Legends of Tomorrow … Belated!

Now that The Flash, Black Lightning, Supergirl, & Arrow have had their season premieres, it’s finally time for Legends Of Tomorrow! (I’m honestly not sure if Supergirl’s writing has become politically savvier or if the real world political climate has degenerated to its level.) With Better Call Saul out of the way, it’ll be unstoppable! This is late because I had to review two Netflix shows in a row before they evaporated from the mainstream attention span. Then real life stuff pushed it back further. This is a series about time travel hijinks so being belated is almost apropos. In addition to assorted season four spoilers, I’ll throw in bonus Gotham season five news! Nobody’s gonna read this, are they?

Axl.pngLOT’s fourth season starts with a fun change of place. Instead of dissing them like they did last season, the Time Bureau honors the Legends with medals for fixing the last anachronism! (Yet averting the Zambesi massacre had less effect on the timestream than the Schrödinger’s Cat of Nora Allen. Are the time travel rules racist or just preoccupied with America? At least the ball kick paradox is goofy as it it is logical.) This is a relief to the team & I as that was getting stale. Although maybe it’s not that novel since they’d dealt with magic overlapping time travel before. Most importantly the writers & cast are still stupendous at comedy & camaraderie!

Sara doesn’t want to tell Ava about the mythteries because she doesn’t want her to think she’s still a screw-up. Refuting Constantine’s cynicism inspires her to finally comes clean to her about it at the end, & Ava’s not mad. Hooray for not dragging this out. As much as I like Nyssa, Ava & Sara have a good thing together.

The hippie-slaughtering unicorn would’ve been even better if The Cabin In The Woods & Supernatural hadn’t gotten there first. It looked like a nuckelavee as Constantine tried to banish it to Hell. I worry that making innocuous magical beings horrifying could get old quick since magic monsters are featured on many programs. Instead of generic mythological monsters gone bad, why not battle some DC specific magical beings? This show deserves more canon DC villains that aren’t leftovers from other series.

Sending all the mythteries to Hell seems extreme given that they don’t seem to be demons. (Is that really where they all came from, or is this just the most convenient place for Constantine to exile them?) Good on the Atom for calling the team out on that. There should be an episode titled “Everybody Loves Raymond Palmer.”

After somehow stealing Atom’s armor, Constantine traps shapeshifting punk Charlie in Amaya’s form. (“Dancing Queen” also ignores that the UK has a Parliament so the Queen being committed probably wouldn’t have led to literal anarchy.) This could be a way to let Maisie Richardson-Sellers finally have as much fun as the rest of the cast! (I wish Hawkgirl could also get an opportunity to spread her wings on the more lighthearted revision of the series without that albatross around her neck.) On the other paw, the character won’t have shapeshifting powers or a functional Vixen totem because superpowers are expensive. It’s also kind of a bummer because Anjli Mohindra was already dynamite as Charlie.

Heatwave hallucinated a giant Axl the rat in place of Discount Colossus! (Is it too late to make this replacement permanent?) Nate’s fraught relationship with his dad is more compelling than his romance with Vixen, possibly because it’s so odd seeing Biff Tannen as a WASP. Moving him to the Time Bureau’s Washington DC headquarters (so they don’t have to put up with whatever disasters befall Star City anymore) was also a wise choice. (I just thought Time Bureau was a Time Masters re-branding, not that they were actually beholden to US government funding.) He contrasts better with one-nipple Gary (When did he grab an Audrey II on their away mission, & did Constantine de-virginate him yet?) than Ray. He should still be required to wear his doofy finned helmet at all times.

DC has a ton of magical entities they could use in season four, but so far I’m not sure if it’ll feature any of them. The being that attacked Constantine at the end of the premiere wrote to him through a mirror, so could reality be threatened by The Might Beyond The Mirror otherwise known as Tsarita the Queen of Fables? Since she transmogified Ray & Mick into swine, I kind of wish they’d used Wonder Woman’s Circe instead of a generic fairy godmother. She called the demon hunting John “he,” so the Arrowverse still isn’t getting a female Big Bad. (Unless “he” turns out to be a sub-boss battle.) The First of The Fallen could be him, although it seems like he’d be a repeat of Mallus. Maybe it’s Klarion the Witch Boy & his feline familiar, Teekl? They’re like DC’s Sabrina Spellman & Salem! (I am disgusted by the contingent that doesn’t want Salem to speak.) Even though they should’ve introduced Jason Blood in “Camelot/3000,” I’d really like to see Etrigan!

Speaking of comics, It’s odd seeing how well-kempt John Constantine was in his early Swamp Thing appearances. (He needs to wear his Hellblazer superhero costume for an episode.) That also reminds me of how Constantine conning a dream team of sorcerers into assembling had no bearing upon thwarting the rising Darkness whatsoever. They all just watch what other characters do in Hell. It’s not even necessary as a framing device for readers. The only result is two Golden Age characters die plus Mento’s brain gets turned to mush, so great job! I wonder how much of this season will adapt since Swamp Thing is getting his own show on DC Universe. The Brujería probably won’t be the villains in light of the Charmed reboot.

So far Zari is doing the emotional heavy lifting instead of fun montages. Reminders that she basically comes from Days of Future Past keeps things from getting too silly bu they’re also depressing. Her Air Totem being placed into a Palmer Tech smartwatch instead of a new necklace is tacky.

Santa Clarita Diet’s Ramona Young popped up as someone ominously named … MONA! She’s a recurring character, so odds are she’ll be more important than lunch delivery (not that lunch isn’t of paramount import). Could she end up filling Kid Flash’s abrupt vacancy?

So Legends Of Tomorrow is still the most amusing DC Comics adaptation that’s only tangentially a DC Comics adaptation. The series would work just as well without the modicum of DC elements it still uses, which is a double-edged sword. It feels odd to harp on this when so much of it is legitimutantly delightful. I just don’t see why it can’t be a delightful show that also spotlights a variety of obscure DC characters. I’m not sure if DC is embargoing as many as possible for DC Universe or if the writers simply aren’t interested in using them. Even when characters have limited connection like Isis to Zari, it’s still intriguing to observe how they’ve been reinvented. Other than that, there’s a lot to love about LOT! Now why isn’t anyone selling licensed Beebo dolls in time for Beebo Day?


I’ve got good Gotham news & bad Gotham news.

First the bad: Unlike the rest of its supervillains, Bane looks downright awful. Damn it, Gotham! I specifically ordered S&M luchador Bane not inflatable movie Cobra Commander! Somehow he looks even worse than The Dark Night Rises version. How does Batman & Robin still have the best Bane costume? He looks so awkward! Quit trying to fix what isn’t broken like Batman’s spine! Furthermore Shane “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman’s Tom Sawyer” West is playing him. They still couldn’t bother getting a Latino actor for once? Couldn’t they have at least gotten someone who’s physically intimidating? So the third time doesn’t look to be the charm for Mr. Hands-On Chiropractor. If this is what they’re going with, I’d wish they focused on the dozens of other characters they already have instead of tying up that first season dangler.

Now the good: Fox expanded the season five episode by two episodes! Huzzah to Gotham on being able to close out with 100 episodes! Does that mean they now have room to squeeze Scarface & the Ventriloquist in? Or Killer Moth at long last? Also Jaime Murray, basis of thousands of school essays on HG Wells, will be in it. Roll on, January 3!


(Why didn’t I make this during season three?)


Is anything happening next week? No? Want to see another custom?


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