I Can Put Mysterio In A Headline Now!

Now that I’ve finished slagging off Doctor Who, I resume my habit of having no discernible topic! There’s a mishmash of potentially spoilery Punisher, Gotham, & Aquaman musings below. But first let’s chat about Mysterio again because the time is finally ripe!


Spider-Man: Far From Home is too long of a title. Let’s just call it the Mysterio movie! He looks pretty nifty! I would’ve preferred a green breastplate, but I’m delighted he still has his dome! He’s the prime example of a beloved comic book character that was unjustly derided for his wardrobe (when he should’ve been justly mocked for picking fights with superheroes whose enhanced senses could pierce the veil of his special effects). Suddenly the public goes gaga over him just because he’s in a movie. Mysterio once made Venom-Galactus because he’s the best Spider-Man villain. He’d also be a fantastic Scooby-Doo foe. (Ditto Chamelon, Green Goblin, & Hobgoblin.) Hopefully his MCU Marvel Legends figure won’t be as tough to get as his latest comic one.

I wonder how long they’re going to keep up the pretense of him not being the baddie? If you’re reading my blog, this shouldn’t be new information to you. This type of shenanigans is Mysterio 101. In the age of instant online info, this shouldn’t even be a spoiler to non-nerds since mainstream news outlets are reporting Jake Gyllenhaal is playing a no-goodnik. (Too bad we never got Bruce Campbell’s portrayal of him too, although it sounds like that would’ve squandered him in measly cameo.) My crystal fishbowl predicts the MCU isn’t going to make Mysterio the the new Dr. Strange when his sequel is already in the works. Quentin Beck is pulling a scam in the wake of the big Avengers’ imminent deaths, which makes me wish they’d just given us a Thunderbolts movie directly after Avengers: Endgame. Will the movie insist on saving this reveal into the climax despite the likelihood of a second trailer outright spoiling his hoax? (They’re going to have their cake & eat it too as to whether “The Elementals” count as real rogues.) Will they be wise enough to keep him alive to co-found the Sinister Six in part three?

Now where’s J. Jonah Jameson, the sole criterion by which all Spidey films are judged?


What is the point of The Punisher season 2 if it’s eschewing the defining characteristic of Jigsaw? It’s like they’ve never seen a puzzle before. While plastic surgery can do wonders, I thought horribly scarred guy was a visual that Netflix would’ve considered grounded enough to use. Good thing Netflix isn’t doing a show about Two-Face: One side of his face is handsome, but the other side of his face that had acid thrown at it … is handsome! Now I’m even gladder I haven’t bothered with this series yet. Time to watch Punisher: War Zone again instead!

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing the Marvel’s Defenders series are being axed. Allegedly Disney+ is able to use characters from these Marvel Netflix shows two years after cancellation. Given the trend of reviving long dead TV shows, two years isn’t a big wait. We could theoretically  have more Daredevil, Luke Cage, & Iron Fist as early as 2020, with Jessica Jones & The Punisher most likely following in 2021.


This Cameron Monaghan interview essentially confirms DC & WB are finally going to let him officially be the Joker in Gotham’s series finale. (Remember when Gordon literally punched his face off? Good times!) Also there won’t be a secret triplet because Gotham can count the number of jokers in a deck unlike Geoff Johns.

This scene of Scarecrow & doggo was sadly cut from the season premiere. The second episode was less thrilling. The brand new take on Mother & Orphan as well as the Soothsayers were underwhelming. Luckily the Babsmobile came to the rescue! I need more Poison Ivy mercilessly murdering Hammer Films rejects for mulch. Now that he’s armed with his trusty plunger, Riddler is as unstoppable as a Dalek!

Huzzah to Richard Sionis & Bridgit Pike on becoming the first canon immigrants from Gotham! You beat Fish Mooney to the punch!

Writer & double-homicider Tze Chun embroiled in Twitter mutual scandal!

What if Bruce Wayne becomes inspired to become a caped crusader after the Goddamn Man-Bat crashes through his window?

The odds of seeing Commodore Schmidlapp increased!

Since Gotham City’s major industry is crime, how is being quarantined affecting the nation’s economy?


Congratulations to Aquaman on earning over a billion bucks! While it’s the most enjoyable movie out of the DC Cinematic Universe, it’s also the sixth. The Avengers was the sixth MCU movie & the first to cross that box office milestone. So the take away is that studios needs to make five films before they can expect to cross that revenue Rubicon.

Does Booster Gold’s Planet Krypton restaurant serve Arthur Seafood Curry?

Deborah Ann Woll could get her aquatic revenge if cast as Siren, Mera’s sister, in Aquaman 2: Hydroelectric Boogaloo! Mera & Siren are supposed to be identical twins (except Siren has even less realistic purple hair), but I would waive this for Ms. Woll. (It’s less drastic than making King Nereus Mera’s father rather than her betrothed.) Getting Siren together with Black Manta would pave the wave for Aqualad (not the one who became Tempest) too.

Speaking of Mera, I finally found a lone movie figure in the wild to arm my Trench Warrior BAF! Aside from her her hydrokinetic hands & spear, she’s a completely different sculpt from the Justice League edition. (Supposedly this series was underproduced to offset those pegwarming toys.) Despite this, she doesn’t feature the same enhanced articulation as the boys in this series. I can barely get her legs to move forward. Her face looks oddly off-center. She’s not a bad figure per say, but I probably wouldn’t have bought her if I could get  the Trench arms off eBay for a reasonable fee. Maybe I should repaint her in Riddler/Ronan green for a more classic look? I’d still like another wave with Queen Atlanna, Captain Murk, King Nereus, & the Brine King.


I never expected to own three Meras either!

Mattel is losing most of its DC toy license to Spin Master in 2020. While this could be good, it’s a bummer it’s happening just when Mattel is getting its act together as demonstrated by most of the Aquaman movie figures.  I would feel better about it if Spin Master had a reputation for 6″ action figures. The other scale toys it has made aren’t exactly reassuring either.


Next week probably won’t have a topic either! Smash all those social media buttons & maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get served something you want!

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