My Cat Is A Dragon

We’ve tempurrarily temporarily run out of current TV & movies to draw in readers. In the meantime, we’re switching back to the old standbys of cats & books! Then we’re going off topic again! This one’s pretty short!

My cat caught her sixteenth mouse! She also has a vintage Kool penguin ash tray full of catnip she refuses to smoke.


Every moment you spend looking at cats online is a moment you could’ve been looking at your own cats.



His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik was a pleasant book about dragon riding during The Napoleonic War. Temeraire is a special black dragon just like Toothless, Drogon, & my cat. He even talks to his human the same way I imagine my kitty does. (It helps that I haven’t learned any feline curse words.) The worldbuilding is perplexing as humans have ridden dragons into battle for centuries but everything else seems to be unchanged in geopolitics & culture. (Natural sciences have adjusted, although a full grasp of the scale & diferences betwixt dragon species eludes me.) That seems like the sort of innovation that would completely upturn the historical apple cart. Maybe the rest of the trilogy addresses this?

Halfway through the series, I’m starting to like the 007 books more than the movies. It’s a bummer that most are such loose adaptations.  From Russia With Love may be the best since it takes few liberties. (Both could’ve used a meatier battle with Red Grant.) Ian Flemming’s writing is so detailed without bogging down the rapid pacing. There is continuity although you could still read them in any order. James Bond takes specific & lasting battle damage. We even get insights into his mind to learn he’s not actually as unflappable as he lets on. (Bond is enamored by the sight of Drax’s Moonraker.)

For instance, Live & Let Die is much better than the movie that barely resembles it. “Oh this surprisingly progressive for something written in 1954. Oh it got casually racist. Okay now it’s just kind of neutral.” Solitaire’s telepathy is as pointless as Felix Leiter chatting with lackeys about big bands is endearing. Bond’s disgust for St. Petersburg, FL as a haven for oldsters is ironic if you consider him a relic of a bygone era. As much as I like nonchalant Mr. Big, it’s his henchmen’s handwritten note that earns top marks: “HE DISAGREED WITH SOMETHING THAT ATE HIM (PS. WE HAVE PLENTY MORE JOKES AS GOOD AS THIS)”

In “things that undermine my just books & cats thesis” news: WB is making a The Joker solo movie starring Jared Leto a.k.a. the part of Suicide Squad even I hated. This is separate from the previously announced Joker standalone film & the Harley Quinn spinoffs. NOBODY WANTS THIS, WB! I KEEP STANDING UP FOR YOU, & THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME? I’M SO INDIGNANT THAT I PRIORITIZED CAT PHOTOS OVER THIS!

This announcements stings especially after it was revealed Gotham can’t officially call either Jerome or Jeremiah Valeska The Joker. The Oscar winner surely costs more than someone even Mark Hamill praised, but I still can’t believe WB chose to legitimize Leto over Cameron Monaghan as the Joker when it’s not even a zero-sum game. They’re playing versions of the character in different universes in different mediums. If audiences can accept Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller simultaneously playing Barry “The F-Lash” Allen, this shouldn’t be an issue. Doesn’t two concurrent Joker solo movies potentially dilute his brand more than having a Joker on TV? This is the hill it’s chosen to die on. Meanwhile there have been three live action General Zods since Man of Steel.

In researching my Riddler custom, I discovered Gotham did establish he’d robbed three banks in one night before it was mentioned in season four. I would like to apologize to the series’ writers for not recognizing this callback earlier. Verily we have entered a new golden era of televisual entertainment where has less internal logic than Gotham! (It was alienated from a satisfactory conclusion.)

Next week I will probably be back to writing about audiovisual delights such as the Sense8 series finale & the Legion season finale. Should I start watching Cloak & Dagger as well?

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