Legends of Supergirl

Supergirl season two’s premiere on the CW felt more confident & jam-packed with cool things than anything in CBS’s season one. Boring office stuff was kept to a minimum in favor of fleshing out her mythos & big action scenes. Instead of awkwardly telling us how feminist it is, it shows us. It feels like a soft reboot, so you probably don’t even need to watch the choppy first season to know what’s going on. I’m still not cool with it airing in the same time slot as Gotham though. I’d warn you of SPOILERS for this & Legends of Tomorrow’s season two premieres, but odds are you’ve already seen Supergirl based on its record-breaking ratings.

Even with Superman guest starring, Supergirl isn’t reduced to second banana. Is Melissa Benoist actual sunshine in a human-shaped containment unit? She’d knock it out of the park as literally horny Supergirl. (Please adapt, CW!)

Unsurprisingly, this Superman has so much more personality than the mopey one from the current DC movies when he’s not just text messages & boots! It’s a shame his belt & cape clasps are rubbish. He’s not just comparatively better, he’s genuinely affable. That said, I’m kind of hoping Metallo promptly kills him for good next week. It’d get Supergirl out of his redundant shadow, help correct the gender imbalance in fridging, up the stakes with real consequences unlike Kelly, & finally let Metall-0 achieve his potential. It must be so humiliating for Metall-zero that a boney Hulk usurped his purpose. (Agents of SHIELD’s Aida appears to have stolen his trademark Kryptonite heart.) I am such a ghoulish buzzkill.

This episode continued the cliche that all experimental planes, rockets, & rocket planes will fail once they’re in a DC story. Unless you really want a Kryptonian to save you, just don’t bother launching or boarding one. This one was considerate enough to crash back toward the country it departed from after leaving the atmosphere because the writers aren’t rocket scientists. Speaking of rockets, Mon-El from the pod hasn’t even done anything yet & I’m still mad he’s not Krypto or Beppo the Supermonkey.

The DEO skyscraper always having been in downtown National City was hilarious! Between CatCo, LordTech, & LexCorp LuthorCorp LCorp (Lena’s rebranding is the pits), did we really need another high-rise office? Can they not recreate the DEO desert base in Vancouver for some reason? Or are they trying to make the DEO look less sinister than Project Cadmus by ignoring that it has a sketchy blacksite prison? Do we really need a rat scurrying around Cadmus’s experimental operating theatre to get that it’s insidious? Cleanliness is next to Godliness which is next to mad scienceyness.

Cat Grant’s first outfit reminded me of Black Panther’s movie suit & her next had a necklace of soda can tabs. It’s no necklace of teeth, but I approve of her sartorial choices. Cat calling Kara out for squandering her talents as a gofer was a highlight. Give me a Cat Grant & Harrison Wells team-up pronto!

Unfortunately Kara opted to become a reporter so she could more directly ape Clark Kent’s career instead of eking out something unique. She also inexplicably decides she’d rather just be pals with Jimmy, whom she’s been lusting after since episode one, without even going on a complete date. You’re bunting on the romance after making us all endure a tedious love hexagon the first season? GRODD DAMN IT, SUPERGIRL!

Feet of the Future Leg-Ends of Tomorrow, the best time travel show around when Doctor Who is on hiatus, has returned! Its fun Musketeer prologue even felt like a Who homage. My favorite part was how Heatwave kept pointing out how he followed the rules. Now that the show isn’t weighed down with prolonged Hawk-drama, the show is zippier. It breezed through scattering & reforming the team in a single episode, maybe a bit too quickly. Who wouldn’t tune in weekly for Sara Lance: Time Seductress

Realizing that fighting Nazis is a safe time travel trope (nobody ever wants to visit Mansa Musa), the show has canonically established dirtbag Damien Darhk as a Third Reich collaborator. (So he’s the anti-Dum Dum Dugan. Neal McDonough is only only allowed to play D-named characters in live action comic book media.) It was cute that their tailoring being too good was what gave them away. Why couldn’t Firestorm neutralize their atom bomb by absorbing its radiation or transmuting it into something harmless? How does Einstein publicly acknowledging Mileva Marić as a fellow genius mitigate the threat of nuclear annihilation?

I was wrong about the Justice Society of America being from the future in the CWverse. They’re still from the 1940’s in this continuity (unless they’re secretly from the 30th century Legion of Superheroes’ branch of The Society For Creative Anachronism.) If costumed superheroes fought in WWII, don’t you think that’s something one of the shows should’ve mentioned earlier? Even if it’s an accepted historical fact in that reality, surely somebody could’ve commented on how the world’s superhero drought ended after seventy years. Where’s Red Tornado? The one who wore a pot on her head, not the upholstered robot Supergirl murdered.

Now that they’re going up against Reverse-Flash, will Rip ever explain the logistics of why Eobard has a Get Out Paradoxes Free pass to flip as many historic tables as he wants? Why don’t the Legends need to constantly fend off Time Wraiths? Or why it matters that changes to the timestream take time to set when they can retroactively abort them with the Waverider? Odds are NOPE.

In addition to the Wonder Woman wardrobe, WB had Harley Quinn’s & Deadshot’s Suicide Squad outfits on display at NYCC as the Goofus & Gallant of adapting costumes. Too bad they didn’t also have the spectacular Mera costume.



LEGO showed off its  DC Super Hero Girls (this title is a tad too descriptive) line at NYCC.   Lashina is getting a set of her own?! Krypto is in the set too, but DC’s most overt BDSM villainess (sorry, Catwoman) is definitely the main selling point of “Lashina’s Tank.” I’m not complaining, just wondering why I’m still surprised by news like this. This will be Lashina’s second action figure after being  exclusive to a JLU set without her signature electro-lash. She still hasn’t gotten a non-stylized action figure in in any of Mattel’s or DCC’s lines. Now that she has LEGO set named for her, this ought to open up the floodgates for more Lashina merchandise. If they can’t work her into Supergirl or Justice League, perhaps Lashina can be in Suicide Squad 2: Electric Boogaloo since she was an incognito squaddie? (You may scoff at this quip, but the fact is that it’s monstrously underused as far a real world sequel subtitles go. Not calling it The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electric Boogaloo was a huge missed opportunity.)

The Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon is being replaced by a new one inspired by Spider-Man: Homecoming. They should just bring back Spectacular Spider-Man. Giving just about any other Marvel character besides Spidey their own cartoon series for a change is another good option.

Speaking of Homecoming, Beetle remains another villain better than Vulture. Marvel Studios could get Rashida Jones to play the Janice Lincoln version. (She’d also be a great Lois Lane for Supergirl.) Since there’s red tape in getting Kingpin out of Netflix into the movies, they could use her as means of bringing in Tombstone, the evil albino version of Luke Cage, instead.

Sigourney Weaver will be the villain of The Defenders! Please be Typhoid Mary! People have been suggesting Mephisto since The Hand are Devil worshipers. (Does it become more or less racist if the nefarious Japanese ninja cult serves a Caucasian being?) If she is a Demon I don’t see how Netflix’s Defenders would vanquish her as their skills are limited to superstrength & being good at karate.

Now here’s an NYCC photo you probably haven’t seen elsewhere:


Rat Magneto at Tenacious Toys  Collective’s booth even has a cute little Xorn mask!


Gina Torres has departed Suits, so is she opening up her schedule to reteam with Bryan Fuller on Star Trek: Discovery? I don’t know, but let’s speculate like crazy!

Why can’t I obtain a replica of by Alejandro Colina’s Venezuelan tapir-riding Maria Lionza statue? You have failed me for the last time, online shopping!


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