She-Ra “Season 3” Was Worth The Wait

It seems like just yesterday I was critiquing Agents of SHIELD’s sixth season, & now we’re already on the new season of She-Ra & The Princesses of Power. (Oh wow, that was only just yesterday!) This is billed as season three, but it’s really the back half of season two. The missing six episodes finally arrived! I was able to comfortably watch them all in a single sitting. That also means I can get a review out quicker than the first season. (It would’ve been even faster had the SHIELD finale not gotten in the way.) A proportionate amount of SPOILERS follow.

I’ve read some people saying this is an improvement over the meandering season two because it’s more concise & dynamic. That’s because it’s the pay off to that set-up that should’ve never been released separately! (It doesn’t feel organic like splitting up CAOS.) They’re two halves of the same arc! Way to do a disservice to season two by dicing it in twain, Netflix & Dreamworks Animation! (This will not matter to anyone in the future binge watching the complete series.)


That’s not really how this works, Adora.

Geena Davis was pleased to be purple & enormous as Huntara & her abs. Adora looks at her like Batgirl looks at Wonder Woman in the revamped DC Super Hero Girls. She has a retractable spear instead of twin off-brand lightsabers this iteration. Both she & Adora bond over fisticuffs & both being Horde deserters.

Tung-Lashor is disappointingly not day-glo like his toy. At first I thought he was Rattlor. His lash not literally being his tongue is equally underwhelming. He’s the show’s Taserface. At least he gets a name unlike goat girl & lizard lady. I’d complain about him looking more like a roided-up velociraptor than a serpent, but the Snake-Men having limbs makes them all dubious.

The two-parter in the Crimson Waste reminds me of Thundercats, to which I don’t object. Catra has a whip now because she’s a catwoman, obviously. She could’ve lived happily as Queen of The Crimson Waste with Scorpia & their spiffy new jackets, but pride makes her return to The Fright Zone to prove to Hordak she’s not a failure. She even calls him a loser to his face! Let’s all appreciate how much Catra accomplished without being a princess. She’s kind of like Steerpike.


Catra will claim the hair-poof of dominance next season!

Hordak with the emo heartthrob hair is a failed clone of Hordak Prime who took out his inferiority complex on Catra. Entrapta is the princess least distinguishable from Simone Giertz. Together they’re great lab partners. She even makes him new life support armor because she cares about friends even if they’re not robots. (Adora does explain they didn’t mean to abandon her.)

I thought Mara the previous She-Ra would turn out to be the nickname of Queen Marlena of Eternia, mother to Adora & Adam. It’s revealed she’s actually just Mara from The New Adventures of He-Man. Apparently it’s the least popular series. Enjoy your deep cut, fans asking for more Masters of the Universe connectivity! A full flashback episode would still be useful to explain the timeline regarding Mara, Hordak, & Adora.

Entrapta has enough data to realize that opening an unstable portal would have disastrous consequences for reality. Everyone who criticized her for being amorally sociopathic owes her an apology! Catra has her shipped off to Beast Island before she can warn Hordak & opens the portal anyway. Cats gonna cat.


Don’t mix keyboards & claws the night before a deadline.

I slept through my alarm for the premiere & had to will myself out of a surreal frustration dream, so I can relate to the last two episodes. Scorpia instinctively dislikes Adora when they meet in the portal-reality. (Scorpia is a Cancer, which tracks given her personality, but I was kind of expecting her to be a Scorpio.) Ration bar cake is real! So are corrupted Catra cookies.

Seeing a Bright Moon so idyllic because the Fright Zone never existed was intriguing. Bow would’ve been a genuine historian. The truth spell reveals She-Ra really is eight feet tall, so I have to revise my mental scale charts. She-Ra takes a stand against corrupted Catra, so I guess Catradora is never getting back together. Queen Angela forsakes her life of regal cowardice & sacrifices herself to close the unstable portal. (It turns out she’d been using reverse psychology to convince Glimmer to fight her wars for her.) Now that Glimmer is Queen, does she have to leave the Princess Alliance by default? Mermista & Frosta have apparently been the monarchs of their kingdoms, so I guess they’re not sticklers for accuracy. That was a useless question.

Although the portal is shut, it was still open long enough to signal Horde Prime. (Why didn’t the babynapping portal accomplish that?) So he’s going to be bringing his space fleet by to conquer Etheria. Perhaps She-Ra can can some back-up from her twin, He-Man? (Or has dweeby Kyle really been Prince Adam all along?) I’d prefer to meet Skeletor & Evil-Lyn, but I’m still waiting on the debuts of numerous POP exclusive characters. Whither the previously referenced Sweet Bee & Peekablue? (I would’ve expected Perfuma & Sweet Bee to be a better match.)

So She-Ra season three was a worthy conclusion to season two. Or to put it another way, the complete season two was great overall! Now hopefully the the next batch won’t be arbitrarily divided.


Swift Wind stars in his own webisodes. Those are not on Netflix for some reason.

Official She-Ras now roam Universal Studios.

A Modulok with no modularity? Just what I’ve always wanted!” This is Exhibit A in why false nostalgia toys are wastes of precious plastic.

The SDCC exclusive 12″ She-Ra & Shadow Weaver set was the vanguard of Mattel’s off-model toy line. 


Maybe the review of Legion’s last season happens next?


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