The Inaugural DC Toy Fair Wish List!

One of my readers’ suggestion for 2017 was for the sort of listicles I used to write for Topless Robot & io9. While I’m eager to resume writing these for professional websites, I’m honoring reader requests in the meantime. Lists of what I’d like to see at Toy Fair this year (I’m accepting Toy Fair press passes) seem like a good topic to start with. The event is a month away, but I figure I ought to start now. A month is sufficient for the big toy companies to change their plans to suit my whims & make complete prototypes, right?

DC Collectibles is already doing sneak peeks including an expensive BTAS set of Renee Montoya, Killer Croc, Bane, Mr. Freeze, & Poison Ivy. So let’s start with them before it’s too late. They also take a really long time to get product out, so it’s best to get things onto their radar early. Since DCC does DC Icons based on the comics as well as toys based on  CW shows, I’ve concocted a separate list for each. (I guess Mattel could make entries off this list too. They just won’t be as good, although I am looking forward to their King Shark BAF.) Read onward to see the top ten DC TV characters that deserve plastic immortality!

10) Dominator -The nudist Dominators fought characters from all four CW shows & they’re army builders, so DCC is leaving money on the table if they don’t make them. Just include a blaster for them to forget to use on superheroes & their mind control doohickey to make your toys turn against each other.

9) Vibe – As The Flash’s best character who wasn’t a bowling alley lawyer, Cisco deserves a toy. He’ll have an actual costume by season’s end so DCC won’t have to fret about which of his nerdy t-shirts to license & replicate. We’ve only caught a fleeting glimpse of him suited up so far, but I have a good feeling about it.

8) Gorilla Grodd – I was shocked when he didn’t rank higher too. Then I remembered I’d been substituting various King Kong & comic Grodd toys as he looks just like a regular gorilla (albeit a very well rendered one for a TV VFX budget). Of course should he appear bedecked in kingly raiment when we next see him in Earth-2’s Gorilla City (how awesome is it that Keith David is voicing Solovar?), I will concede a TV accurate version ought to be DCC’s top priority!

7) Dr. Light – Aside from her clunky visor (which ought to be removable on the toy), this was a stylish translation fro page to screen. If only more rogues had Dr. Light’s tailor! Can they do something do evoke her powers like translucent effects hands?

6) Leviathan – While DCC has made some oversized figures, I’m incredulous it’d make an deluxe replica of a one-off humongous robot in Legends of Tomorrow no matter how cool it looked. But its fluorescent guts within a transparent casing looked too damn rad not to make this list of improbable wishes! Maybe they’ll surprise us with a 7″ version, in which case just act like it & the Atom are ridiculously out of scale when you smash them together.

5) Ravager – Since Funko dropped the ball on its Firefly line, it’s about time someone made a Summer Glau action figure. (This principle also applies to Diamond Select Toys making a Dr. Leslie Thompkins figure from Gotham.) Some swords & an swappable Isabel Rochev head  are needed to prove she’s neither a toy line killer nor a show killer.

4) Silver Banshee – Silver Banshee has the best costume out of all Supergirl’s rogues. (The runner-up is a robot made of carpet samples, which proves how desperately Livewire needs an electrifying wardrobe upgrade.) Instead of the typical neutral face, hardcore goth Siobhan Smythe’s artful visage needs to be sculpted with angry scream to evoke her supernatural powers.

3) Jesse Quick – Presuming Kid-Flash is a bigger certainty (I’m waiting for Wally to become THE Flash), I’ll push for Earth-2’s resident rookie speedster. Toss in a removable chest insignia & alternate head  so it can double as a Trajectory toy.

2) Nyssa al Ghul – Who would’ve expected Ra’s al Ghul’s more obscure daughter to completely outshine him? You’ll need a Nyssa to romance the Sara figure that exists & murder the Ravager one that probably won’t. Don’t skimp on the arsenal for this fashionable assassin!

1) Speedy – Team Arrow’s best member is overdue for an action figure! Thea Queen rocks the Arsenal outfit much better than Roy. (If it fit her petite frame perfectly, is it actually the Carnage symbiote crossing universes on the DL?)  A sword, bow, & red arrows are mandatory. I’m putting DCC on notice that if they snub Speedy again, they’ll have failed this series!


DCC also started a pricier line dedicated to movie toys, so I didn’t think it fair to lump these live action characters in with the TV toys. There’s also not enough unplanned characters for a list of their own yet, even with non-costumed characters like Lois Lane, Alfred Pennyworth, & Amanda Waller. DCC should get a move on producing the glamorous green form of Suicide Squad’s wiggly-armed Enchantress, unless they’d rather Cara Delevigne fans spend their money customizing NECA’s forthcoming figure of her Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets character. The Justice League movie isn’t out yet, &  Mera already has the best costume of the entire DC movieverse. If DCC solicits it now, it’ll be on shelves by the time the Aquaman movie hits theaters!

FDR: American Badass! is far superior to both Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter & Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies because it doesn’t take itself solemnly. Unlike Underworld: Blood Wars, its Axis lycans are in werewolf mode 100% of the time. Despite being in incredibly poor taste, it sneaks in several absurdly clever jokes. The climax could’ve used more oomph, but I can’t fault it for being made on a fraction of a blockbuster’s catering budget. It’s the best film Troma never made! In the future, it will become invaluable for teaching younglings history.

Come back next week to read another Toy Fair wish list! Will it be DC Icons, Marvel Legends, or Star Wars Black? Maybe I’ll talk about returning TV shows too?


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