Hail To Thea Queen Of The Toy Chest!

I finally gave up waiting for DC Collectibles or Mattel (or even Soap Studios) to produce (Green) Arrow’s best character. (The other alternative was this unlicensed 1/6 costume set that doesn’t even include a 12″ figure to wear it.) Toy Fair 2019 confirmed she’s not in the cards. This Thea “Speedy” Queen was made from a Civil War Scarlet Witch action figure. The notion came to me just as I was going to make the MCU toy more comics accurate with a tiara & red pants. I suddenly realized that not only was this costume already close to Speedy’s (The CW’s debuted first), the Elizabeth Olsen head sculpt could pass for Willa Holland. (I’ve never seen the two of them in the same place…) Plus the right hand was already in an acceptable arrow-nocking position, & the vertical hinge in her left wrist would work for archery poses. It’d save me a lot of work as opposed to the fantastic one bluebery practically sculpted from the ground up.


“Come get some!”

Ironically work on this custom was slow. This project could’ve started sooner, but I wanted to make sure I had a second Scarlet Witch in case I screwed up. I was about to purchase a spare, but the secondary market price had doubled since she was the only toy anyone wanted from that under-ordered wave. The Toys R Us exclusive Infinity War two-pack came to my rescue since it had an updated Wanda plus a Vision I wanted anyway. Then Toys R Us went belly up before processing my order to cause me additional anxiety. Luckily Entertainment Earth hooked me up. (Remind me to ruin the new one later. Maybe I’ll make Vision’s gauntlets & boots gold too.) Then bombogenesis delayed me further. Once she was finished, she kept being preempted for more time-sensitive posts such as last week’s Black Lightning season two finale review.


I won archery trophies before my brother made it cool.”

I’ve already written a brief ode to the archer briefly known as the Red Arrow, so let’s skip to a longwinded rundown of this recipe. You’ve seen me make a Marvel character out of a DC figure; now I make a DC character out of a Marvel figure! The first step in its trajectory proved surprisingly difficult. Despite not being glued on, Scarlet Witch’s coat didn’t want to come off. It was so tight I had to soak her in boiling water until it was pliable enough to slide off. Then I snipped off her hair until it was chin length. Fortunately it was far less stiff than The Stabby Queen’s hair. I had to sand down another locket.

The next step was rimming her eyes with kohl. She’s not even finished & she looks so badass! While I usually think of Speedy as being upbeat, this repainted head turned out so fierce! (The IW face is painted to look even more blasé than the CW original.) This evokes the attitude of Wanda’s Goth X-Men: Evolution redesign inspired by Fairuza Balk in The Craft. Or it would’ve had I not removed the coat earlier. Speedy looks ready to immolate Anarky! (My sorely outdated Pyro received Wanda’s oversized hexbolts that resemble flames more.) Had I known my WIP photos would turn out fuzzy, I would’ve tried again before moving on.


“Arrows let me stab people who are too far away.”

I tried to make her domino mask (Has Domino ever worn one?) out of napkin & cardboard, but both materials were proving recalcitrant. So I took the path of least resistance & just painted it on. I’m always criticizing toy companies for painting on details that ought to be sculpted. If you’re inclined to be generous, you could say I sculpted her mask on via impasto. It makes her look less angry.


“I’m not Cupid, stupid! But like a Queen, I can make you love me!

Her removable hood is cut from red felt covered in white glue & paint to keep its shape. It’s a tad too thick. I filled in the gaps in her heels. The laces are wires. Her fingers were bent & glued into position.

So impractical it loops all the way around to amazing! (It’s a travesty she never did this on this show.)

 Speedy’s jian was cut from a spare piece of brass from an airplane model. The base was wrapped with electrical tape to form a hilt. The ring pommel was snipped off a pineapple can pull tab. Its scabbard is cardboard.


“I am the Invincible Sword Goddess. Today I fly over Eh-Mei. Tomorrow I’ll kick over Wudan Mountain!”

I had to make so many weapons. The unused truncheon on her left leg is a broken paint brush. Her boot knife (that she only used to stab Athena) was whittled from a wooden drink stirrer. The superfluous darts in her thigh pouch are from a submarine model. All are sheathed in electrical tape.

2/3 of live action Deathstrokes are more colorful than Teen Titans’ Slade. This one’s mask was improved with some copper & black paint.

I came across an Arsenal figure for a reasonable price a nearby store. I was tempted to get it just to raid his arsenal, but I was spared having one take up space in my home when I realized his accessories would be out of scale anyway. (Not only did Ms. Queen tailor Roy Harper’s suit to not look like ski gear, her bow’s colors are inverted from his.) I was considering investing lots of time into handcrafting a bow, but I figured it’d snap as soon as I tried to fire it. The closest available was Katniss Everdeen’s recurve bow from The Hunger Games, but I didn’t want to disarm mine. Luckily I found an expensive one from Canada on eBay. The circles are cardboard added by me.



This pricey bow sadly lacked arrows so I have to make those. (It’s equally difficult & expensive to just buy arrows in this scale.) Being a fletcher is hard! Her “hero” arrow’s shaft is appropriately made from the plastic bowstring I cut off a Mattel Green Arrow so I could give it a functional string. The arrowhead is plastic & the feathers paper. It’s vaguely aerodynamic? Her quiver arrows are assorted sprues & paper. They can double as a flanged mace.


Quiver at the might of Thea Queen!

Her quiver was made from a pen cap with the Bic logo sanded off. I snapped off the stem & cut out the remaining protrusion. In the rare photo of Speedy’s back I found, she has a similar gap in her quiver too. I cut out the circle from the base of the cap & compressed the bottom with my teeth. (When I attempted to flatten prototypes with a tiny hammer, they instantly cracked.) I may have accidentally swallowed some tiny plastic shards. It’s a fancier cap cap quiver than the one I improvised for my Catching Fire Katniss. Its harness is a black bag tie that happened to be exactly the right length.


obligatory boobs, butt, & bow shot

Supposedly there’s red piping on Speedy’s pants, but I’ve only seen smidgens of it. I tried painting it on, but I don’t even know if the alignment was accurate. Anyway it looked bad so I removed it. Try to spot all the other crucial details I omitted!


“Ray, did you shrink Thea?”

She’d be out of scale with the DC Collectibles DC TV toys I have, but it’s better than nothing. (She’d probably be out of scale with Mattel’s DC TV toys I don’t have too. Someday I hope to afford a King Shark BAF.) Willa Holland is supposed to be the same height as Caity Lotz & an inch taller than Emily Bett Rickards, but that’s clearly not the case here. She’d look right next to the Avengers: Endgame Hawkeye Ronin who’s essentially Malcolm Merlyn already. Now I’m going to need a custom Nyssa al Ghul too.


“Aren’t you a little short to be my sister-in-law?”

Supposedly, Arrow season seven’s flashforwards imply Speedy dies. Despite Blackstar being the name of Supergirl foe (who actually would’ve fit well with the season’s theme), her real name being Mia implies she’s supposed to be the show’s version of Mia Dearden. (Willa Holland really wanted Speedy to wear Mia’s yellow cape.) Emiko Queen has also been introduced in the present. (I’m kind of miffed that Emiko joins the growing list of characters who’ve dressed up like Green Arrow but not Thea.) Emiko & Mia are the canon characters closest to the composite that is Thea, so it doesn’t seem like Oliver’s original half-sister will be back anytime soon aside from the documentary cameo. (Meanwhile Cheryl Blossom is pulling double duty as Speedy & Catwoman on Riverdale.) The show is ending next abbreviated season (meaning Oliver dies in Crisis On Infinite Earths), so perhaps she’ll pop back for the finale.


Star City’s superhero siblings


April looks like it’s going to be a very packed month for potential content. It’s got Shazam!, the Hellboy reboot, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season two, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s series finale, Gotham’s series finale, She-Ra & the Princesses of Power season two, Cloak & Dagger season two premiere, The 100 season six premiere, the final season premiere of Game Of Thrones, The Magicians season four finale, Killing Eve season two premiere,  Unicorn Store, Missing Link, & Avengers: Endgame! When am I going to find time to chronicle all of them? Would you prefer separate articles for each or multi-topic reviews?


“So not only did we both inherit Ra’s al Ghul’s assassin cult, our names rhyme?”

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