Merry Almost-versary Number?

October the Disrober is over. Now commences November the Ember. (The month is halfway over already, but this rhymes better.)

I’ve been remiss in posting new content this month. (I’ve since revised my posting schedule form weekly to semi-weekly in “About” to cover myself.) One of several unconvincing excuses is that according to WordPress, I was at 299 blog posts. One of those was just me reblogging Cain S. Latrani’s review of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose, so I don’t count that as one I’d written. (Cain has new novels & merchandise available! Go patronize him with your funds!) As far as I’m concerned, this is my real 299th blog. I became paralyzed trying to think of worthy content not only for post #300 but also sufficient for its immediate predecessor! Curse my modicum of integrity!

Once I eventually chose a topic for blog #300, the writing took off. It might be time-sensitive, but I didn’t want to run it early & have nothing special for 300. Meanwhile I didn’t want to completely rush off 299 either. With mixed topics like this one, I’m never sure if I’m using too many tags or not enough. Yes, this blog wastes a lot of time on my whinging about writing. (I hid the real content beneath the image.)

A rule of thumb for blogging is that it it won’t feel worth readers’ time if it’s under 600 words. Often I struggle to hit that mark, only to suddenly manifest 1100 words the next day. Sometimes my reviews can even be thrice as long. Weigh in on whether you think I’m a sufficiently loquacious time waster.

I was looking through my personalized photos & most are of Marvel Legends. This is useful for my next general Marvel ramble, but not the others in the pipeline. Nealy all are Spidey/Avengers related, so do I use them all in one go? My separate X-Men ramble is probably getting held back until X Of Swords concludes unless it’s divided, but I used up all my good mutant pics already. Good day to the one person who voted in my Black Tom fancast poll & that person only. The rest of you are dead to me.

I wish I had more DC toy photos (not necessarily of Gotham customs) to go with that upcoming melange. I’m working on a Swamp Thing review, but it won’t be ready until the season finishes airing on The CW. Doom Patrol season two hasn’t been released on DVD yet or I’d write that up. Maybe I can use that Wonder Woman 1984 draft before 2021 if WB remains dead-set on releasing it on Christmas? CAOS Part 4 certainly won’t be reviewed before then.



The stupid network wouldn’t let him rename it The Riddle Factory. It nixed the rabid raccoon too.

It is quite peculiar that Sir Sean Connery & Alex Trebek perished so close together given their fictional feud on SNL. The next host of Jeopardy ought to be Edward Nygma. He’ll put contestants in actual jeopardy for incorrect responses. I would watch Jeopardy if they added actual death traps. Riddler is a better pick than Cluemaster, who is upstaged by his clue-goggles. Fine, I’ll accept LeVar Burton.

Teen Titans Go! doing a surprise crossover with Freakazoid! is one of 2020’s rare highlights. (They met Beetlejuice too, but that was less satisfying for not getting the movie or cartoon actor back.) HUGGBEES!

Now that I’ve finished consuming Chew thanks to the generosity of my sister & brother-in-law, I’m extra mad the cartoon starring Steven Yuen, Felicia Day, & David Tennant never came to pass. (Ashly Burch would be a great Toni if the project is ever resurrected.) It’s suffused to the gills with food-based superpowers & pun names! John Layman’s & Rob Guillory’s comic mixes the colorful zaniness of Pushing Daisies with Hannibal’s creepy cannibalism, so maybe Bryan Fuller can rescue it from Development Hell? His The Amazing Screw-On Head adaptation was perfect! Perhaps the apparent cursedness of the property will cancel out the propensity for Fuller’s shows to be untimely plucked from him? Gotham’s Tze Chun would also be a great showrunner choice once he’s completed the Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai cartoon. (Will this prequel incorporate Mogturmen from the George Gipe novelization?)

Did you ever want to hear L. Marvin Metz read Ray Bradbury’s “The Pedestrian?” Your chance is at around 54:37!

Thus ends blog #299. Please come back soon for my 300th blog! That one will be better, I swear! I actually put effort into making it cohesive!

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