DC Toys In Danger?

I customized some DC toys! Then I got frustrated about other DC toys that may never exist!

DSCI5007 (1).JPG

“The power of St. Dumas compels you!”

It may have taken many liberties (as opposed to every other comic book to live action adaptation), but Gotham will always get my admiration for having the audacity to include Azrael in what’s ostensibly a Batman prequel. (If Moon Knight is Marvel’s answer to Batman, Azrael is DC’s Moon Knight.) His revenge motivation was guano mad but highly entertaining. Remember when a Mayor of Gotham City had his predecessor shot with a bazooka? Good times!

It’s too bad his costume was so drab since the overall shapes were about as right as could be expected to fit a 3-D person. It even has superfluous pouches to keep the 90’s spirit alive! Thanks to Diamond Select Toys, I had the opportunity to correct this oversight. Azrael looks much better in comic book colors (much like the Arkham City edition). Although I spayed him matte, he still looks too glossy in photos. I sprang for the deluxe version so I could get the unmasked Theo Galavan head. (You can use him, Eleven, & the Harry Saxon Master to reenact scenes from Intruders.) It’s got a great James Frain likeness, but I had to add the scars.


“As an unfrozen zombie paladin, you get +4 to strength & agility.”


Just a typical Gothamite on his way to work.

Oddly, the broken & pre-broken versions of his imitation Sword Of Sin have differently shaped quillons so they can’t both fit in the spiffy yet unnecessary briefcase. One head comes packaged atop what I thought would be a clear stand, but it’s just a clear plastic T that can’t sit upright. What is its purpose? Am I missing something? Is it supposed to look like a marital aid?

Hugo Strange is perfect once you give him his trademark rose-tinted lenses. It’s difficult to see in these photos, but the ones I customized are translucent. He includes two personalized Certificates Of Sanity & three books!


“Reading is fundamental!”

Many were upset that the holding cell originally planned for series four didn’t budget out, but the accessories make up for it. (It’s much better than the MCU Star-Lord not including an unmasked head or two element guns as his box promised.) I am a bit disappointed Azrael came with another fire escape like Selina Kyle instead of the wall to support hers, only because I refuse to own a Jim Gordon on principle. (I don’t know if I want two Mr. Freezes either.) Go grab Gotham toys because you get lots of bang for your buck!

I’m very pleased with how these two turned out & look forward to more. Unfortunately DST has said the future of this line is uncertain. This is very worrisome since there’s plenty of toyetic villains they haven’t gotten to yet. Lots of people were buying the early series of regular-looking people just for the diorama pieces, but I’d be willing to forgo them if it meant we could get more costumed characters. This being the final assortment would be worse than The LEGO Batman Movie being Oscar snubbed!

DSCI4996 (1)

Last year I made a wish list of the DC TV toys I’d like to see from DC Collectibles. Not only were none of them made, rumor has it that DCC has cancelled the line. (My overall success rate of prognostication from similar listicles wasn’t much better.) I don’t want to throw John Constantine or Vixen (the one that wouldn’t get a haircut to match the cartoon or free up her schedule to join Legends of Tomorrow) under the bus, but it’s outrageous they got toys instead of Speedy. Okay, they’re still not as egregious as Malcolm Merlyn getting two figures in the same costume. If they did continue the line, I get the feeling they’d skip Thea Queen in favor of the newer characters in an attempt to stay current to the series absurdly sidelining Willa Holland. (There’s probably a good behind the curtain story here.)

The problem goes beyond snubbing a six season core member of (Green) Arrow’s cast in a costume when Dig & Felicity got made in civilian attire. Crisis On Earth-X really rubbed in how far behind DCC is. Even Vibe & Killer Frost action figures are absent! Half The Waverider’s crew is MIA. Supergirl fares the worst in character selection. (I’ll take one Lexosuit, especially if Lena Luthor ends up wearing it to help out this season finale!) Don’t get you hopes up for Black Lightning in either outfit.  Its BTAS range is also drying up despite several glaring omissions, & future Bombshells figures are cancelled (at least temporarily). (I don’t mind $100 Jokermobile being cancelled as much as I do the missed opportunity of it only appearing once in the show.) Who knows if DCC will support its new Essentials line of A-lister repeats better than its discontinued Icons? DCC is producing  new vinyl statue ranges (including Raven with Cannonball’s energy signature), but it doesn’t look like it wants to remain in the action figure business.

There’s a chance that mediocre master licensee Mattel could pick up the slack, but they’ve been producing TV toys at a glacial pace too. (To counteract the improved aesthetics of concealed pins, they’ve  begun embossing absurdly huge product info on toys’ backs, disproportionately on females, instead of their soles. Amazon exclusive movie Mera may have been their best non-BAF last year, partly because it had the wisdom to unobtrusively hide that info on the inside of her hair.) Maybe they could put some effort into a CW-specific series for the summer to tide over fans until Aquaman debuts in the depths of Decemeber? (So far their movieverse Aquamen look more like Timothy Omundson, which may be a boon since Galavant toys are highly unlikely.) Meanwhile its surprise Signature Collection line contains a Batman Forever panther suit figure that inaccurately lacks nipples.  #FreeTheBatNipple

I’m worried that Toy Fair 2018 will be an dark time for DC toys. With 182 Toys R Us stores closing soon, it looks like bad times are ahead for toys in general.

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