She-Ra Season 2 Got Shorted!

Captain Marvel + SHAZAM! = She-Ra! Season two of She-Ra & The Princesses of Power was released at the same time as Avengers: Endgame. (I have an addendum to my review at the end.) Let’s see if that works any better for it than the end of Gotham.

Like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Worse idea: putting a working fireplace in a high school library or a diner in a comic book shop?), seasons one & two were made back to back. (That’s more common in the animation industry.) This second batch also has fewer episodes. (There are even more in production, but it’s unclear if they’ll be season 3 or 2.5.) Appropriately for Catradora, they were released on Lesbian Visibility Day.


If cats rub their scent on all their property, how do they ever find anything?

Did you like season one of Noelle Stevenson’s reboot? Congratulations! You’re gonna dig season two too! It’s just more episodic this year. My biggest gripe isn’t even with the media itself.

I was surprised when many said that the sparring match at the start of Captain Marvel was proof of a secret foe. (Once you see this movie, you’re in The Goose Gang.) I thought it was supposed to be sound training advice since there’s lots of martial arts scenes where the guru teaches the apprentice to develop detached finesse instead of relying on enraged brute force. Did it just read negatively because it was coed? Anyway, Light Hope reiterates that lesson with She-Ra. So should I be concerned about Light Hope pulling a heel turn later?

Swiftwind is the familiar reboot Salem should’ve been. (CAOS but Salem is voiced by Eric Roberts.) Catra is a better feline than him too even if Hordak doesn’t appreciate her like Imp. She uses Glimmer’s & Bow’s decency & ignorance of Entrapta’s defection against them.

The RPG episode was the best. The original POP homage was perfect! I don’t know how everyone saw the same vintage costumes (which still work in this art style), but I don’t mind. Mermista as Sea-Ra with a narwhal familiar was fantastic.

Scorpia & Sea Hawk commiserating over being overlooked was perfect. “Can’t believe I’m stuck in a closet here with you!” Don’t fret, Scorpia. Everyone can see that you’re literally a giant lesbian. She makes Catra a purrito! (I appreciate that the Horde contains some genuinely wholesome members, but the Alliance could use some outright bastards for balance.)

Frosta becomes more manic as she’s exposed to other princesses’ rainbow magic. Is Light Spinner an Orko? We do learn the lizard Horde Cadet’s name is Rogelio. Legend of the Fire Princess is supposed to have a big reveal to go along with its pretty illustrations, but It’s unclear if it’ll be info that’s also in future episodes.

Bow has Etheria’s Abs! Glimmer is horrified to see them covered up at his dads’ house. It’s only by unveiling his midriff that he’s able to reach his arsenal.

Just as the disparate foreshadowings start to coalesce into a unified narrative, however, the season abruptly ends with the seventh episode. There’s a cliffhanger, but it doesn’t feel like the kind you end an arc on. I’m guessing there were at least another six greenlit, so why not release all episodes at once? Isn’t the whole point of the Netflix model that you can choose to binge an entire season? If the whole thing wasn’t ready, it feels premature to release only half a season. There was no rush to get these out the same weekend a mammoth Marvel blockbuster opens, so this move feels like a disservice to the series & its fans.


Santa Clarita Diet season three is as delightful a zom-mom-rom-com as ever! (What do Serbians think of it?) The bastards at Netflix cancelled it? Reanimate it for season four or the Nazis win!


I promised you I’d find ways to keep writing about Gotham even after its end: If everyone else is tweeting at Warner Bros TV for a musical Gotham Christmas special featuring a Nygmobblepot wedding, who am I to not jump off that bridge too?

That baffling Bullock subplot in the finale would’ve made sense if Mad Hatter hypnotized him, which he didn’t.

Barbara Kean is the human form of the 100 emoji.


A reader actually took the time to explain all the misconceptions in my Avengers: Endgame review to me! (Yes, someone besides me reads these! I’m amazed too! Wait, then who do I imagine I’m conversing with now?) Let’s go over them for the sake of posterity. Some SPOILERS coming up. If you’re not caught up on the MCU yet, Toni Maggio did all the recaps for you because (unlike me) she understands timing! (Although I don’t have sympathy for you if watch it without having seen any of the preceding twenty-one movies.)

Apparently there was a line of dialogue in Infinity War explaining Thanos only killed half the Asgardians that I missed. If Groot got snapped, shouldn’t Stormbreaker’s handle disintegrate too?

I’d noted that its Captain Marvel introduction scene didn’t align with the end credit scene in her movie. It turns out the state of Captain America’s beard in both scenes wasn’t a continuity error because it’s meant to indicate one follows the other. So Captain Marvel mysteriously teleported into Avengers’ headquarters to respond to the Kreeper, & they told her to find their friends in space? The problem is that nobody knew Iron Man & Nebula were still alive in space. Even Thor & Rocket didn’t know survivors might be near Titan since they last heard the GOTG were going to to Knowhere. So was she just aimlessly & patiently scouring the cosmos for three weeks?

Did they say “Some of our teammates may be alive in space, but there’s at least a 50% chance they’re dead. We can’t narrow down what part of space to look through, so you’re just going to have to check ALL OF IT!” It’s possible Rocket gave her a tracker for The Benatar, but he’s not in either scene so you have to infer his aid also. To my mind it’s simpler if Carol just happens to find The Benatar on her way back to Earth to answer the pager. Given the size of space, it’s still a huge coincidence but not necessarily more improbable than a random rat freeing Ant-Man. If she asks where’s Fury after escorting the spaceship, it’s less confusing how she’s inside too since she doesn’t phase harmlessly through matter. Surely there was a more elegant way to do this than two scenes that omit vital connective tissue?

That elevator scene was a Secret Empire nod & now I’m mad.

Here is an interview elaborating on the wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey. It sounds less like the Avengers were traveling back into their own timestream than into a separate parallel timeline (that was conveniently identical to theirs as opposed to something kooky like Into the Spider-Verse). So Hulk’s explanation was inapplicable. This really should’ve been made clear in the film so it didn’t look like the story had no regard for causality! They could’ve just said they were going to alternate dimensions to get their Infinity Stones instead of claiming it was a straight up time heist. So if there isn’t any butterfly effect from crossing timelines, it makes less sense that having two Nebulas from different realities would share memories. Having a secret dimension hopping method for old Cap to return to the main timeline to give Falcon his shield sounds like cheating.

How’d Thanos’s ship get through the time portal without Pym Particles or Quantum Realm shielding? They just reverse engineered it offscreen with unlimited time? Just once I’d like to meet some alien invaders flummoxed by Earth’s scientific feats.

My sister attended another Q&A with the Russo brothers where an audience member asked if time traveling Captain America had to kill that timeline’s counterpart to assume his life. They responded that he only killed Peggy Carter’s first husband. Then they tried to pass this off as a joke not to be spread over the Interwuzzle, but it’s too late to cork that djinn back up.

“Why I’m Leaving Marvel Universe’s New York” is accurate.


Agents of SHIELD season six & Detective Pikachu could be things I write about next. After that I need you to tell me whether to glom all The CW season finales together as usual or try them separately.

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