No News November!

At this point, my core purpose for blogging is so I have ready typed anecdotes on nerdy esoterica prepped to go in the off chance they’re tangentially relevant to online discourse. (Apparently I’ve done over 200 of these, & I still don’t know what I’m doing?) Nothing exciting happens in November, so I guess this entry will be filled up with long delayed ramblings. (Scheduling Giving Tuesday after Cyberman Monday, the international holiday of Mondas, was a bad idea.) Some of them are Marvelous. And I thought no installment this month would be less appealing than a repainted Ronan!


No NaNoWriMo again for me! I just can’t participate in this because reverse psychology kicks in to further uninspire me. This month-long  non-holiday sounds oppressively mandatory, so my inner contrarian kicks in. I write my books’ first drafts analog as an organic process, so meeting word counts is an extra distraction. Focusing on quantity over quality rubs me the wrong way. It’d be one thing if I had a deadline with a genuine publishing contract in place, but I don’t need stress from fake deadlines in my life. Setting goals might help me finish my difficult second novel in a reasonable time-frame, so my behavior hurts me most of all. It’s tricky to build a dedicated readership when my first book, The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose, is still out of print. (This is where you come in, any literary agents or publishing managers reading this! Sigh. You’re going to make me hunt for you, aren’t you?) Then I consider modern publishing economics & become unproductive out of depression instead of spite. That’s further clarification on how counter-intuitive it is for me to write about writing or attempts to do so.

Huzzah to anybody out there who won at NaNoWriMo!


The highlight of November was undoubtedly the She-Ra reboot! I’m excited about lots of stuff coming in December: The CW’s Elseworlds crossover, the CAOS Winter Solstice special, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, & Aquaman! (The traditional Doctor Who Christmas special has been bumped back to New Year’s Day.) Reviews of those are some things to forward to on this blog. (It is possible that I may write of some other new releases also, but I wouldn’t want to get your hopes up.) None of them happen the first week of December, so there won’t be easy inspiration for next installment. After that I’ll probably end up writing two blogs a week if I want them to be less scattershot. Surely they could’ve spaced some of them out better?

I’ll also be attending “Meanwhile, Back in Gotham: Preview Screening and Discussion” at The Paley Center. I might save writing that up for the Gotham season five premiere recap in January, which may be very punctual if I take advantage of this head start. The series finale is written by Commissioner Gordon & directed by The Stabby Queen! (Favorite hot mess is highly competitive.) I was expecting the last episode to be named “Batman,” but maybe that means the bat crashes through stately Wayne Manor’s window even sooner?


Why does Hollywood keep cloning Jurassic Park’s carcass instead of giving us Dino Riders movies? I would also accept Dinosaucers.

My sister got me a coloring book called If Dinosaurs Were Sexy They Wouldn’t Be Extinct, & there are at least two things wrong with this title.

Ryan North is taller than Knickers!

Ciara “Hawkgirl” Renee is making a short film!

I can now confirm with authority that Annihilation is a better movie than it is a book adaptation. It takes the starting premise of the short novel & invents everything else.

Henceforth “gelotopoiophobia” shall replace “coulrophobia!”

Someone made a custom of Vanilla Ice as Johnny Van Owen in the motion picture Cool As Ice. The End Times are nigh.


If Marvel casts Alison Brie as Moonstone (though she’s possibly better suited as Songbird or She-Hulk) in the Captain Marvel sequel, it’d be a double Brie bill!

Gird you wallets for all the X-Men Marvel Legends coming next year! Hasbro is going to make a single-packed classic Jubilee after all the customizers (including me) already made theirs from the BAF vamp Jubes. (Great job knowing what consumers wanted, Hasbro & Marvel!) Hooray for Blink & Caliban finally getting modern figures!

Gail Simone on Deadpool’s Vespa (not literally). What if it became sentient & fought him like Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster? Meanwhile she inexplicably lacks deep emotional feelings about Godzilla’s taint.

Key lime is the She-Hulk of cheesecakes. The first trade of her rebranded series was good, although it seems like it would’ve been very unsatisfying to read monthly. I preferred The Unstoppable Wasp even if the first trade frustratingly didn’t conclude its arc. (Supposedly it resolved in the next short trade in time for Marvel to cancel it & relaunch it again because momentum is something they haven’t figured out yet.) This series by Jeremy Whitley & Elsa Charretier is a delightfully upbeat companion piece to Ms Marvel, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, & The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. She endearingly geeks out over the scientific exploits of Mockingbird & Monica Rappaccini upon meeting them. It still amuses me that Nadia Pym was created as the nefarious Red Queen for the alternate MC2 future. Then they used her name (Nadia means hope) for Janet Van Dyne’s daughter in the MCU. To synergize, Marvel introduced a Nadia who’s the secret daughter of Hank Pym’s dead first wife into mainline continuity. Aside from adopting Janet’s surname & having mechanical wings, this Carly Rae Jepsen lookalike doesn’t have much in common with Evangeline Lilly’s character. So the new Wasp probably makes it more confusing for MCU fans to get into comics. At least she’s a more graceful retcon than Nick Fury, Jr.

So what will happen in Disney+’s (renamed from Disney Play to ruins the SEO of earlier speculative articles) Scarlet Witch series? If it’s anything like a Netflix show, it’ll be thirteen episodes leading up to her putting on her iconic tiara in the finale! (The other daughter of He Who Must Not Be Named already made hers out of a pog slammer after being Batgirl for Halloween.) The High Evolutionary would just be her college professor who does shrooms. Bova could be played by Char, winner of The Sexiest Cow In Britain award. Seeing Master Pandemonium with the souls of her imaginary children for arms is probably too high concept, but maybe he could be a muppeteer?

Was putting Ms. Marvel on pirate ships for an episode of Avengers Assemble an intentional One Piece nod? Making Typhoid Mary a barmy buccaneer with a monkey was inspired fun.


Inside joke: Do not get!


Next time: Still a mystery! You should subscribe for a baffling surprise!

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