My Incredible Kitty Turned Sinister Six!

My kitty interrupted me whilst photographing my Barbara “Stabby Queen” Kean custom (brought to you by the letter D for decolletage & decoupage) last week to catch her twenty-fifth mouse! I managed to get a rare photo of her carrying her victim in her mouth before throwing it like a rag-doll. Usually she scampers her face out of frame before the shutter snaps. I suspect my kitty has a hidden corral of mice & is only pretending to hunt them. Then she caught a moth soon thereafter. This time she gobbled both of them all up without vomiting afterwards!

DSCI5559 (2)

Negative kitty forced to give everything thumbs up because of her polydactyl paws.

As the headline spoiled, this cat turned sinister six years old this week! (Sadly I don’t have any Spider-Man musings to tie into this momentous event.) I remember when she was just a wee bairn with gangly legs. She loves her catnip filled pollock spattered like a Jackson Pollock painting because she appreciates visual puns. Strangely she is less fond of this Yeowww! brand catnip brand in the raw. (You can always tell when a black cat has been in the nip. On the other paw, we’ll never know whether Blofeld’s nameless cat was a fueled by Bolivian marching powder.) Conversely she’s utterly terrified of the chirping toucan on a string with light-up eyes. Feel free to tease the scaredy cat about her phobia of inanimate objects below. She also screeches whenever Andy Serkis is mentioned.


I dreamt my kitty came into the bathroom with a bloody black mouse in her mouse & asked me to help her dissect it so she could advance to squirrels. I knew something was amiss because she chewed out the mouse’s middle instead of chomping the head.

When I saw the adverts for The Incredibles 2, I was strangely ambivalent to this long gestating sequel. I finally saw it, & it was very good. Sorry for the tardy review. I know you were all waiting with baited breath for me to tell you whether a Pixar movie is worthwhile. I braved a flash torrential downpour to give you this tiding! I especially liked Elastigirl (not to be confused with Doom Patrol’s Elasti-Girl) being the lead this time. It’s a way better use of Holly Hunter than BvS: DoJ.

Oddly the sequel stressed that its world doesn’t even require superheroes. Anti-superhero legislation wasn’t corralling them into camps, just telling them they have no more right to be vigilantes than humans. This series is the best object lesson in superheroes being a danger to society because they inspire resentful people to become villains. The moral of The Incredibles films is that inventors are never to be trusted unlike people born with superpowers. Edna Mode is the evilest of all for leading a smear campaign against capes.

The movie about domesticating the first wolf shouldn’t be called Alpha since Romans hadn’t been invented yet. Also because Alpha males aren’t real.

Nobody warned me about the Beast Boy sherbet bars that taste like Granny Smith apples! I had to find out by delicious happenstance. Why aren’t these advertised better? I wish this confection was less easily mistaken for the Hulk. Why aren’t there an orange-flavored Starfire, blueberry Cyborg , cherry Robin, & grape Raven frozen desserts available too? In summation, I would eat the Teen Titans. See Teen Titans Go! To The Movies in cinema ASAP!

Ruby Rose is going to be The CW’s Batwoman. Despite her name, she is neither mineral, flower, nor redhead. She’ll be the second Aussie to portray Kate Kane since Yvonne Strahovski. Many have complained about her acting chops, but I found her disguise voice convincing in the last Resident Evil. She was also fine as the hot-bot in that one episode of Dark Matter. Hopefully the budget will provide for a better disguise wig than Oliver Queen’s flashback wig. Ruby Rose is festooned with tattoos, although they’re not identical to the ones Batwoman sports. Will the makeup department need to rigorously conceal all of her ink & then apply brand new ones sourced from the comics? Or will they just decide that TV Kate Kane has all the same skin art as Ms. Rose to simplify her time in the makeup chair? I’m guessing her character will be fully clothed from neck to toe until they work that out. Since the past two crossovers have been about Supergirl journeying to Earth-1 (three if you count Music Meister), this year ought to have Flash & Green Arrow visit her & Batwoman on Earth-38.

DuckTales is wrapping up its first season soon, so maybe I write about that next.

Enjoy Hungry Ghost Month responsibly.


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