LOT Remains Legendary In Season Six

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow is becoming an increasingly hard series to review. My main complaint is that’s a bait & switch since it barely adapts anything from DC Comics. LOT also takes the Doctor Who approach to time travel, in that the rules vary wildly in each story. Setting that aside, it’s very entertaining. So I’m just gonna rubber stamp my approval anyway. There’s little to criticize. You should just watch it. Since I went to the bother of putting together all these words in a slightly more timely fashion than my Shang-Chi & The Legend Of The Ten Rings review (It’s a legendary week.), I’ll ask you to gander at the SPOILERS for the rest of season six below. I throw in bonus Black Adam too.

Rachel Talalay got to direct a better script than her first go at LOT. We learned the secret origin of Big Belly Burger in The Stuff crossed with Buffy’s “Double Meat Palace.” Knockoff Mothra & poison tequila larva on Batwoman aren’t what I meant when I said I wanted Killer Moth in the Beeboverse! Is Gideon getting grislier because it ran Fatewatches for a year?

Original Timeline Zari was reading Shahnameh, which is the Persian Book of Kings, inside the Air Totem. (Pre-Crisis was Grunge Zari whereas Post-Crisis is Glam Zari.) She gets fed up with Behrad squabbling with his sister over whose turn it is to use the totem, so she either splits or duplicates it so they no longer have to share. If the ancestors had done that with the Tantu Totem, Kuasa wouldn’t have tried to kill Mari & Amaya over it.

I still want to hear Zari’s version of the dragon empowerment song. Saucèy‘s “Fruit” is the “Well Armed Peasants” “WAP” of 2045. I’m glad they did not ruin the mystery by unveiling the true face of DJ S’More Money, unless he really does have a giant s’more for a noggin lie Chairface Chippendale. Lord Knoxicrillion may look & speak like Lord Manga Khan, but its suit is repurposed from Chronos. (I still want to see them do real Chronos & embrace his ostentatious comics costume.) Chekov’s Space Cabbie states that if you offhandedly reference him in act one, Space Cabbie must be integral to rescuing Sara by act three.

I appreciate that the crew all remembered to use their powers during “Bay Of Squids,” the first episode sans Sara. Mick’s notion that they should use their spaceship to look for Sara in space sounds like a better plan that hoping one of the aliens scattered throughout Earth’s timestream has a lead. At first I thought Mick abandoned everyone in 1962 Cuba when he took The Waverider. Did they never rebuild their jumpship after Atropos The Thread-Cutter destroyed it?

Caity Lotz directed its version of Farscape’s “Revenging Angel.” (She also provided a doughut truck!) We see what Astra was up to during the previous three episodes she was absent for. She’s technically only fifteen since time flows differently in Hell. (That’s Illyana Rasputin’s excuse too.) The Crowley reference from the pilot paid off in what may be Matt Lucas’s least irritating performance. Zari is chagrined at being turned into a flip phone with no Cat Chat ears, while Behrad is a candlestick because he’s always lit. Nate as cheese turned to steel, but the inanimate Tarazis don’t use their wind powers. Sponer gets turned into a fork because she’s prickly & Astra didn’t learn her name. Zari makes “nom-nom-nom” noises when she bites Crowley-Constantine while Ava says “pew pew pew” when she shoots pages out of her binder. Shouldn’t Crowley not be stuck in the painting after the musical magic enema? John being magicless makes him seem more comics accurate in terms of power levels.

Bishop’s description made him sound like Lex Luthor, but he’s more like Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina (Check out Caity Lotz in The Machine too!) mixed with Mr. Sinister. Dabney Donovan would’ve been a more apt identity for him than being squandered on a Superman & Lois cameo. His pink-tinted planet reminds me a bit of The 100’s Sanctum, possibly because they filmed in the same forests.

Getting poisoned by an alien-infused Amelia Earhart was a novel way for Sara Lance to die again. What is Sara Lance dying if not the Beeboverse persevering? At least she got regeneration & a lovely blue dress out of it. Why was there not an episode named “Planet Of The Avas?” Heatwave is such a great friend to Sara. He gives a great speech about how she’s still awesome regardless if she’s a clone with alien DNA now. Are Gary & Bishop wrong to think filling planets with Sara & Ava clones is a good strategy?

Amelia Alienhart was a Zaguron, & the squidshifters are Necrians. Both are made up for TV as opposed to being made up for comics. It would’ve be cool to see some alien species from Supergirl get fleshed out. ( Is Noelle the vampire lawyer from Transilvane?) Even brand new species from previously referenced planets would help with the lore-building. At least Starro the Conquerror finally showed up in The Suicide Squad so I can’t complain as much about it not getting live action love anymore

“Back To The Finale, Part II” wasn’t as zany as the trailer led me to expect. That’s disappointing but not necessarily bad. Behrad’s plan to get the aliens to abduct a mannequin filled with fireworks instead of Sara was hilariously stupid. It did briefly create a timeline with Nate in an eyepatch & Constantine’s coat. When Ava realizes her crew has come back to meddle, she’s angry that she has to get blackout drunk to preserve the timeline. Ava has a brief Orpheus & Eurydice moment when Sara arrives behind her. The dumpster full of fireworks going off during the Avalance proposal may be the best self-deprecating metaphor for LOT.

This Freudian slip headline may be right. AnnaLynne McCord (She’s excellent in Excision!) & Dominic Purcell are a sometimes couple that don’t share any scenes in “Stressed Western.” Bass Reeves is an ancestor of Diggle. The Lone Ranger’s inspiration doesn’t add much, but David Ramsey has the excuse of directing the episode he guest stars in. Nate steels up to eaten by the Graboid/Shai-Hulud analogue for nothing! His frustration over not getting a chair in the unused Hall Of Justice was cute. Nate is now allowed inside the Air Totem(s) for sexy-times, which is as odd as it sounds.

Why won’t Ava let them keep the singing cowboy narrator? He could’ve easily been Vigilante, but I guess Stargirl called dibs. (Maybe I wouldn’t hate original Vigilante if he put some effort into his cowboy costume instead of being generic AF. It’s the equivalent of a t-shirt & trenchcoat outfit for the corral crowd.)

Is July 11 airdate of “This Is Gus” Behrad’s official birthday? Or is it January 21 for “Meet The Legends?” Is Behrad an Aquarius or Cancer? Or is it another date entirely? They bring back the thing where a future character changes along with the past timeline they’re in that I conceptually dislike because it doesn’t come up nearly as often as it should. Gus Gus looks like a pink Mogwai & was operated by four puppeteers. Did the Legends release a sasquatch back into Raincouver?

The Fountain Of Imperium rejecting Constantine was subversion of the protagonist achieving their quest. I like this desperate depowered con artist bastard John Constantine because he’s more comics accurate. Since Beeboverse Constantine is a nobler sort, this is arguably character assassination. Some justifiably still have bad memories of magic as drugs from Buffy The Vampire Slayer season six though.

Ava’s expanding wedding dress montage in the Jes Macallan-directed episode was hilarious. Alvin Sanders was even more avuncular as Buddy than Riverdale’s Pop Tate. Are the bowling aliens an oblique reference to The Big Empty? The Pin Killers were the bowling version of Brainiac & their final victims were literally red shirts. (Nic Bishop, fiance of Macallan, plays three unrelated foes this season.) Spooner looks like she bowls well. Apparently this could’ve been more accurate to the scoring rules of bowling. I hated everything about the Nate & Zari go camping subplot until we learned the settings on Spooner’s rifle go up to middle finger.

The showrunners said they did a Clue episode because The Big Lebowski episode was so expensive, but “Bored On Board Onboard” did not look cheap. Constantine did a Jumanji. Ava has a point about not inviting the West-Allens to the wedding. “Not the love grip!” Spooner & Astra are best galpals.

Ava doing a Silence Of The Lambs with Bishop as Sara & Nate commented on it while playing chess was great. Integrating six percent of Sara’s DNA into himself wouldn’t grant Bishop access to her memories & reflexes. He never thought to make hybrids the old fashioned way. He induced Heatwave’s labor to get access to his earpiece. Withdrawal literally kicks Constantine’s ass until he relapses & betrays the team.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers returned to direct the penultimate episode. (There was a Zarlie kiss cut from an earlier season.) Heatwave is scared of ghosts!  Astra still turns Spooner into a fork this time despite knowing her name now. (That scene’s decor reminded me they haven’t done anything with Maxine Hunkel or Monarch besides their helmets.) Why do they ever take off their time-couriers?

I really expected Spooner to be the daughter of Kayla by Heatwave or one of his eggs grown up. She’s just a fully human Texican that was sent from 1925 to the future by the Mycelium Of Imperium (I was not expecting Motherland: Fort Salem parallels.) after her mother got murdered in a land grab ala The Son. So she’s not Lita’s half-sister after all. Her alien-telepathy comes from The Fountain Of Imperium. Was xenophobic Spooner a Children Of Liberty supporter before she discovered this?

The Fountain Of Imperium is actually a magical alien mushroom that protects Earth. Since Earth’s been invaded by aliens a few times, especially after reality assimilated Supergirl’s universe, it’s hard to say how effective it’s been. Bishop spoofed Spooner’s DNA so that Junkie Constantine would become bonded to it & then poison them both. That way the Earth will be invaded by aliens earlier & Bishop can get to work sooner. He’s obsessed with him & Sara being the only humans alive, although he probably doesn’t want to repopulate the planet in the old fashioned way. It’s a lousy plan as exterminating humanity centuries before he was conceived would certainly paradox him out of existence. 

As soon as steeled up Nate gets knocked down by a Zaguron scout he reverts to normal. With Bishop sharing Sara’s thoughts, Nate has the brilliant idea to beat him using strategies Sara would never agree to to. He & Ava get an earlier version of Bishop to make an antidote for the poison to heal the Imperium & Spooner. Nate had previously theorized Bishop was a pseudonym, which is a helpful means of keeping time travellers from messing with his past self. We don’t actually find out what his real name is. They just go to the twenty-third century Vancouver laboratory where the Ava clones were created & he’s luckily there.

Behrad believes the mushroom John’s corpse became will tell them how to save the world if the crew eats it. Sara shuts down this idea, but eats it herself. She sees a vision of him all in white like Planetary’s Elijah Snow. He lets the Imperium feed on his soul to keep the fungus around until the antidote works. In a role akin to Swamp Thing, he lets Sara in on a platitude that comes in very handy.

Thanks to the pandemic, the Sharpe-Lance wedding is not the guest-star-studded bonanza many viewers were hoping for. Sara’s family doesn’t even appear. Sara impulsively decides they should get hitched before the possible alien apocalypse. Gary Green may be an even better wingman than The Owl House’s Hooty, reassuring the panicked Ava. The wedding vows are very sweet & meaningful, with the couple reversing their temperament roles. While I wasn’t sold on their pairing back when it started out of loyalty to Nyssa al Ghul, everything about Avalance has been chef’s kiss perfect this year.

Then that jerkface Bishop interrupts the ceremony to awaken the sleepy Zaguron hordes early. Spooner’s Imperium powers allows the team to temporarily swap abilities during the siege. Once the wedding is completed, the Imperium decides humanity is worthy of protection & shoos off all the mushroom-allergic invaders. A stymied Bishop decides he’ll just shoot every Earthling individually, but is devoured by Mick’s & Kayla’s forty-eight adorable hybrid children. After trying to artificially engineer the perfect human-alien hybrids, he was killed by ones bred from lust.

Heatwave decides to leave the team to raise his brood with Kayla, who’s like a non-fictional version of Garima. His farewell conversation with Sara is appropriate given they were the last two original Legends remaining. Constantine returns to life again by trading his soul to another demon. He & Zari sorrowfully break up. Both departing Leg-Ends could possibly pop up in the Beeboverse in the future.

The finale concludes with what looks to be another The Waverider blowing up the team’s ship & leaving. The team is stuck in 1925, which doesn’t bode well for time hopping escapades or crossovers. Let’s hope getting stranded works out better for them than the first season episode. Will they spend the entire season in one time period, or will this just be a brief introductory arc?

This the final season for John Constantine. Some say writing him off rather than further water down the misanthropic loner was an organic decision. Others believe it was a studio mandate because HBO Max has plans to do Justice League Dark … for real this time. (Julian Sands would be a great John Constantine, but I imagine they’ll cast younger.) Maybe it’s both? Matt Ryan will remain in the cast, however, as new Welsh character Dr. Gwyn Davies. Amy Louise Pemberton will get to regularly play a physical being too. Dominic Purcell will be exiting completely.

So that’s two more DC characters departing from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in the same episode no less! With Arrow, Black Lightning, & Supergirl over, this could be a prime opportunity for The Waverider to pick up some adrift superheroes. Lately it’s been focused on inventing its own large cast, however, rather than picking up spares from other series like it was designed to do. (Did the Beeboverse got bulk discounts hiring chunks of the casts of Glee, Teen Wolf, Spartacus, Battlestar Galactica, Prison Break, Banshee, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Smash, & Doctor Who?) Everyone jump to conclusions about Zatanna because of this season seven premiere title page. If Constantine is gone due to a secret embargo, we’re definitely not getting Zatanna when an HBO Max movie for her is in the works.

They didn’t even the few characters with supersuits in them for an episode this year! Nate Heywood should be required to wear his doofy finned (Citizen) Steel helmet at all times. It’s already paid for, & they’re not getting their money’s worth out of it. Did Red Guardian steal it?

Let’s list which characters left for season seven are most analogous to existing DC ones: Nate Heywood is definitely Citizen Steel. Astra Logue is a canon character, although this footnote has been greatly expanded so she’s now more like Marvel’s Magik. The highly prominent & beloved Sara Lance feels like a better adaptation of Dinah Lance than her sister. The Beeboverse never officially called her Black Canary, but she was controversially given another’s codename. Zari was intended to be Isis without as many powers or as controversial a supranym, but the meager linking elements have been sloughed off. That’d make Behrad a version of Osiris (whose real name was Amon). Waverider is a timetravelling  superhuman not a vehicle. Everybody else is completely made up for television. Unfortunately these charming inventions haven’t become canon immigrants amidst so many comics reboots . 

Why does Astra, the largest lady Legend, not simply eat the other four? Although Astra looms over her crewmates, Olivia Swann is merely 5’10”. Now I feel the universe has wronged us all by not making the actress literally Giganta-sized. They’d have to use special effects to make it look like Astra could fit on The Waverider. All I wanna do is is see Swann turn into a giant woman. A giant woman!

While I was disappointed there wasn’t a stronger degree of Beeboverse interconnectivity Post-Crisis. especially where time travel should make that easier, season six didn’t need it. Although this season was made during turbulent times, it doesn’t feel like it skipped a beat. It outclassed Batwoman & The Flash so hard that it should officially become the Beeboverse’s flagship series! There was undoubtedly plenty of additional stress behind & in front of the camera, but you wouldn’t realize from watching these episodes. It even delivered enough songs to fill out an offical mistape. Now that is a legendary feat!


This season was about aliens, so naturally it’d finally pay off the Thanagarian invasion foreshadowed in the inaugural season. Right? Nope! Nobody liked the Hawkpeople , but it’s not like they couldn’t find a way to make them work for a handful of episodes. Getting Ciara Renée & Falk Hentschel across the border during pandemic was probably too much effort. LOT could just as easily say the Thanagrarian conquest no longer happens Post-Crisis or a fungus thwarts them.

Were these two taken off the board because Aldis Hodge is the newest incarnation of Hawkman? I’m so glad Black Adam didn’t cast a bland white guy like TV does. Erin Kellyman should play Hawkgirl to compensate for never getting to wield a mace as Flag-Smasher. (I might’ve said Cyclone just based on her hair, but they already cast a non-ginger as her.)  How much more of a direct adaptation is Sarah Shahi’s Isis going to be than Tala Ashe’s? I’m guessing Pierce Brosnan’s Dr. Fate will die since he’s too powerful to keep in play & the helmet can go to a more affordable actor in the future.


“Whosoever lifts this mace, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of HAWKGIRL!!!”

The first season promos included the insignia of the Hawkpeople yet oddly neither wore it. That’s a big oversight, so I added it to the necklace of my Hawkgirl action figure over the nondescript gold pendant. I had to repaint it numerous times because it kept looking like the Thundercats sigil. It’s glossy so it photographs poorly. (I’m not about to start taking quality photos of my toys now!) I also painted in the exposed skin where her wings attach, her thigh strap, some skin shading, & made her mace’s head Nth Metal gold so she can bludgeon Vandal Savage to death. The toy’s colors are more distinct than the show where they all blurred together into brown. I’d held off getting this for years, but I’m glad I finally did from a shop that still had her at original MSRP. All she’s missing is an alternate unmasked head. I’m not sure whether got DC Collectibles gave collectors a bargain by not charging extra from her enormous articulated wings or if they’d been ripping us off on everyone else.

Wait, Todd McFarlane is rebooting DC Direct? Will he be releasing the products that didn’t make it out before the division was shuttered? Or will Todd just carry over to statues his policy of “You can have any DC action figure so long as it’s Batman.” He got Catman’s logo wrong!

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