Legends Of Tomorrow … IN SPACE!

Now that I’ve finished badmouthing Batwoman for the time being, we can move on to the best of the Beeboverse! Legends of Tomorrow would never insult Bat-Shark Repellent! This was one of the rare series that was able to finish its 2020 run uninterrupted. Living up to its title, this is the last Beeboverse show to return. Since most of the more punctual series (Batwoman, The Flash, Supergirl) are still set in 2020, why isn’t anybody wearing a Fatewatch? SPOILERS abound for “Ground Control To Sara Lance” & the extended trailer! Thankfully my CW affiliate didn’t preempt it like the latest Supergirl & Nancy Drew. Beebo is the only cure for The Anti-Life Equation.

Season six picks up the cliffhanger of Captain Sara Lance being abducted by aliens. Since the Beeboverse has had aliens before, this isn’t as shark-jumpy as it’d be on some other shows. The hungover Leg-Ends met Starman, but not one whom wielded the Cosmic Staff. David Bowie lets them know Sara was snatched by aliens through the power of song & Super 8! Aleister Crowley’s space-magic is featured, but “the wickedest man in the world” doesn’t appear.

“Nate, if I trusted the Legends. I wouldn’t have made an entire binder to get rid of them.” Captain Ava Sharpe uses her clipboard-fu to distract her crewmates while she asks Alex Danvers for alien aid. She doesn’t pick up because Rama Khan destroyed the DEO HQ. I’m still confused why the entire agency would become defunct as a result. Couldn’t Ava just go back to before it was destroyed? (Meanwhile on the latest Supergirl, Dreamer & Brainiac-5 audition for Legends Of Tomorrow! Make it so, CW!) I get why they’re not starting off 2021 with a full crossover, but couldn’t they have gotten Chyler Leigh to record some phone dialogue about offworld aliens being out of the DEO’s jurisdiction?

She’s not wrong!

While the Super Friends try to rescue Kara from the Phantom Zone, the Legends have to retrieve Sara from space. LOT’s sixth season star separation arc will be more fun. Sara makes a great point that this series should’ve been titled The Preventers! She punches out of cryostasis with the diamond engagement ring she was going to give Ava. Her escape ends up scattering extraterrestrials throughout time for the annual theme.

Zari & John Constantine are heating things up between the the sheets! Meanwhile Mick Rory is Waverider’s responsible dad now. Was Heatwave becoming an author inspired by X-Men’s Pyro’s too infrequently referenced writing career? Dominic Purcell is departing this season?

 Will the new alien conspiracy theorist be the Vic Sage version of The Question or perhaps Adam Strange? No, it’s brand new character Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz. This paranoid Texan can mentally communicate with extraterrestrials (apparently without a brain implant from a childhood abduction) & build kickass weapons, but maybe they should’ve recruited Jessica Cruz instead? (Speaking of Green Lanterns, it is imperative that Finn Wittrock sports a ginger bowlcut to fully convey the essence of Guy Gardner. Why are they making Alan Scott an FBI agent instead of a railway engineer or radio broadcaster?)

The alien that Sara smacked around with a pipe looked cool. I’m going to insist it’s a Lizarkon like Isamot Kol. The retcon that Gary Green was an alien all along doesn’t make sense. Why would he be so fixated on getting his nipple back from Hell if it was just a disguise? Will they try yo smooth out that continuity or just speed along in hopes viewers don’t think too hard about it? Blame Crisis! Are Gary & Maya Tormocks or the same species as Nite-Lik? Their spaceship looks like a Cylon raider & Moya had a baby. (Is that just Talyn?) Speaking of Farscape, there will be an animated episode likeRevenging Angels!” The next episode is a riff on Skrull burgers & The Stuff.

The Big Bad will be another Diet Lex named Bishop? But the Beeboverse has the legitimutant Lex Luthor now! I was hoping for Despero (the real McCoy not J’emm the Sun of Saturn). Kanjar Ro, Imperiex, & a Thanagarian invasion were referenced in season one. Are they just not going to pay them off in the season they’d be most apt? Or are they being saved for surprises? Is the singing robot Lord Manga Khan, the melodramatic alien capitalist? Probably not even though the odds of him being embargoed for another project are slim.

I still find it strange that a show with “DC’s” in its title is committed to adapting as few DC characters as possible.  Gary’s ex-fiance, Kayla, shows it will add as many characters as possible so long as they’re not from DC comics. On the other paw, why can’t DC clumsily adapt LOT’s new characters into the comics like they do everything else? Why did they force Ray Palmer out if they won’t replace him with Ryan Choi?

Since it’s unlikely to return as a separate entity, can LOT please do an arc that ties up the loose ends of Swamp Thing? Is LOT refusing to even attempt Kamandi on a network TV budget a point in its favor or against it? Why hasn’t Gentleman Ghost been in the Beeboverse yet? What movie is WB embargoing him for? Hire the dude from Blondie’s “Rapture.”

As usual, this episode of Legends Of Tomorrow was a refreshing mix of comedic immaturity & emotional maturity. My big broken record complaint is that it’s hardly an exploration of the DC universe anymore. I’m optimistic about season six regardless. If Beebo’s love is unconditional to all, however, can it have inherent value as opposed to unique earned love?

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