Is Gotham Influenced By Ensnugglement?

Scroll past the Gotham & Agents of SHIELD spoiler reviews to get to what you really came to this blog for: cat anecdotes!

It’s only episode two of Gotham’s third season, so nobody important died. The Court of Owls didn’t kill Bruce because he needs to grow to be Batman & made him promise to quit hassling them until then. Well that plot thread sure wrapped itself up in a timely & economical manner! Penguin doesn’t kill Fish Mooney because she remembers she can make people do idiotic things even without superpowers. She doesn’t kill him because she’s proud she turned him into viewers’ favorite character. Hugo Strange survives because he’s awesome. Harvey Bullock is spared because he’s the least terrible of the GCPD. Sadly this also means Gordon survives to incite poor impulse control in Vicky Vale’s aunt.

Apparently the mysterious Monster (Wo)Man dressed like a gas mask dominatrix is named Nancy & is played by Bianca Rutigliano. Nobody cared who Nancy was until she put on the mask! (The tie is classy too.) Surely she had to be important since they went to the trouble of not dressing her like a hobo? I don’t know what her superpowers were aside from fashion, because she & speedster Sid (DO YOU GET IT?) get killed pretty effortlessly by Penguin’s unruly xenophobic mob (not to be confused with Penguin’s organized crime mob) & then immolated. So much for developing intriguing new side characters! That’ll teach them to be cannon fodder instead of canon characters! Er, canon characters that aren’t Sal Maroni or Sarah Essen.


Nancy didn’t receive any superpowers. She just wanted to return Hugo Strange’s Hannibal Lecter muzzle before late fees accrued.

Poison Ivy has artificially blossomed into maturity, kind of like the inverse of this skit. So far this development is … not completely awful? It’s just kind of there. Granted, there’s still plenty of time for it to run off the rails. But what if the writers actively subvert everyone’s justified misgivings about this squicky subplot? (“This could’ve been so much worse!” ought to be the Gotham motto.) Anyway, progeria Poison Ivy kills a dude for not watering his ex’s plants, so at least she’s in character.

Oswald Cobblepot is a wonderful demagogue. He should run for office! Coincidentally,  after watching Gotham on Monday, I immediately turned off my TV. I made a good life choice.

I am moderately inconvenienced by Agents of SHIELD being an hour later this season. Luckily the quality uptick remains consistent from last week. Let’s hope this streak carries through all of season four.

SHIELD’s worldbuilding remains iffy. It went from a clandestine organization in Iron Man to having prominent offices & academies after The Avengers. After it was dismantled in The Winter Soldier, the world had to notice it was still active by the hellicarrier lifeboat saving Sokovians from Ultron. Officially making SHIELD a publicly acknowledged agency, even under the auspices of the Sokovia Accords, sounds like something the public would be outraged by. It’d be like reinstating the KGB, albeit a KGB that had a secret international terrorist group nesting inside it. The SHIELD name is toxic after it was outed as a HYDRA front, so they need to rebrand it at the very least. Too bad the show is kind of attached to the SHIELD name. Of course whatever comes of this will get glossed over in the films.

I’m glad Phil Coulson is no longer director. Much like Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood, he lost much of his charm when he became saddled with responsibility & protagonist angst. Please don’t reclaim the position.

I was very surprised to hear The Book of The Darkhold get prominently namedropped. It’s the sort of MacGuffin I would’ve expected Marvel to reserve for a Dr. Strange movie. While magic is cool because it puts the team out of its element, hopefully the writers remember they’ve had Graviton waiting on the back burner since episode three.

I have the best cat. After briefly yelling at me for going to bed, she hopped on the bed & kneaded the blanket to get it just right. When she finally got herself settled, I had to go to the bathroom & felt guilty about disturbing her. When I returned, she was still on the bed & let me get back in without any fuss. When I got a call my appointment was cancelled, she let me sleep an extra two hours beneath her.

Then, via a slumber-inducing feline skill I’ve dubbed “ensnugglement,” she gave me this dream: One of my high school crushes was in bed with me & wants to to go apple picking tomorrow. Zack Snyder came by to get a copy of my book. I backed up into one of my house pillars. Luckily I woke up in bed pinned down under a pussycat instead of in someone else’s driveway in a smashed car filled with apples.

(Now that you know what esnugglement means, this title makes slightly more sense! Not that Gotham makes much sense to begin with.)

Aussies have frozen light, making this picture from one of my least read articles relevant again!

The other day, the thought struck me that I should dress my cat up as one or all of the Ninja Turtles (including Slash & Venus) for Halloween. She’s a confirmed nudist, but the attempt would still be less hazardous then getting her to wear Samurai Pizza Cat armor. Then I serendipitously saw the TMNT: OOTS DVD comes complete with turtle masks. Do you think these bandanas will fit on a cat?

The Tick adaptation I detested to the cockles of my MOAV heart has been ordered to series by Amazon. DAGNABBIT! Why does everyone else love it? I feel like I’m going sane in a crazy world!

Cain S. Latrani, author of Rise: War Witch,  posted four short stories on his blog that you can read for FREE!

So next week brings the season premieres of half of the CW’s DC shows. I’ll also be attending NYCC. Depending on how exhausted I am, next week’s post may be a late combo of the two. Or it might not be. Wait & see!

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