Toy Fair & Supergirl Are Inequitable … Again?

But I already wrote wrote about Toy Fair & Supergirl! Neither episode set at the National City Toy Fair overlapped with the New York Toy Fair. Last time I even reviewed another Mr. Mxyzptlk story. What fearful symmetry! With history repeating, here’s a SPOILER recap of Supergirl’s hundredth episode following my second-hand coverage of Toy Fair! I’m skipping conversation on the retro rehashes because that trend needs to be thrown into the sun!


DC Collectibles is changing its name back to DC Direct! DCD is a more symmetrical abbreviation than DCC. Too bad they’re not returning to the days of diverse character selection too. It seems like it, McFarlane Toys, & Spin Master are all making the same handful of of characters that’re mostly Batman related. DCD & McFarlane are both 7″ scale too. Alas, nobody is producing that Lex Luthor action figure. At least Spin Master is taking the opportunity to produce a new Killer Moth.

I’m ambivalent about McFarlane Toys’ Wonder Woman 1984 action figures. I am glad that one includes a functional Lasso of Truth. No Cheetah has been revealed but hopefully there’s one on the way that’s just under wraps. They’re going the Cats route of no kitty nose?

I was so excited when I saw Azrael in the back of a McFarlane display. Finally, he’s being produced with a flaming sword! That excitement soon dissipated as future photos revealed it’s the White Knight design. At least we’re getting some new Spawn toys. I’m officially demanding an articulated Tremor.


The best part of Disney buying Fox is Hasbro making Deadpool movie Marvel Legends! Better late than never. Vague reports sounds like they’re exclusive two-packs? Black Tom & Maverick are getting toys too! Despite his name, Black Tom Cassidy’s costume should actually be purple. Why is there a skull on his shillelagh? Any chance for an energy effect? I love the old Sugar Man, so do I really need this BAF? Did they seriously forget the white streaks in Legacy Rogue’s hair? Target exclusive first appearance Storm’s bracelets ought to be gold. I can understand the Black Tom confusion, but these two are definite errors.

If you wanted a Gwen Stacy for your Green Goblin to toss off a bridge, Hasbro has you ghouls covered. (Disclosure: I’m uncertain if I’m that ghoulish.) Giving her an alternate Mary Jane head makes it (more?) distasteful by implying Spidey’s girlfriends are interchangeable. (They’re also doing Gwenom for more modern appeal.) The coke bottle glasses for Peter Parker are absurdly huge.

You can vote for which Marvel Legends figure will be released as an online exclusive. The last time Hasbro did this, they made all the choices anyway. At most you’ll be deciding the release order. The winner will supposedly be available for purchase Summer 2020, which implies they’re already in production if they expect to make that release window. The non-exciting options are repaints of Elektra, Silk, & Sif.


Ranger Slayer needs an unmasked alternate Amy Jo Johnson head with punk hair! Curse you, Hasbro! It’s not like it’s easy to find a spare Kimberly Hart head & customize it myself. The Power Rangers Lightning Collection still needs more monsters! (It was such a hassle getting the exclusive Goldar once Gamestop cancelled my preorder.)

NECA is on a roll with its TMNT figures. Will Walmart’s Tokka & Rahzar 2-pack be less elusive than Target’s Rocksteady & Bebop? They’re making three Triceraton flavors! Greta Gremlin may finally be coming out too! I didn’t expect Defenders of the Earth or that they’d look this cool. Mandrake would be a great Zatarra. Cell-shaded BTAS prop replicas are also unexpected.

Diamond Select Toys is making LOTR action figures. This would be much more exciting if I didn’t already have a large Toy Biz collection. The Hobbit trilogy could benefit more as most of its Dwarves didn’t get toys. I’d be more excited for further Avatar: The Last Airbender toys if the deluxe editions had the “basic” Walgreens accessories too so we wouldn’t need to double dip to get everything. Will they make Legend of Korra toys too?


“It’s a Super Life” is more engaging than I expected from watching characters watching their own TV series. Mr. Mxyzptlk returns to make amends for the last time he appeared by letting Kara have a do-over in her relationship with Lena. He apologizes for his caddish behavior. Rather than his recasting being fallout from Crisis, he explains he was just using a glamour to woo her. Since he comes from another dimension, that’s actually more plausible. Thomas Lennon has a better vibe for the role. It’s still vexing that they keep casting normal sized actors for a character who’s specifically depicted as smaller stature. Couldn’t they have given Mr. Mxyzptlk a purple jacket & bowler? He gets a hold of The Hat’s hat to resolve the climax but then doesn’t don it.

The framework allows Kara to recognize that she mishandled Lena by not trusting her with her secret identity earlier. Of course in each of the alternate pasts where her reveal isn’t scooped by Lex, something catastrophic happens anyway. Even in the scenario that seems most advantageous, Agent Liberty assassinates all of Kara’s friends in revenge for his own family being stupid enough to jump off a roof as indoctrination into The Church of Rao. (It stans SuperCorp!) Kara had already personally rewound time in the third season finale, so why not just do it again to save Lena, Sam, & Mon-El though? Mxy didn’t try right after Kara & Lena defeat Morgan Edge, which seems like it would’ve been an ideal moment.

The episode most directly homages It’s A Wonderful Life when it presents a timeline where Kara never met Lena. It’s super-dystopian! There’s no making everyone docile here! Not only is Lena enforcing her rule through a Lexosuit army, she’s also somehow got Reign & Brainiac-5 on her side. This Lena has even been forcibly transformed into Metallo!


Care Bear stare kills Kara?

Kara wisely decides that changing the past is too risky & will move forward instead. Continuity has already been vaguely rewritten to form Prime Earth, so I understand finding excuses not to do it again immediately. Kara’s brain got replaced by Gotham’s Jim Gordon, however, for her final conversation with Lena. Despite seeing firsthand how much her influence has benefited Lena & the world by extension, Kara tells Lena she’s going to take her down like a supervillain if she doesn’t forgive her. Instead of persuading Lena that her family is taking advantage of her again, Kara rudely hits all her triggers. WORST APOLOGY EVER. (Even if you don’t believe you’ve done wrong, sometimes you have to mollify the party that does feel aggrieved.) Then she toasts Alex & J’onn “Stronger Together!,” blithely unconcerned that she’s further alienated her unstable friend. How did she learn the wrong lesson after all that?

Supergirl isn’t responsible for Lena’s decisions, but she is responsible for providing her with the emotional support to keep her from succumbing to cynical despotism. Kara shows an astounding lack of empathy. Lena is overreacting to a perceived sleight because of a supremely toxic upbringing & unaddressed mental health issues including her martyr complex. She puts on a brave facade, but being betrayed by everyone in her life (her stepmom, her brother, Andrea Rojas, Queen Rhea, Eve Tessmacher, Kara) has left her fragile. As the outsider to  Kara’s inner circle, she was floundering for validation. Brusquely washing her hands of Lena isn’t how she makes up for her mistake. Kara should swallow her pride to make sure she doesn’t go full supervillain as that benefits no one. Her other pals are mostly fine now, so why not put some effort into helping the one that feels neglected & is on the verge of eradicating free will?

This anniversary episode was fun because it mostly fixed Mxyzptlk, the altverse scenarios were clever, & it was nice to see Reign again. Then the last scenes sullied it. I definitely get the message the showrunners Jessica Queller & Robert Rovner aren’t Karalena shippers, but do they have to utterly wreck their friendship too? The mutually assured character assassination is infuriating! On the other paw, Melissa Benoist’s music video is perfection!


I have a hunch the next installment will be less relevant, so subscribe!

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