The LEGO Movie 2 Is Awesome, Obviously

As you’d expect, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is awesome. There, that’s the zero spoilers review. Go see it. (Then keep reading this. It also contains non-LEGO musings.)

It’s not quite as excellent as the Oscar-snubbed The LEGO Movie, but that still puts it ahead of many films. It kind of drags in the middle, but the twist 3/4 through kicks it back into gear. You need not worry about having seen the superb The LEGO Batman Movie as LEGO Batman explains his character development was rolled back to appease fans. It contains thrice the standard amount of Wonder Woman!

I really don’t mind these comedies being giant toy commercials because I’m annoyed most movies advertise things I can’t buy toys of. This one has a good moral against toxic masculinity, which remains sadly relevant. Stay for the credits because it’s got a special song about why credits are awesome! (If you usually leave during credits, you’re a monster!) “Not Evil” is probably my favorite song though. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is more punctual & original than The Incredibles 2! From Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs through Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, everything Lord & Miller don’t get fired from turns to gold!


Natasha Lyonne v. Stairs: Dawn of Recursion Russian Doll was also as wonderful as everyone said. The penultimate episode is especially chilling. At eight episodes of at most thirty minutes, it’s extremely bingeable. I don’t know if the following two seasons planned will ruin its perfect finale, but that’s an issue for the future. It’s the best time loop since Zari did Hedgehog Day!


The LEGO sequel features the return of Princess Unikitty, whom can now be ridden on as Ultrakatty ala Battle Cat. Although I never saw the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu television series, I enjoyed The LEGO Ninjago Movie because it had Meowthra. (Are fans of the series upset that the movie adaptation condensed its continuity?) A lost cat named Oatmeal appears in Russian Doll. So this is as good an opportunity as any to throw in more photos of my favorite feline.

She has discovered where food comes from. She still can’t open tins with her big feet, however, so I get to keep my job for the time being. (When Bast was giving out toes, my kitty got in line for seconds.)




It seems like Marvel & DC are now competing for who can make the weirdest media announcements.

Hulu is developing animated series for MODOK (hopefully starring writer-producer Patton Oswalt), Tigra & Dazzler Show (yes, both of them together despite not being pals in the comics), Hit-Monkey, & Howard the Duck. Then they’re going to unite in The Offenders, which is is distinct from the anti-Defenders team. Of course we were also supposed to have TV shows for Damage Control, New Warriors, Most Wanted, another unnamed ABC show, & a Deadpool cartoon by now.

Pennyworth without Pertwee is popycock! (Always alliterate with Alfred!) It’s made by Gotham’s producers, but I’m not certain if it’s supposed to be a direct prequel to Gotham. (The Warp Zone predicted Krypton & Pennyworth.) So far I know it’s about Alfred meeting Thomas Wayne & fighting Jack the Ripper’s descendents in 1960’s London. (That sounds like something he ought to have mentioned to Master B at some point.) Sean Pertwee was born in 1964. Although the aesthetics of Gotham are anachronistic, this origin story is still set in the present like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. (This is why is makes no sense for Riverdale’s Smithers to have personal anecdotes from WWI when the town cinema plays Love, Simon.) Or maybe they mean it’ll be set in the early 1990’s but it’ll look like the 60’s? But if it doesn’t directly connect to Gotham or any other Bat-media, wouldn’t it work better completely divorced from the DC mythos (aside from brand recognition)? Since nobody subscribes to Epix, this may be one mystery that forever goes unsolved.

The Trench are getting their own cinematic spinoff because Aquaman did so well. (I typed that without sarcasm!) Will it be a stealth Warlord movie set in Skartaris?

Remember how Mattel is losing most of its DC license to Spin Master? Well McFarlane Toys is also carving out a chunk for itself! This is ironic considering the 4 Horsemen left McFarlane to sculpt DC toys for Mattel.


Whereas last week’s entry went over like a lead balloon, my two-year-old Gorilla Grodd article became wildly popular again for two days for no apparent reason. Four people even searched for it using the exact URL? I’ve wasted so much time & effort not writing about Grodd more often! Hurry up, episode where he battles King Shark!


Next up will probably be about Toy Fair & The Umbrella Academy.

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