Gifted With A Black Mirror Into A Sense8 Cat

Last installment I pioneered the art of cold takes! Continuing this trend, I’ll be talking about two Netflix shows you probably already saw. Then for the sake of novelty, I’ve got exclusive cat photos! There’s a bit about some X-Men media, too. This is why the week’s headline is gibberish!

Black Mirror is the catharsis of failure. After an abundance of fiction where the protagonists win just by being the protagonists, it’s strangely refreshing to watch a series with so many downer endings. It’s very honest about the likelihood of the average bloke enacting positive change, but it still believes those attempts are worth chronicling. Rather than being depressingly nihilistic, it generally avoids focusing on schadenfreude in favor of the perseverance against insurmountable odds. It’s the long-form version of Garfunkel & Oates’s “Such a Loser.”  Instead of being science-shaming speculative fiction, it gives a head’s up to prepare for the future that is bad for you. (Or pro-tips for weakpoints in your plan to ruin society with innocent technological innovations.) It’s a very Humanist show.

I’m still not sure why Hannah John-Kamen got to play two unrelated characters, which is only an issue because background details set all the stories in the same universe. When they ran out of Brit actors, this Channel 4 anthology used its new Netflix funding to wrangle some North Americans. Deservedly Emmy-winning “San Junipero” shares Blade Runner 2049’s Mackenzie Davis. “Nosedive” deserves a Nobel prize in insults. What’s taking series 4 so long to get here? I grow weary of the current dystopia & wish to view some marginally more futuristic ones!

A more accurately denoted Netflix Original I had the pleasure of viewing was the pretty great Sense8, the tale of eight intentional strangers that become telepathically interlaced.  It’s got the multicultural people discover they’re superhuman as they’re drawn into a conspiracy theme that made Heroes season one so appealing minus the sharp decline of successive seasons of Heroes! The cast is charismatic, well-written, & attractive. Instead of being dreadfully serious all the time, their are plenty of of moments to vicariously experience joy. Some of those are impromptu psychic orgies, where consent doesn’t seem as vital as expected given the cluster’s diverse orientations.

Wrapping eight international stories together under a sci-fi umbrella was a crafty move because I probably wouldn’t have watched eight unrelated shows. The individual plotlines give of broad variety a genres & tones so it’s never monotonous. Once I became absorbed in the protagonists’ unique subplots, however, I realized the overarching BPO conspiracy is the least interesting part of the series. It doesn’t help that by the end of season one, only 3/8 of the cluster are directly embroiled in it. The first finale facility scheme was a crackerjack means to involve the rest though.

The main protagonist of season one is arguably hacker Nomi Marks for being the first to be drawn into BPO’s web. As conceived by The Wachowskis & portrayed by Jamie Clayton, there’s plenty of authenticity to her transgender character. Nomi strikes a great balance between trans issues that don’t get much mainstream attention & showing that trans protagonists work equally in stories that aren’t solely about trans issues. The other candidate is cop Will Gorski. He’s the least interesting sensate, but in this case that doesn’t mean he’s intolerably dull. He’s just not as dynamic as cluster compatriots like actor Lito Rodriguez.

Aside from likable protagonists, the violence is spectacular. Sun Bak is a one-woman wrecking machine even before she can draw upon her cluster’s skills. Conan The Barbarian-loving safecracker Wolfgang Bogdanow knows what is best in life: rocket launcher! WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME SENSE8 HAS A MACHETE FIGHT? I would’ve watched it so much sooner had I known in advance.

Attempts to explain the Homo sensorium subspecies make negative biological sense. If you have to be born a sensate at the same time to be part of a cluster, why (& how) does another sensate need to psychically birth each cluster at a later date? If each cluster has a maximum of eight because of the title pun, why can unlimited sensates from other clusters still psychically visit just after a second of eye contact? The concept would be more sensible if they simply explained it was magic.

The logistics & expense of shooting on location in so many countries probably contributed to Netflix’s premature cancellation. It was worth it for such a gorgeous & authentic product, although the title images were underwhelming in contrast to the theme music. The series was so good that porn site xHamster tried in vain to personally un-cancel it. Hopefully the two hour finale can wrap things up satisfactorily without rushing or dropping too many plot threads. It wasn’t a perfect show, but it did bestow upon the world the glory of Van Damn!

This feline interrupted my Sense8 viewing to hunt mouse #15. Her timing is most inconsiderate!







She may seem tough, but that mouse was already dead when she was pummeling it in these pictures. Now if only she’d learn to speak a human language like The Voices’ Mr. Whiskers (Cairo is one of the best cat thespians) or April & The Extraordinary World’s Darwin!

Although it’s still just muties vs. the government at this point, The Gifted improved after its premiere! Washing the dye out of Polaris’s verdant locks has done wonders! One of the drugs stolen for Blink was Hypercortisone-D a.k.a. Kick the sentient riot/party drug! (This Easter Egg could set up some crazy apocalyptic storylines once they burn through the current one.) I can’t believe they did an episode called “eXodus” without Exodus! Not only was Tex the invisible bartender also Angarr the Screamer, Carmen the cartel crimestress is the original Firefly! Since they were namedropped, I hope this season gifts us with plenty of MLF action!

What if the mutants siblings in 60’s Brazil are the real Fenris twins & maybe prosecutor dad’s parents? It’d explain why he’s The Worst & his parents live in separate states to avoid accidentally exposing themselves as wonder twins. His mom changed her name from Andrea to Ellen to throw us off the scent.

The New Mutants (only a slightly less bland title than The Gifted) movie finally has a trailer that looks indistinguishable from the average horror movie. It doesn’t look like it embraces its roots as much as the new  Runaways’ trailer. The spooky stuff is probably a manifestation of Mirage’s powers, but I’m disappointed we didn’t see Wolfsbane transforming or Magik wielding her Soulsword. Dr. Cecilia Reyes & Susnspot (again) got whitewashed. There had better be a licensed Lockheed plush available by the time the film is out! (We’re overdue for a Bamf doll, too!)

The best way to acquire Ziploc bags is to purchase loose action figures on eBay.

While the scale of Funko’s surprise Disney Afternoon series is bit small to me, I’m glad Funko is finally making a retro line that’s not a cynically inferior waste of plastic.

Maybe I can squeeze in a review of Stranger Things season 2 next week before my Netflix account lapses.

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