Customizing Shuri Is No Worry

I was going to write an esoteric blog about Cats (the poems, musical, & movie), but that’s become way too popular a topic what with the dearth of new media. So until that becomes obscure again, I’ve picked a different feline adjacent topic. I’ll cut off my nose to spite my face to keep this blog a novel destination for The Time Being, which is oddly not a Doctor Who character.


Behold the best Disney Princess! Despite being one of the breakout characters of Black Panther, Princess Shuri didn’t get a Marvel Legends figure in either of that movie’s two assortments. When it finally made her in conjunction with the last Avengers movie she was barely in, Hasbro went with drab Avengers: Endgame colors over the bright BP ones shown on the box. This was a mistake! I customized her like her big brother! It went relatively quickly. It was even easier than upgrading MCU Elektra.


Mad scientist intensifies!

This is mostly just spiffed up with the metallic sapphire blue I used on The Shadow King. It’s a little shinier than the movie, but Wakanda’s teen genius deserves it! (She’s probably no longer a teen since BP was set shortly after Civil War, unless the MCU also has a sliding timescale like the comics.) My motto is “If it weren’t for overcompensation, I wouldn’t have any compensation!” There’s also a bit of gold, purple, silver, metallic red, & tan added. The only sculpting I had to do was her MC Baby Underbite chinguard.


Sonic hairball attack!

Shuri’s upper torso never quite lines up exactly with her lower? The sonic tongues are scaled down versions of the energy wraps that came with Scarlet Witch. Weirdly the gauntlets that came with the earlier basic version are better.


I kept Shuri’s eyes brown, but they appear green in these photos for some reason. This reminds me of Letitia Wright wearing green contact lenses in Humans series two. I assure you it’s much better than Inhumans.


She made baby Thundertanks for her arms!

I don’t understand why Endgame gave Shuri a dull version of her iconic outfit. Why replace the vibrant blue with drab brown? The Russo brothers didn’t even wait until color grading to make her murky! How dare Judianna Makovsky tamper with Ruth E. Carter’s Oscar winning costumery! She was snapped offscreen during Infinity War wearing an orange labcoat over a different bodysuit with different hair & no face paint, so the costume change is even weirder if she’d only been re-alive for a few minutes. I don’t recall any of the other Snapped changed their outfits.


“Now kiss!”

Comics Shuri is much different than the movie version. She debuted as the new Black Panther. After being put in a coma, she was taken on a history tour through Djalia the Wakandan Ancestral Plane. When she emerged from the coma, she had been granted the magic powers of superspeed & transformation into stone or a flock of birds. (A flock of stone birds would not likely be aerodynamic.) Once the movie established her as her as head of The Wakandan Design Group (which would’ve been a more impressive achievement if she weren’t royalty), the comics followed suit. Will the MCU likewise give her the Heart-Shaped Herb (There’s no snappy Wakandan word for this sacred plant?) & occult powers to further erase the gulf between the two?


Wakanda forever!

Most Wakandan boys’ names contain apostrophes whilst girls’ don’t. Is this typical for languages that use apostrophes in names? Wakanda was listed as free trade partner on US Department of Agriculture site. A newly found fish species from Zanzibar has been named Cirrhilabrus wakanda, or “vibranium fairy wrasse.”


Now we need Queen Ramonda to complete the royal Wakandan portrait. Give us Angela Bassett action figures!


Sam Raimi has finally (albeit vaguely enough for plausible deniability) confirmed he’ll be replacing Scott Derrickson as the director of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness! GROOVY! So the obvious casting should be Willem Dafoe as Nightmare, Lucy Lawless as Clea, Ted Raimi as Rintrah, & Bruce Campbell as Dr. Druid. Some suspect we’ll be seeing his Spider-Man trilogy as one of the altverses. Considering the hoops they had to go through with Sony to get a third MCU Spidey movie, perhaps not.

Though we could see a multiversal Sorcerer Supreme team! Peter Hooten is a shoe-in as the live action original. 90’s Stephen Strange was briefly Johnny Depp, but he’s probably too busy not learning his lines for convoluted Harry Potter prequels. It’d be keen if Jeffrey Combs got a part since he was the titular Dr. Mordrid. Nic Cage may be more likely as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was already a Disney joint.

I’d usually add in even more Marvel musings, but my stockpile of those isn’t going to be expanding whilst Marvel Comics & Marvel Studios are essentially shut down. It’ll be a while before they’re at full steam again, so I’ll be saving the rest of them for a separate article down the road. Ditto my DC Comics diatribes. If you’d like something meatier to read, check out my reviews of the end of Squirrel Girl & Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated!


Despite having a Constitutional mandate for existence & employing essential workers, the federal government has rejected a bailout for the US Post Office. This infrastructure is only unprofitable because Congress required it to pre-fund employee pensions. Not only is it necessary to deliver financial relief checks, private correspondence, & absentee ballots, the Post Office is a lifeline for rural communities & those without Internet access. Postal workers already deliver Amazon parcels, not vice versa! Save the US Post Office! Text “USPS” to 50409 or it to DM @resistbot to fight back by contacting your representatives! (This may be less effective if you’re a foreign reader.) Buy some stamps too!


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