Legends Of Starro The Halloween Conqueror of Tomorrow!

This blog has EVERYTHING: outsider pumpkin art, attempted horror film viewing, supernatural sleuths, Halloween hot takes, & Legends Of TomorrowStarro-pumpkin

For this year’s Jack-O-Lantern, I carved the star of the silver screen Starro The Conqueror! Its iris could’ve been larger.  For some reason DC characters lend themselves better to fire gourds than Marvel ones. Evey year I’m amazed at lanterns that feature an exquisite amount of detail whereas my crude designs struggle for adequate interior illumination to make them intelligible. I suppose I could always do research to learn to make better jackal lanterns, but is it really worth the extra effort for something I only do annually? After the exhaustion of scooping out pumpkin guts, it’s cathartic to have a simplified design to just stab into the orange vegetable without having to worry about being betrayed by the rind’s structural integrity.


I almost made a pumpkin carving of its mortal enemy instead. Ratcatcher 2’s mask sort of resembles Garindan the Imperial snitch, so I could’ve gotten a twofer. Remind me to fish out that design next year when I panic for inspiration.

It boggles my mind that there is no official Starro mask this Halloween. A spore mask goes with everything! (There was a comics inspired SDCC giveaway mask mask from 2010, but I doubt its durability.) There isn’t even a non-wearable Starro replica to conquer our wallets & shelves! The Suicide Squad is the most exposure Starro is likely to get (It should’ve utterly wrecked Vandal Savage in Young Justice: Outsiders!), but WB & DC are just leaving money on the table! At least there’s a hoodie for the JLA’s original antagonist.

The philosopher Machiavelli once asked whether it was better to be the Calendar Man or the man he cusses out. Is there anything funnier than people sincerely complaining that The Suicide Squad butchered Calendar Man? He was a red herring in The Long Halloween, & getting months tattooed around his scalp in Dark Victory didn’t improve his prowess. Being redesigned to evoke Hannibal Lecter doesn’t make him Hannibal Lecter when his claim to fame is remembering holidays that recur annually.

Starro is unrelated to the obscure Green Lantern foe Evil Star. (The most benevolent adaptation of Amanda Waller was in Green Lantern.) He has a star on his mask, but it’s not a spore. This walking disaster has a very appropriate name. His expansive powers, including the ability to duplicate himself into Starling gremlin-clones, mark him as another severely underrated supervillain.


Halloween III ruined the franchise by illustrating how creatively bankrupt making twelve movies about the same basic human slasher is. Michael Myers is trash & the only valid Halloween is Season Of The Witch. Silver Shamrock or GTFO!

I visited my Wages Of Cinema pals to see an advance screening of Last Night In Soho on Wednesday despite it conflicting with my The CW viewing. (That seems to close too the regular date to count as a sneak peek.) The usherette wished that we’d enjoy the film in the most jubilant tone. After a new post-trailer Dolby Digital ad that assured us “Yes, the projector is still on.,” the house lights instantly popped on & the projector shut off. Every time they tried to fix the projection, it had to start from the coming attractions. I’ve now seen the trailer for the confusingly titled Scream sequel thrice in one evening! Eventually AMC capitulated & gave the rowdy audience free passes. So no podcast review on Edgar Wright’s time travel ghost story starring The Doctor, Magik, General Zod, & the late Emma Peel. It was my kitty’s revenge for leaving her on National Black Cat Day, which is a separate holiday from Black Cat Appreciation Day. (One of those should officially be Felicia Hardy’s birthday.) 


Luckily Jack was able to drive Korey & I back in time to watch the hundredth episode of Legends Of Tomorrow in the nick of time! Amy Louise Pemberton was the MVP of the 100th episode, “wvrdr_error_100 not found.” I was impressed by her range as Gideon when she’s not just a voiceover. Caity Lotz directed yet another stylish episode, written by Phil Klemmer & Matthew Maala. They did a fun subconsciousness romp to join the ranks of Superman & Lois, The 100, Agents Of SHIELD, & Farscape. I especially like The Temporal Zone being replaced by blue code. Jax sounds better when Franz Drameh doesn’t use an American disguise voice. Captain Cold’s cold gun is even more worthless as it just briefly leaves teal spots on walls. Rip Hunter  had reprogrammed Gideon to care for the Legends against her primary directive, which isn’t a huge shock. I gasped when the doughnut was knocked out of Pre-Crisis Zari’s mouth. I was glad to see so many returning Legends, but I wish they’d gotten all of them. Hawkgirl, Heatwave, Vixen, Kid-Flash, John Constantine, Charlie, & Mona Wu were missing. It was a bit disheartening during Gideon’s inspirational hallway walk-through to see her expansive crew’s costumes become quickly replaced by regular clothes.

Did semi-amnesiac Bishop activate the factory reset in Gideon from the future, or was that purely a result of her pie indecision coma? Either way he now has a default Gideon program that’ll probably pilot the Waverider that exploded the team’s. If you didn’t care for Bishop mucking everything up last season, I bear you ill tidings. Now I’m wondering if six & seven were conceived as halves of of a bigger season like their Agents Of SHIELD counterparts.

The original Legends Of Tomorrow were ironically named since Rip Hunter’s selections were unimportant to the timeline. He was VERY wrong about The Paragon Of Destiny! Since she’s the only original member remaining, does that mean other current crew may be crucial to chronology too?

Since time is illusory, now some brief thoughts on the previous episode: “Core competency” is two safe words! Freaking out over killing Hoover is a bit hypocritical given nobody worried about the timestream when they atomized Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu. Zari going haram over Constantine is a bummer. Did the town forget about the circus at the Cruz homestead?


My Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated review has cleared 1,000 views in time for Halloween!

Ahoy, my Drewds! Thanks to a highly representative poll, the official awkward shipper name for Nancy Druid’s Bess Marvin x Temperance Hudson is Temperess! (Pour one out for Hudvin.) Please hashtag accordingly until this crackship sails so zombie Kegstand can have two mommies. (If bathing in Nancy Drew’s blood restored her youth, would Temperance bathing in Kegstand’s blood give her nine lives?)


November is going to be a very busy review month for this blog. We have the Stargirl’s sophomore season up next, Eternals, the supersized Supergirl season six, Doom Patrol season three, & the back half of MOTU Revelation. I’m not sure if The Flash & Riverdale will get season premiere reviews, or if I’ll just wait to sum up the five episode “events” each are starting off with. (Mid-season finales are making a comeback!) That should bring to December with Hawkeye & the the second third Spider-Man movie. I have to schedule in my annual cat post as well. I could’ve done it last week, but I procrastinated on picking a feline photo. Please subscribe, share, & return for these coming attractions!

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