Grodd Bless The Flash!

The Flash’s “Attack on Gorilla/Central City” two-parter was the antidote to the Mr. Mxyzptlk episode of Supergirl! This is what I’ve been waiting for ever since Grodd’s cage was glimpsed in the pilot! You can retire now, television! The delayed The Flash movie now has an even higher bar to clear too! This is the first time we’ve really seen Gorilla Grodd come into his own as a legitimutant supervillain. Reverse-Flash’s furry son is all grown up! If only he had better taste in armor.

grodd3We didn’t get to see much of Gorilla City beyond a jail & an arena, which was a bone of contention for many. I too would’ve liked to see much more, but I understand that the show doesn’t have an unlimited budget. I’m just overjoyed we got any Gorilla City at all! This show could’ve easily omitted Gorilla City altogether, but its zeal for bringing the zaniest DC elements to life would not be suppressed. It still amazes me that we get gorilla CGI this good on network TV. I would’ve been happy with just actors in old timey gorilla costumes. Who would’ve guessed they’d prioritize this over the full-fledged Rogues team-up teased since season one?

To save effects money (supposedly gorilla episodes cost 50% more than others) for the knockout arena duel & ape invasion, there were a couple scenes of gorillas telepathically speaking through human proxies. As a result, we were able to witness Tom Cavanagh grumble about gorilla law. It is super goofy, but he still knocks his impression of David Sobolov’s voice out of the park. More please! Get Cavanagh an Emmy for Orphan Black-ing up the place. (They also lampshaded the cost-saving necessity of Gorilla City’s African forests looking exactly like British Columbia.)

I did wish we could see more of Jesse Quick being a superheroine. That’s gotta be tough on her keeping order in a world run on Grant Morrison’s JLA: Earth-2 rules all by her lonesome. (This explains why albino Solovar is far more beligerent than usually portrayed.) She & Kid-Flash are cute together, but I wonder how Earth-2 will be left standing without a speedster to save it from its abundance of metacrooks? Maybe she’s wise to ditch that Art Deco Hellhole. Does this mean Wally & Linda Park won’t end up getting married in the TV-verse or is this temporary?

Unlike Supergirl & Mon-El’s toxic pairing, I’m  actually finding Dr. Alchemy’s courtship of Killer Frost to be adorkably charming. He’s genuinely supportive without being overbearing. (Speaking of reformed rogues, why isn’t Pied Piper a permanent part of STAR Labs team now?) Twenty points to Slytherin for being a Planet of the Apes fan!

It was a missed opportunity to do a Valentine’s Day episode without Primat the Manic Pixie Dream Gorilla! (I bet she was the product of wondering “What if it was GIRLilla Grodd dressed like Natayla?”) I do love that they subverted the gaslighting that had been a blot on the series’ escutcheon. Wells feigns acceptance of Jesse moving to First Earth to be with Wally, but asks Wally not to tell Jesse about his terminal illness. Rather than push Jesse away by keeping this secret, Wally immediately fills her in about her dad to give her decision making agency. Wells’s illness turns out to be even more bogus than the rationale for lying to Iris & Patty.

Grodd was wise enough to realize pitting his ape army against a SWAT team would just result in lots of gorillas ventilated with lead, so he went with the nuclear option. The scene where Grodd almost makes Joe commit suicide in front of his sons was chillingly effective. Then when the three speedsters faced off against the troop of armed apes, they were surprisingly ineffective. Objectively nothing should be an obstacle to someone that can break the sound barrier, but there’s something about seeing interdimensional gorillas throw our heroes to the curb that makes me suspend more of my weekly disbelief than usual. It would’ve been even better if they lampshaded it by explaining how gorillas are naturally the Speed Force’s Kryptonite. Keith David’s Solovar has to be tagged in to save Central City from becoming disaster porn. Personally I would’ve won over the gorillas by giving them hugs & kittens.

This two-parter was lighter on ape action than anticipated, but I understand they couldn’t spend the season’s budget on just them. I still wish Grodd had been the season’s Big Bad instead of Savitar. I don’t see how simian CGI could be that much more expensive than Savitar’s aside from needing to animate ape expressions. Had they not made Savitar look like Megatron, surely they could’ve allocated more greenbacks to Grodd. Imagine how much more epic this could’ve been as the season finale! Savitar really is a monster!

Hopefully they can spend more time in Gorilla City next year even with Double G locked up on First Earth. (Legends of Tomorrow’s  Legion of Doom really needs to bust Grodd, Black Siren, Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang, & King Shark out of ARGUS’s black-site prisons to swell its ranks.) Is it possible Grodd can bring Giganta with him next time, or is she bound up in Wonder Woman movie red tape? If they adapt JLApe, we could see Tom Cavanagh play a gorilla on the outside next time!

This was an ambitious story hamstrung by budgetary constraints. I just don’t care because I’m an easy mark for psionic simians!  Pithecophobes may be less inclined to be charitable, but at least it didn’t have an entire government agency hold idiot balls to prop up Mon-El.


Congratulations to Suicide Squad on its Oscar win for best makeup! Oscar-winning Suicide Squad is so fun to say. It’s too bad Doctor Strange didn’t win for best visual effects, however, so that both DC & Marvel fans could feel validated instead of tearing each other apart. Ruth Negga stayed on brand by wearing a dress featuring flowers. It was nice to see  Taraji Henson & The Rock liven things up with blue velvet, but I wanted somebody’s red carpet outfit to be made of copies of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet.

The IMDB just doesn’t feel right without its message boards. It’s a shame they opted not to hire moderators to whip them into shape. It’s not like this lateral solution has made anybody on the Interwuzzle more civil.

In addition to DC Collectibles’ movie line being axed, its DC Icons & DCAU series are phasing out single figures. So Supergirl & Nightwing will be the last two released individually after the ones scheduled for April (Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Swamp Thing, Deathstroke, deluxe Static). That screws over the previously solicited Sinestro, Captain Marvel Shazam, Deadshot, Catwoman, & Etrigan. Even Booster Gold & Blue Beetle are getting axed, & that was already a two-pack! This does not bode well since these are high profile characters. I can cope with frequent delays, but how does DCC expect me to financially support it if it keeps cancelling product? Of course DCC has yet to officially confirm or deny this report despite the panic it’s whipping up in potential customers. Supposedly this doesn’t affect its DC TV series, but I still want Speedy & Nyssa to go into production ASAP just in case. Why must DCC & Mattel constantly alternate between having decent character selection? So, Mattel, you totally want to make Lashina & classic Kyle Rayner, right?

I rewrote my seventh chapter so I can finally move on to chapter eight … unless I decide I still don’t like chapter seven. It contains a science presentation with shockingly zero fatalities. Coincidentally the friends I roped into FILLER! made a short film, 180 Seconds, that you should watch!

Join us next time for a Wolverine III Loganberry No Country For Old Mutants X-Men X Logan collaboreview!

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