Supergirl’s Swansong Starts In Season Six

Supergirl’s sixth & final season didn’t have a trailer until a week before its premiere? The CW is giving it the Black Lightning season four treatment. (At least it appears to be getting unique “next week” promos.) It’s taking the time slot of Superman & Lois until it resumes in May. Is this the first time superfriends Kara & Barry have regularly aired the same night? Here is your obligatory SPOILER warning for what ought to have been its fifth season finale. There some The Flash & Justice League stuff too if you’d prefer not to stay on topic.

Supergirl MissMartian MartianManhunter

“Was it Earth-Perv?”

Its fifth season finale was rushed both due to Melissa Benoist’s pregnancy & pandemic production shutdowns, but they were able to make a workable cliffhanger. Whereas Batwoman started fresh, the premiere of season six appears to be an unused script like The Flash. This is also picking up shortly after the previous episode left off in 2020. So next week’s installment will be the intended sixth season premiere.

After a groaner about technology not being mortal, Gamemnae & her cleavage are instantly killed by The Anti-Life Equation. (I’m not sure how they kept that Apokaliptan tidbit from being embargoed by the film department, but kudos to the writers for sneaking it in.) For a character that that was ostensibly a Big Bad, Cara Buono deserved something meatier than “The Technical Boy yet less engaging.” (The hubris to think American Gods could circumvent the Bryan Fuller cancellation curse by firing him!) Goodbye forever, oblique reference to Superman III’s oblique reference to Brainiac!

Lex Luthor usurps the power of Leviathan because they suck. (If “Rebirth” doesn’t refer to his ascension, it’s an arbitrary title.) He rewrites Non Nocere code into I Love Lexy, which will make everyone who used Obsidian Platinum love him. Satellite sonic beams will literally blow the minds of everyone else. Once he kills Supergirl, he’ll get to work making other planets worship him or else. Killing Superman is surely a foregone step in-between not worth mentioning. Jon Cryer’s performance grows campier with his Godlike power without losing its menace.


“Princes Of The Universe” intensifies! (This episode used the wrong Queen track.)

Dreamer’s powers continue to expand. She & Brainiac-5 reconcile after he’s rescued from radiation poisoning. (Dreamer is making the jump to comics in a DC Pride story written by Nicole Maines.) J’onn & M’gann also have some couples bonding issues to work out as they link up to destroy Lex’s satellites, which turns out to be much easier done than said. (I’m still befuddled by how Martian Manhunter’s new costume simultaneously looks the same & completely different from his Pre-Crisis costume.)

Alex is able to use her Martian Hand of the Warrior doohickey to become a more creative variety of useful devices than expected. She also gets the codename Sentinel from J’onn. She’s going to tell Kelly her stepsister is Supergirl at Lena’s behest. She still thinks her 80’s glam-butch makeover is sufficient to protect her pretty face from identification & battle damage.

The heroes depower Lex after his Queen dance montage through the Fortress of Solitude’s armory using radioactive debris from the Leviathans’ homeworld. (Are each of these Space-Gods a Leviathan or or they only Leviathan collectively? My style guide does not care.) It’s supposed to work on the same principle as Kryptonite, although I’m unsure if the science holds up. They even arrest him for his crimes against Earth thanks to Eve Tessmacher turning whistleblower. He still succeeds in banishing Kara to the Mirrorverse Phantom Zone with a mirror the Phantom Zone Projector. Everyone looks aghast when Lex says he’ll simply dox Supergirl’s secret identity to the world at trial. J’onn & M’gann could’ve done it, but Lena Luthor takes the initiate to wipe Kara’s secret identity from her brother’s & mother’s minds with Myriad. Lena gets to interact more with Alex & Brainiac-5 than usual, which may signal her character will be less isolated.

After her dad disses her for running Obsidian into the ground, Kelly gives Acrata a pep talk. (It’s still odd that this Acrata is the polar opposite of the comics version.) So Acrata does some stocks fraud to screw over her father while refocusing CatCo on non-clickbait journalism. Is this supposed to be a positive moment since several characters work at CatCo? Or does it show Acrata is villainous for unethically using her superpowers & wealth? I can’t tell if the cognitive dissonance is intentional. (Since he’s married to Cat Grant, could you imagine how great Harrison Ford doing interviews for a Beeboverse guest spot would be?)

With this being the final season, there’s a question of how it’s going to close out hanging in the air. Will Supergirl perish like Green Arrow or be more easily available for guest-starring in annual crossovers? Kara makes a hologram will, which could allow for both options. The initial thrust of season six’s new plots appears to be rescuing her from the Phantom Zone. That is also a clever way to minimize Benoist’s involvement.

I was disappointed by much of season five, but “Rebirth” managed to feel satisfying. This isn’t one of the series’ best episodes, but it ties together many elements of that season better than expected. It’s like the inverse of how The Flash’s “Mother” let down a pretty solid season.

Pre-Crisis Supergirl was explicitly stronger than her cousin although she still couldn’t breathe in space. Post-Crisis Superman can fly through space with ease, so does that mean he’s now more powerful? Or has Kara also been upgraded? Could Kara being MIA or something more permanent by the time S&L is set be the reason she hasn’t even been mentioned on her cousin’s spinoff?

The Strength Force avatar on The Flash is officially Fuerza. She still looks more like Rampage to me. It’s the lighter skintone & purple/gray onesie. Fuerza’s colors are green/black & she seldom gets that massive. So Rampage is still free to rampage through Superman & Lois or Supergirl. She already showed up in a tie-in comic & possibly as a poorly executed season one cameo, but neither of those are binding, especially Post-Crisis. It’s not like XS being portrayed more like Impulse is preventing The Flash from bringing in Impulse this season.


There will be at least three Batmen too many (Affleck, Keaton, & most likely Jeffery Dean Morgan if they go full Flashpoint) in The Flash’s tardy solo film. What about finally delivering on Lauren Cohan as The Joker? At least it will debut Sasha Calle as the second cinematic Supergirl. Will his movie even have time to include a secret origin amongst all the set-ups for multiverse spin-offs for people that won’t acknowledge the Beeboverse already confirmed a live action DC multiverse exists? Will it answer “What is a tube steak?” In news that is directly relevant to the F-Lash, Kiersey Clemons will reprise her role as Iris West.

The Colbert Cut explains its joke so thoroughly I don’t have to. As much as I josh about Zack Snyder’s Justice League starring Steppengrogu, kudos to it for restoring all those people of color that were mysteriously edited from Joss’s cut. I don’t get the fervent campaigns to “restore the Snyderverse” though. With the director’s cut released (It’s weird how Zack’s name is officially part of the title now.), there’s nothing left to be restored. (“Justice Is Gray” is the edition for canines.) From what I understand, the Snyder cut’s narrative is essentially the same as the theatrical version with some details changed. So Justice League 2 could still pick up with the same sequel plot regardless of which version you watch or who makes it. Wouldn’t “continue the Knightmare” be a more apt hashtag? Why does Batman have prophetic dreams like Dreamer? (Or does he?) Nobody would hold it against Batman if he murdered the Joker in the “Knightmare” future. No way that clown pulls his weight.


Come back for a Godzilla Vs. Kong collaboreview next time!

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