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Greetings! Long time, no blog. I have some exciting news! It’s mostly just exciting to me right now, so I’ve attached it after some more broadly appealing TV tidbits. I’m even gonna rant about Powerpuff instead of waiting for it to air!


Much like Pushing Daisies & Lodge 49, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was callously cancelled after only two seasons for being too cathartic for viewers. I guess now that covid vaccines are available, NBC doesn’t think viewers need comfort food anymore? What is the point of Peacock if it won’t save the show? Some detractors called the the show Lazy Ex-Girlfriend for not doing original songs, but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend makes everything look inferior by comparison. (RIP Adam Schlesinger) SPRQ Point was the superior version of CatCo. I’m not quite as upset by this cancellation as I could be because the second season finale provided enough closure & I disagree with the creator about the meaning of the final scene. ZEP Heads & ZEPrechauns should unite to save the show nonetheless! I’m still mad its Twitter handles omit the middle of the title because the adjective makes the playlist! Just ask Nick & Norah.

It’s doubly dispiriting to learn that not only is Kim’s Convenience not getting its intended final season, the cast had bad experiences making it. DAMN YOU, CBC! Despite the problematicness/problematicality behind the cameras, I enjoyed this sitcom more than Schitt’s Creek. Observe season five highlights in Playmobil. Although I quite like Shannon, I don’t know she can sustain a series by herself separated from the rest of the ensemble. (No matter how many times sitcom spinoffs bomb, they won’t stop searching for the next Frasier.)

Unlike those two, Feel Good concluded on it own terms. Series two taught me that male entitlement ruins all good relationships & bees should be saved. (I still wonder if Mae Martin intentionally made a Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode number error here.) Despite its heavy topics, it remains a very comedic love story. It is annoying Netflix dumped the final seasons of Kim’s Convenience & Feel Good at the same time as Sweet Tooth rather than giving them each space to breath. All of those shows were created by Canucks!


Since reviewing the series finale of Black Lightning, “I Double Dog Daredevil You!” has finally entered the prestigious four digit viewership club! I don’t have any new Daredevil stuff to show, so how about some random Jessica Jones?


Choke-slamming your neighbor into walls so you can compare nostril flares is normal.

You ever think about how the weird neighbor of Jessica Jones went on to become the ultra-competent leader of a murderous horse gang? Now she’s managing the world’s greatest superhero team too! What a glow up from a radium girl! (Undark is my favorite brand of radioactive paint.) Colby Minifie implies the existence of Colby Maxifie.

My sister thinks Amazon will have is assassins kill the friend who gifted me bootleg The Boys DVDs. I offered to redact it, but Korey Hughes said she being namechecked makes her feel special “Like I get some kind of credit for how amazing your blog is even though you did all the work.” I suggested she use reverse psychology by putting a literal target on her head like Bullseye. Her sacrifice will not be in vain!

Unlicensed 1/6 diabolical laser baby includes bonus Billy Butcher. Ditto the official MAFEX version. Your move, NECA!

The Homelander’s greatest enemy revealed! This unlicensed 1/6 figure got his name right.

No offense to the costume designer’s insights, but Jensen Ackles’s Solider Boy costume just looks like an MCU Captain America costume but green. He’s a Bucky pastiche, so maybe the quotes are part of the satire?

The Boys season three had better include this Garbage needle drop!


 First of all I hate the Powerpuff Girls reboot’s title because Powerpuff doesn’t mean anything by itself. Maybe Powerpuffs would work, but not its singular form. Giving it its own title to further separate it from the original avoids confusion, but why not use Powerpuff Women? If they want to use a city name like Riverdale it ought to be called Townsville.

Dove Cameron willed herself into playing Bubbles! Now’s she’ll be Chloe Bennett’s sister after trying to kill her on Agents Of SHIELD. I have no context for Yana Perrault as Buttercup since this is her non-Broadway debut. Donald Faison seems like inspired casing for their endearingly dorky dad. If they use the same special effects houses as the Beebovers, they could do fun monsters.

The CW is reshooting the Powerpuff pilot. A leaked script popped up online & fans were not happy about it. Regardless of whether it was genuine pilot shooting script, the show isn’t necessarily being redone to fix issues with the writing. It’s being reworked because it was too campy & not grounded enough in reality? Why would anyone want Powerpuff Girls to be realistic? They’re are fraternal triplets that spontaneously generated when a super chemical was accidentally added to a mundane concoction of baking ingredients during an experiment to perfect human girls that resulted in them having superpowers instead of fingers. (I except the live action equivalents will look less abominable than they ought be.)

The girls being different ethnicities shouldn’t be a suspension of disbelief dealbreaker. This reboot, however, apparently has a scene where Bubbles chews out Professor Utonium for letting the cartoon based off their lives be whitewashed. Since the first cartoon wasn’t adapted from an existing property or real people, the characters can’t be whitewashed. Instead of being satisfied with improving the cast’s diversity, it invents a problem the original didn’t have to make itself sound better. (I guess it applies to the less popular cartoon reboots as well.) By recontenxtualizing the cartoons as fictional, it also does the disrespectful thing where revamps needlessly  insist that original authors’ tales weren’t genuine. On the other paw, making it explicitly a separate continuity means that the earlier versions are unaffected.

There were assorted complaints about the script, but those could be minimized with the right execution. A campy tone with zippy pacing could make for a fun spoof of grimdark reboots. That’d be the best case scenario for this dubious idea. If played straight, however, it’s yet another entry in the crowded grimdark superhero TV pantheon. So rather than embracing what made the original beloved, this is tarnishing the nostalgia. All the deconstructionist tropes are no longer invigorating. Doom Patrol, Umbrella Academy, The Boys, & Invincible already have “your dad was actually bad” covered. (Original PPG beat them to the ultraviolent punch though.) The reboot directly contradicts Craig McCracken’s intentions by having Professor Utonium manipulate his unwilling daughters into a childhood of traumatic superheroism. A grounded tone is also going to make Diablo Cody’s dialogue sound even more unnatural. If Tom Kenny is reprising his narrator role, the show should definitely be tongue in cheek. A live action Powerpuff Girls adaptation should be less Riverdale & more Legends Of Tomorrow. It also needs plenty of tokusatsu.


In more positive news, one of the more valid reasons I’ve not been blogging more punctually is that I’ve resumed writing my second novel after a long dry spell. I’m especially proud of lucky chapter thirteen, which is one I’d been agonizing over getting just right since it’s one of the key points of the story. I’ve been going back to insert additional dialogue to fit in more references to X-Factor, Darkwing Duck, “The Wendigo,” Jason of The Argonauts, Highlander, The Saddest Music In The World, The Royal Canadian Mint, & North American house hippos. It’s incredibly self-indulgent, but I’m pleased it panders to me given I’m the only one reading it at the moment. Be more like thirteen, chapters fourteen & fifteen! I still haven’t built up to any of the exciting bits though, so it’s gonna be a while until it’s ready for public consumption. Hurry up & develop, characters, so I can imperil you! In the meantime, feel free to offer me an advance for the publishing rights.

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