Is Supergirl Finally Superb?

I’d erroneously thought Netflix was releasing Daredevil season three, Apostle, & the new The Legend Of Hell House House On Haunted Hill The Haunting Of Hill House  simultaneously. DC Universe did debut Teen Titans … so I guess Supergirl’s season four premiere is up for this week! Up, up, & away with SPOILERS!


Kara Zor-El declined to answer our questions about season three.

It must be annoying for The CW to launch a female-centric programming block only to find BBCA airing Doctor Who, which now coincidentally stars a woman, at the same time as Supergirl. (Plenty of people don’t watch TV live anymore, but this still has to affect ratings. If you’re not a Nielsen home, does it actually hurt a show’s ratings when you prioritize watching it live on TV instead of streaming it off the channel’s site?) The CW option unexpectedly proved less dull.

When Supergirl left off, it had squandered Reign with a lot of half-hearted nonsense. So I had low expectations, but the episode actually soared past them! “American Alien” ironically begins with Supergirl doing good around the world. I wish the series would do that more often instead of restricting her to National City. (I used to think it was the fakest sounding name for a fictional city, but it turns out California actually has a National City!)

Sam & Ruby Arias got shuttled off to Metropolis, so I guess Lena Luthor is back to running her own company again. Superman is likewise on vacation at Argo until the annual crossover. Black Kryptonite-spawned Red Son/Bombshells Supergirl cameos at the end boxing a tunnel from Siberia through Kaznia, but it’s unclear whether she’ll officially be the show’s take on Power Girl. He doesn’t appear, but this is the best Lex Luthor cosplay.

Whenever it focuses on her job, Kara comes off as inept at journalism as Eddie Brock. So “tell, not show” may actually work in Danvers’s favor on this topic. Kara seems like a better role model than  reporter now. Her scenes with Nia Nal were great. Kudos to Nicole Maines for nailing Nal’s impassioned fashion pitch.

The theme this season could be that progress isn’t a straight line. As much as Supergirl optimistically thinks alien-human coexistence has made great strides, xenophobic reactionaries are violently pushing back against it. They walk among us! Supergirl loses her naivety upon reading the Interwuzzle comments sections! (Contrariwise Melissa Benoist was rewarded with a Jurassic Park birthday cake!) This could get rather depressing in its realism!

Rhona Mitra as Mercy Graves is fantastic casting. Let’s hope she fares better than Tao Okamoto. The star of Doomsday unites with Agent Liberty, played by former Doomsday (& Ocean Master) Sam Witwer. Nobody ever cared about him in the comics, so making him a baddie probably won’t ruffle many feathers. He’s now a Double A character thanks to a gold mask like Anarky & pop-out arm daggers like Azrael! Otis, Lex Luthor’s comic relief lackey from the ’78 movie, is now Mercy’s less incompetent brother. They’ve finally exposed President Olivia Marsdin of not being eligible to be President under the natural born citizen clause unless her forged birth certificate is top notch! (She’s a walking conservative conspiracy nightmare!) Soviet Supergirl & the forthcoming Manchester Black will expand the threats to an international level. No word yet on Livewire being resurrected & reunited with Silver Banshee.

Martian Manhunter is obtusely sitting on the sidelines. He could still actively protect others during missions without abandoning his pacifism. I worry the writers had Agent Liberty kill his empath friend just to make him feel bad about not joining her neighborhood watch. (This fridging features two Star Wars Rebels voice actors for all you obsessive Star Warriors out there. That’s what Star Wars fans are called, right?) Meanwhile DEO Director Alex Danvers looks very fascist while Brainiac-5’s Winn cosplay was cute. Since the DEO typically focuses on cracking down on criminal aliens, Dr. Vose was a good reminder that some make positive contributions to society.

Lena remains the Margarey Tyrell/Lee Thompkins of the series when it comes to effective pragmatism over traditional morality. Not only is she selling image inducers to help aliens, she also leveraged info about her brother laundering Intergang money to get the DA to drop the vigilantism charges against James Olsen. I bet he blows all her hard work by being Guardian again because Berlanti shows love sending their leading men to the slammer. (If it was The Speedy & Nyssa Power Hour instead of Orange Is The New Green, I’d be watching Arrow season seven.)

The fourth season premiere of Supergirl left me feeling optimistic. Of course seasons two & three also started off strong before sputtering out. (I didn’t care for the series premiere & its mishandling of Vartox!) This is a series where the execution generally leaves much to be desired. I was this close to quitting after last season finale, so this time they’d better reward me for my perseverance. If they can get the rest of the season’s quality in this orbit, Supergirl will finally be superb!


Well that was shorter than usual. If only Legends of Tomorrow had returned too! Maybe I should’ve run the new Doctor Who review separately & combined the CW ones with this? So let’s pad this out by talking about Gotham again. There truly is a Gotham scene for every Text From Last Night!

Fox screwed Gotham out of Scarface & Ventriloquist by not giving them a full final season order. You try smushing everything planned into just ten episodes! (Meanwhile Fox gave Lethal Weapon fifteen episodes despite all the shenanigans with its stars.) Too bad they prioritized Mother & Orphan over him. (Bane is on the way to finally pay off that season one tease.) I would’ve accepted Mr. Penn suddenly talking to a dummy. This does not make me feel confident about it having enough time to give all the established supervillains their last hurrahs.

Sadly showrunner John Stephens also confirmed no Condiment King coming. Given enough prep time, Condiment King can defeat anyone! Likewise, if The Ten-Eyed Man would just stop catching all the shrubs thrown at him during fights, he’d be unstoppable!

Penguin never has drinks with cocktail umbrellas in them. This seems off brand.


Remember when I wrote that my belated TRU-eulogy couldn’t become less accurate?  Well Toys R Us decided to go un-bankrupt to make me look like a liar! Is owners realized the chain’s national brand recognition was too valuable to scrap, which they really should’ve figured out before closing all the stores. At least they’re giving former employees severance pay.


Is Daredevil’s next season really upon us?

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