Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Looks Hela Good!



Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi’s trailer isn’t being unveiled until Friday.  It matters not, for Disney let slip the hounds of awesome with the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok! It looks Hela good! (Look forward to me recycling this pun for my review of the whole movie!) Wardrobe committed to Hela’s insane antlers! She had better be getting a Marvel Legends toy unlike most MCU villains! The fact that Loki’s got his horns back instantly makes this a superior film to The Dark World. And instead of focusing on a floating truck, this one’s stuffed to the gills with stuff that fans actually want to see in a Thor adaptation including Jack Kirby wall murals! My concern now is how they’re going to have enough time to introduce Hela, Valkyrie, Executioner, Grandmaster, & maybe Surtur (but no Enchantress or Balder) since Marvel Studios’ master plan didn’t have the foresight to set up any of them previously.  I preemptively resent “Planet Hulk” being grafted onto Thor’s final solo movie when so much Asgardian mythos needs fleshing out, but Thor is just so adorable when he sees his friend from work! Please subvert the superheroes  pointlessly battling each other trope! The colors are so pretty! The important thing is Taika Waititi’s movie looks like oodles of fun!


I picked up the first collection of Ms. Marvel (the Kamala Khan version) & Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle Mystery from the library a few months ago. I never got around to telling you both are really good! This is due both to other more timely topics taking precedence, & that this isn’t a rare opinion in the least. Jelly beans : fakon :: Flex Mentallo : Ms. Marvel! (That was my original title before I figured it should be less SEO suicidal than last week.)

Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle Mystery might be the most concentrated dose of Grant Morrison possible. It’s all the comic book metacommentary found in his other works distilled into its most potent form. Unlike his offerings that be frustrating in only alluding to fascinating things on the margins, here you see everything hinted at even if just for a panel. Don’t worry about whether you’ve read Flex’s debut in Doom Patrol.  You’re getting peak Frank Quitely art before his trend of making everything look like oatmeal became overbearing. The subplot of forgotten superhero The Fact being corrupted into a villain may actually be more topical now in the era of “alternative facts.” It’s the ultimate story of the mutualistic relationship between reality & fantasy. This is the epic tale of how comic books saved a life & a life saved comic books!

I was hesitant to get into the new Ms. Marvel because Carol Danvers renouncing that name to become Captain Marvel came off as sexist by implying her original codename wasn’t respectable & thereby racist for preventing Monica Rambeau for reclaiming her original codename (not to mention petty for forcing DC’s Captain Marvel to officially be called Shazam). All that aside, Kamala Khan is a delightful superheroine no matter what she goes by! This metamorphic fangirl is legitimutantly the best thing to come out of Marvel trying to make fetch Inhumans happen. G. Willow Wilson makes the conflicts with her family, religion, & friends feel authentic without dragging down the wish fulfillment. Adrian Alphona’s artwork brings a surrealist tinge that makes Marvel’s version of New Jersey seem even weirder the the regular edition. Kamala’s costume looks convincingly homemade yet still snazzy! My biggest complaint about Ms. Marvel: No Normal is how soon it’s over without properly introducing the big threat for whom the unglorified henchmen were working. That’s more of Marvel’s fault for not packaging two arcs in this introductory collection. If you like The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (now available in hypothetical John Woo flavor!), you’ll dig Ms. Marvel too!

Mattel actually learned its lessons from how ridiculously complicated it was to build Suicide Squad’s Killer Croc for its Wonder Woman toyline? EGADS! There’s only four figures ( Diana of Themyscira, cloaked Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, & Queen Hippolyta) needed to build Ares & you don’t need to wait months for half of them! Actually there’s a fifth figure in the form of TRU exclusive traditional Wonder Woman with Ares’s shield. Since it was nigh impossible to find the Wonder Woman from BVS:DOJ, this may be one store exclusive that doesn’t pegwarm. Granted you’re still forced to buy a Wonder Woman with permanently attached fur cloak to get important Ares bits, but it could’ve been much worse. Maybe there’s hope for Etta Candy, General Antiope, Dr. Poison, General Erich Ludendorff (a real life person for extra historical inaccuracy!), & civilian disguise Diana in a future wave if this one is monstrously successful? Even the new 12″ Wonder Woman looks like an improvement over its previous 1/6 offerings. Who are you & can you ensure the real Mattel never returns?

Speaking of Wonder Woman, the DC Icons series with her, Deathstroke, Swamp Thing, Cyborg , & Static actually did hit stores! I was very excited to get this New 52 Wonder Woman since she comes with a functional lasso. My mind changed when I saw the Wonder Woman in the Rebirth set is taller & has a better costume. Unfortunately you have to buy the rest of the Justice League to get the Rebirth version & she comes with closed fists so she can’t use the other’s accessories! DAGNABBIT! Quit Matteling things up, DC Collectibles!

Since telling you how fun Darkwing Duck #6 is, I noticed that it hadn’t been solicited in Previews for a while. The end of #8 announced it would be going on hiatus, however, some Interwuzzle sources claim the title has been cancelled for low sales. WHAT? How can you ignore the perfect combo of Aaron Sparrow & James Silvani? If you love the cartoon & its other comic incarnations, you need this series to live your best possible life! The biggest change is Drake Mallard swapped his trademark turquoise turtleneck for a collared shirt & tie.  Sparrow even has the next two issues written, but is waiting on approval from Joe Books. How are they not promoting this wondrous parody during the superhero boom? So if you’ve not taken my recommendation yet, you need to send Disney & Joe Books a message by buying Darkwing Duck! If your Disney loving pals don’t even know this comic exists, spread the word! Let’s get dangerous!

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