A WandaVision Of The Future?

Last week was a long Legion season three review, so this installment switches it up with fewer words & more amateur photography. (I was working on a Spidey-rant too, but nobody warned me I had to have it edited so fast for it to be topical.) After I debuted my custom Thea “Speedy” Queen, I noted I should spruce up the MCU Scarlet Witch & Vision set too. So I did. It was super easy! Barely an inconvenience! Come for the customs; stay for the Stilt-Man & Typhoid Mary tangents!


Wandavision is proof couple names were a mistake!

Elizabeth Olsen has complained about wearing a corset (Veronica Lodge’s tactical cleavage had completely desensitized me to Wanda’s decolletage.), yet she’s not critical her costume’s most egregious fault: What madman okayed a Scarlet Witch costume without her defining element? (They haven’t actually called her the Scarlet Witch in the movies yet, have they?) The Scarlet Witch just doesn’t look like herself without her headband.


Where’s gritty realistic Scarlet Witch whose hex bolts are just hexagonal fasteners she throws at her foes?

Wanda’s iconic headpiece was cut from thin cardboard & glued on. I made it shiny so it looks nice in person yet vexing to photograph. I didn’t want to leave her lower torso basic black because Wanda Maximoff ought to only own reddish raiment! She’s got a theme, Grodd damn it! Finding a good shade for her pants was tricky. I left her heels alone even though she’s prone to falling over. I need a pair of her hex bolts cast in green … for reasons.


Why do people make fun of Suicide Squad’s Enchantress for spasticly dancing to do magic but not Wanda?

Wanda’s rare costumes without her head ornament were short-lived (though that one made it into an Iron Man cartoon). X-Men: Evolution omitted it, & that design may have inspired X-Men: The Last Stand’s Dark Phoenix. So the MCU Scarlet Witch wearing a long coat without a tiara makes me think of Jean Grey. That & the fact that they jettisoned Wanda’s powers in favor of giving her Jean’s. Now that Marvel Studios can use X-Men, it’s gonna get redundant if those two ever interact.


“How dare you point at me?” “You were pointing first!”

The cover of Wanda’s first appearance made her the Lime Witch. Was there a red ink shortage? It also gave her  brother, Quicksilver, his blue outfit years early. (Did you know the twins were born on Mount Wundagore at the same time Jack Russell’s grandpa died? Supposedly the High Evolutionary put the twins into suspended animation … for reasons, but the sliding timescale is still incompatible with Werewolf By Night.) Still no Marvel Legends MCU Quicksilver? Now that the merger’s gone through, they can put him in a crossover two-pack with Fox’s version for a bonus Kick-Ass in-joke.


“My hex bolts made your weapons swap hands!”

What if the X-Men are introduced into the MCU at the end of WandaVision (It’s not too late to change the title to anything else!) by Scarlet Witch saying “More mutants”? Or they could save that for when she guest stars in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse OF Madness! (A title that bombastic really needs to feature Rintrah, the green minotaur apprentice wizard.) She’ll get a redesign in one of them with the diadem, right? So I totally ruined an expensive figure years ahead of the official all crimson with a headband release.


“The night is dark & full of terrors.”


“You must be this tall to ride!”

It bothered me that the Vision, a rare male born sexy yesterday, made his bracers & boots the same hue as his skin. So I  painted them gold to look more comic accurate. Now Mysterio looks even more like him! I do like the pearlescent cherry plastic so I left his hands unaltered. His weird non-belt was also gilded. Vision already had gold in his film costume, unlike other Avengers I repainted, so I don’t know why they didn’t apply more.


“… even an android can … faceplam!”

I ended up repainting the green on his head to improve the vibrancy too. I’m glad they didn’t make Paul Bettany albino again. Gray & mauve like the early merch would’ve be yucky too. Clashing Christmas colors for the win! Everything about him has a sheen, so he’s a pain to photograph.


“I’m about to steal this man’s entire look!”

There’s going to be a single packed Vision without fists molded in translucent plastic so it looks like he’s made of Italian ice. I wish Ghost got the same treatment to evoke her phasing powers too. Vision’s translucent cape gives me Gustav Klimt vibes. I like how one of the first things he does in Age of Ultron is to grow himself a cape. Imagine if growing capes was his only superpower!


He’s got an Ultron face on the back of his head like Edward Mordrake & Quirinus Quirrell?


You don’t want to know how long it took me to get something this adequate.


The MCU makes more sense if Tony Stark was a Leprechaun.


“If in the first chapter there is Stilt-Man armor hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be worn, it shouldn’t be hanging there.” Anton Chekov

Bid on Stilt-Man’s chest armor so you can have a tangible reminder of Marvel-Netflix’s squandered potential! (Actually you can’t, since I didn’t get around to posting this until after the auction’s end.) I didn’t realize Lenil Francis Yu created Mary Walker’s drawings.

I was thinking about how Marvel Studios could get another headlining superheroine by genderswapping Moon Knight. (Rumor has it that Keven Feige & Jeph Loeb are feuding over who gets to use him. So Endgame not immediately fixing The Snapture could’ve been intentional to ruin the movie connectivity to the assorted TV series.) The equally Jewish & ex-military Batwoman is evidence that it could work. Then I realized a commando with dissociative identities sounds like Iron Fist’s Dragon Hugger’s Mary Walker. What if the personality that freed her in Sokovia was Moon Knight instead of Typhoid Mary? Or she has both alters? She could have a Marc Mary Spector personality too. What I’m saying is Moon Knight would be a great place to pay off Typhoid Mary’s foreshadowing regardless of whether it’s a TV show or movie.


Next time will be something different?

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