Or was it referencing how TMNT developed a life of its own distinct from its parody roots? It was probably just further foreshadowing April going Dark Phoenix since she’s also ginger, but sometime I like overthinking stuff.

Sadly Wingnut & Screwloose are returned to the printed page before we get a chance to really know them beyond their archetypes. I wish they would’ve stuck around to join the Mighty Mutanimals. We’d just need Dreadmon, Man-Ray/Ray Fillet, & Jagwar to round out the classic team.

So I guess this version of Wingnut & Screwloose substitute for the Donatello Micro-Series story where April’s superintendent is Jack Kirby who makes Fourth World drawings come to life via the crystal on his pencil? That was adapted very well in the 2003 series. Did you know that Peter Laird retconned April to have been a drawing brought to life by that crystal in the last series he worked on? I missed the final two issues of that. TMNT comics are weird.


NECA unveiled its Preacher toys. Where’s Tulip? NECA usually does three characters to an assortment, so I’m miffed they left out the best character. She better be in series two! This duo will be out in December, which seems awfully fast. Who will be first to make a custom Howard Stark from Jesse?

So ABC finally got around to releasing a trailer for Agents of SHIELD season four, with only a week to spare! That’s cutting it pretty close. Does it seem like ABC is trying to justify cancelling it by moving it to a later timeslot & barely promoting it? It’ll definitely feature Ghost Rider. He’s literally the only selling point they’re pushing. I’m still angry about watching a fake bootleg teaser of his car that’s still not as cool as a motorcycle. It was no Deathstroke.

The CW seems to be better at conducting the hype train for its offerings. Even without any season 2 footage, this teaser for next month’s  Supergirl is still epic. Kara Zor-El never skips leg day! Lex Luthor was right about Kryptonians being a menace to our property values!

Creator Tad Stones says Darkwing Duck isn’t in continuity with DuckTales. He is wrong. He also doesn’t know GizmoDuck’s name. Meanwhile, the current Darkwing Duck comic is dangerous! It references all his media including Disney Adventures & the equally excellent BOOM! Comics that were cancelled when Disney bought Marvel. I expected Disney to give its Marvel Comics subsidiary the license, but instead it’s published by the rookie Joe Books. I don’t run a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, so maybe that makes sense to someone that does. Now when do we get the rest of the series on DVD?

50¢ dressed as Cyborg & Daphne Joy as Starfire for their son’s birthday is adorable. So is this group chat from the Underworld family.

I was really into Dark Matter season one & found Killjoys boring. Strangely the flow of their neutron polarities flipped as Killjoys became engaging in its second year while Dark Matter often felt like it was treading water. Fortunately both their second season finales ended well. I’m especially pleased that Ellen Wong has a recurring role on Dark Matter with katanas & impressive collars. She deserves to be a bigger star after Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

X-Men: Apocalypse deleted scenes have surfaced early, meaning you no longer have to buy it to see them. Among them was the X-Men go to the mall sequence. It’s unanimous that this should’ve been in the movie. Jubilee got to use her powers in an arcade! It’s ridiculous that Nightcrawler is treated so warmly in public because the states aren’t prejudiced against muties like behind the Iron Curtain, but I still would’ve loved to see Kurt breakdancing on his tail. The Dazzler album is still missing. There’s also a scene where Storm & Xavier have a chat that was cut for fear of developing her character. Curse you, Bryan Singer! Also fie on How It Should Have Ended to a much lesser degree for not using my suggestions for their crowdsourced mockery.

Speaking of deleted scenes, I never noticed how much was cut from Flash Gordon for television until I got the DVD. Now it’s even better! Topol shouting “Check the angular vector of the Moon!” is so underrated. So I would definitely recommend buying Flash Gordon over X-Men: Apocalypse. If you already own Flash Gordon, I’d even recommend buying a backup copy before the latest X-movie.

Next week I’ll be discussing the season premieres of Gotham & Agents of SHIELD. That sounds like something I’d do, right?


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