Toy Fair & Supergirl Are Inequitable!

New York Toy Fair 2017 just happened! It felt oddly underwhelming this year, possibly because many of the wares had been previewed earlier. Did any of my wish list picks (Star Wars Black, DC Icons, Marvel Legends comics, Marvel Legends movies, DC TV) get unveiled?

6″ Star Wars Black revealed a Jawa on a giant retro anniversary blister card. Yes, it’s only one Jawa without light-piped eyes, using the excuse that Kenner did it that way forty years ago. Maybe they’ll re-release it as a Jawa two-pack in the regular window box packaging? I guess it’s not as big a rip-off as the Early Bird homage Darth Vader sold at twice the standard price with a humongous base. I’m very surprised they didn’t have General Grievous from the online poll. No disguised Jyn Erso to coincide with Rogue One’s home release?

Nebula is coming (in the GOTG vol. 2 series with Mantis as the BAF because Hasbro is evil). The comics version of Sif will be in a TRU exclusive A-Force (that team name still doesn’t sound right) boxed set! (Please let MCU Sif be in the Thor-thcoming Ragnarok series!) I’m excited for Tombstone & classic Beetle, whom I decided not to include in my wish list since that assortment’s line-up was leaked months ago.  I wish the Netflix Elektra was in her second costume like the DST statue instead of her ugly original & Netflix had used NECA’s design for Daredevil.

There’s still no Speedy from DC Collectibles or Mattel?!  (I also learned she’s been absent a bunch of episodes since Willa Holland is only signed up for 14 out of 23 episodes this season. Are they writing Thea out of (Green) Arrow completely?) I was right about Kid Flash being a sure thing though, & White Canary’s on the way as well. DCC has cancelled its expensive movie toy line. This is theoretically good for my wallet, but I’d rather pay for DCC’s unproduced movie Killer Croc than Mattel’s BAF. The bizarrely unsubtle Ares BAF for Mattel’s Wonder Woman movie looks much better. Mattel’s Multiverse has a better character selection than DC Icons, aside from from  Two-Face in a single-hued suit. (How’d J.R. Jr. screw up his defining sartorial statement?)

NECA didn’t have Alien Resurrection Ripley on display, nor have they confirmed a Tulip for Preacher. The DC vs. Aliens/Predators two-packs were the big surprise, but I don’t really need any of them. I wish they didn’t have to make so much stuff in quarter scale.

Funko is making a ton of product but refuses to resurrect the 6″ Legacy line with improved quality control. So we’ll never get Simon, River, Shepherd, & Inara to finish off Firefly. They’re doing Pop!s for The 100, but I really really wanted Legacy figures.  They now have 4″ series for Twin Peaks & Batman ’66 that are only moderately better than  Super 7’s intentionally & objectively awful ReAction line in terms of sculpt & articulation. Why waste resources on anachronistic nostalgia when you could have toys from those properties that are up to modern standards? Who are these going to satisfy?

Toy production is a catch-22. If toy companies don’t make any products I’m interested in, I save money, shelf space, & time hunting for them. (Just like the most dangerous game, action figures must be hunted.) The downside is that means the characters I want aren’t being produced, which frustrates me as materialist fanboy. (Customs can be expensive alternatives.) Toy companies are much more likely to produce new versions of headliners like Batman & Spider-Man than my picks because they have much bigger public recognition. Then they’ll still clog pegs because the world already has plenty of Batman & Spidey toys to choose from, thank you very much. It would be a better investment in limited dead dinosaur juice resources to produce more obscure characters like Titania & Ambush Bug because they’d fill empty niches. Hasbro & Mattel try to compel customers to buy all the figures in each assortment regardless of desirability to complete Build-A-Figures. Somehow buying the BAF parts online from the figures I don’t want always seems to be unduly expensive. Verily, this is the first worldliest of problems!

So out of fifty entrants of my collective top ten wish lists, I’ve been right about a whopping three (Jawa, movie Nebula, comics Sif)! Wisely, I used the “things that won’t happen” tag! So the question now is,what do I do for next year’s Toy Fair wish list series? It’d save me a lot of trouble to just reprint this year’s lists with three replacements. Do I do all brand new lists with characters that didn’t quite make this year’s cut? Would you prefer me to prognosticate on what I think toy companies will reveal rather than what I want them to? Would you rather not see any pre-Toy Fair lists at all in 2018?

There’s under a week left to back Mythic Legions series 2 Kickstarter. The Four Horsemen finally stopped adding stretch goals!

Supergirl has been either blandly inoffensive or offensively bland since its return. Sometimes I think Winn Schott’s codename should be Rimshot. Disney/Marvel & WB/DC need to start playing nice again so we can get a crossover with Agents of SHIELD where Agents Vasquez & Piper hook up.

The weird thing is that I don’t hate Mon-El anymore? He’s just too insouciant to dislike, even if he brings nothing else to the table. Winn’s “costume” for him is terrible. I still loathe how the writers insist on shipping him with Supergirl despite their lack of chemistry. They had a perfect scene where Kara politely turns him down & then they backpedaled on it! ARGH!!! The only points in favor of that pairing is they can breed alien hybrids & Karamel sounds more mellifluous than SuperCorp. (Who coins these ship names?)

Meanwhile Lena “fill your office with flowers” Luthor loving Kara doesn’t even seem like subtext anymore. She is definitely a better match for Kara than Guardian, Winn, Adam, Mon-El, or Mxyzptlk. Lena & Kara have a very healthy supportive relationship in addition to cute chemistry. Also it turns out Metallo was somehow still alive even before he received a replacement Kryptonite heart. Then he exploded because John Corben has to “die” every episode he’s in. It was poor form showing us Lex Luthor’s green & purple war-suit for the first time in live action but not letting Lena wear it.

Mr. Mxyzptlk popped up, & he’s disappointingly not Warwick Davis. Even if Supergirl doesn’t have Star Wars money for casting, surely they could’ve given the opportunity to another dwarf actor. It’s not even like they went with an average size person like Larry David that resembles Mxyzptlk. Supposedly they went with someone who looks like a viable suitor for her, which in turn makes Kara (& the series) shallow for ruling out little people as lovers. If they were concerned the episode might come off as anti-dwarf, they didn’t have to adapt a story where Mxyzptlk unsuccessfully woos her. Him pranking on her just for fun is much more compelling than making him a lovelorn creeper. They didn’t even dress Peter Gadiot like an oddball imp from the 5th Dimension!



He was a better live action Mxyzptlk than Smallville’s (leaving the bar on the floor) yet devoid of comedic charm. “Mr & Mrs. Mxyzptlk” made me shout “BOOOO!!!” at my TV. Instead of being a whimsical diversion, viewers had to endure the eponymous superheroine reduced to a trophy in a toxic masculinity competition! It made me hate Mon-El again! (Can you tell these paragraphs weren’t written in one sitting?) It showed exactly why Kara & Mon-El don’t belong together & they went for it anyway? How can I make a TV show say its name backwards?

Keep a weather eye out for next week’s visit to Gorilla City! By which I mean subscribe, bookmark, stalk socially, or just obsessively keep clicking this page until it updates!

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