Supergirl’s Supersized Season Six Swansong!

As even Eternals may end, so now must The Maid Of Might. This review of Supergirl’s sixth season is even longer than my usual. Much like Riverdale season five, Supergirl took an extended hiatus. I didn’t know there would be a mid-season break, so my reviews of those first few episodes wouldn’t have been ready in a timely fashion. Once the show returned, various other newsworthy stuff was happening. So I just decided to hold onto all my episodic thoughts until the series finale. This’ll be a good companion if you’re binging it on Netflix. Stargirl just won’t be the same without its partner in the DC blondes in blue block. Without further prologue, here’s SPOILERS for Supergirl’s swansong!


This is from last season, but I didn’t want her to miss out on the running joke. (Collect them all!)

I thought arresting Lex would be a way to take him off the board for a bit, but what would’ve been the final season premiere undermines that. His trial is farcical because the prosecution presents no hard evidence. They didn’t call in anybody from the DEO or Obsidian North as witnesses besides Eve. Lena strutting into court to testify backfires because their sibling squabble introduces reasonable doubt as to what was happening with the mind control code. Even Lex was surprised he was acquitted without needing to blow anyone up. Lex Luthor’s heart grew three sizes that day when he realized he didn’t need to brainwash people to make them love The Paragon Of Truth.

Lex burns down his hospital’s children’s wing just to spite his sister for donating his arms fund to charity. Lena & Brainy bond about how much they miss Kara & want to kill Lex. Lena opts to just cut Lex out of her life. She even quits Luthor Corp, so shippers now have to replace SuperCorp with KarLena or LuVers. The butler calls Lex “the man who has everything,” referencing the classic story adapted in season one. Then he teleports away (to the future because his teleporter watch is a time machine now too), so it just took an extra episode to get a breather on him.

The Phantom Zone is now an an archipelago of all the multiverse’s Phantom Zones rather than them all being merged together. I guess this means it could contain doppelgänger of characters that would’ve otherwise been erased by Crisis On Infinite Earths. The Phantom Zone stole Kara’s bangs? She found her dad there, further undermining the tragedy of her homeworld’s annihilation. There reunion is as unemotional as when Kara met her mom on Argo, so at least it’s consistent.

The merest exposure to Kara’s positivity power allowed Princess Nyxlygsptlnz to break her magical bonds! (You may recall Peta Sergeant cosplaying Mr. Sinister in Iron Sky.) Nyxly did her villainess reveal prematurely. Why can’t she just return home by saying her name backwards?

Both Kara & the Super Friends are besieged by Phantoms from the Phantom Zone resembling The Night King. They’re pretty one-note, so it’s frustrating so many episodes are spent on them rather than bringing back fan favorite foes for a victory lap (Is Roulette still stranded on that planet?) or introducing fun new ones to share with the Beeboverse. They prey on fear just like the underused Psi.

Transilvane is a “real” planet. Why does J’onn continue to have reservations about dating M’gann after their umpteenth mindmeld? J’onn killed Jemm back in season one before he could start a band with Kryptonian holograms.

Alex & Kelly finally had a heartfelt conversation that made them feel like real couple! Dansen is destined because of their mutual obsession with Die Hard. Lena & Brainy bantering about Ghostbusters was cute. Lena prioritized saving Kara over everybody transformed into phantoms because she loves her. Doesn’t Kara shed DNA even when at full power? They shouldn’t need time travel to get some.

Dreamer & Brainiac-5 audition for Legends Of Tomorrow! Make it so, CW! (They’d also kill it as Team Rocket.) Dreamer does Dolly Parton! Brainy being recruited to all the clubs evokes the time the eleventh Doctor upstaged James Corden at everything (extremely low bar). Jesse Rath trained for two weeks to do baseball bat tricks even though it wasn’t in the script! Izabela Vidovic & Olivia Nikkanen are perfect as mini Kara & Alex. (Melissa Benoist misses some episodes of her own show like Stephen Amell & Cress Williams, but the titular character still appears.) Eliza Helm also mimics Calista Flockhart’s living Cat Grant caricature. COIE undid the murder of Kenny Li! (He got recast though.) He’s better than all of Kara’s modern boyfriends. Dreamer & Brainy looped back on the time travel to fix the timeline more elegantly than the Legends Preventers tend to do. Nia made great strides with her powers, including manifesting  the pink panther cougar from her dream into real life. Professor Naxim Tork the campy menagerie owner reminds me of “USS Callister’s” Khan analogue, Valdack, crossed with an Andorian. (He doesn’t seem to be based on a single alien poacher from the comics.) His thin sidekick, Mitch, gives Pleakley from Lilo & Stitch vibes. Chyler Leigh made her directorial debut on part two. Young Kara was inspired by her prom’s soundtrack to become a bulletproof paparazzi (or at least paparazzi adjacent).

This two-parter felt like a better backdoor pilot for a Dreamer & Brainy spinoff than the real ones on Arrow & Black Lightning. Young Kara & Alex are also great, but I don’t see much use for a prequel series. Superman & Lois already feels like it’s repeating Smallville. Maybe they don’t need a prequel. The series could end with Kara getting deaged & marking this change by ironically rebranding herself as Superwoman!

It only took six episodes to get Kara out of the Phantom Zone! Brainy fears balloons! Is this the first time we’ve seen Nia in the Dreamer suit without her mask? She looks so different without it. Lena’s nightmare is an Alien 3/The Abyss hybrid kelpie drowning everyone like her mother. The group hug was cut.

“Welcome Back, Kara!” is an episode title & what it says on the doughnut cake. Kara is having PTSD about her time in the Phantom Zone. Like her grief about Mon-El leaving at the star of season three, it’s a realistic consequence that I’d rather the series not dwell on. They reference Iris West-Allen having a similar experience in the Mirrorverse. The Central City Citizen is kicking CatCo’s ass, & that only has two employees now!

This episode remembers superheroes can do more to help save the world than punching baddies as it tackles pollution. Unfortunately it also realizes fixing the world’s pollution crisis in a single episode would have too much of impact on future stories within the shared universe. So after the first hiccup with Kelex with Coluan shoulderpads Grover becoming an unstable trash golem, Zor-El & the Super Friends decide to forego any more environmentalism rather than refine their methods. Zor-El’s plan to fix Earth doubling as a means of rebuilding his romantic self-esteem ties into my view of Lena’s Non Nocere.

Much like Black Lightning, The CW stopped doing weekly promos for Supergirl once it returned from hiatus. Then they returned with the debut of Guardian II. Also like BL, the season doesn’t have much final season propulsion.

Even Nia nods off when Andrea speaks. (SPRQ Point is the superior CatCo.) Why did Nyxly get stuck in the Dreamtime after hitching a ride out of The Phantom Zone on J’onn’s spaceship? “I don’t think owls are that devious.” Nia should’ve trusted her gut & the owl. For an actual dead person, Nia’s mom feels more alive than Kara’s parents.

After being named-dropped years ago, Intergang finally appears to take advantage of a work-release program for alien prisoners. I’m glad they made a point that the work-release program was still laudable despite being misused by a corrupt warden. It’s a clearer message than when they murdered Parasite with plutonium for raising climate change awareness. Intergang was very underdeveloped, bu maybe S&L can do something with it?

I’m glad it’s putting more follow through into its commentary on convict rehabilitation & recidivism than the lone episode on environmentalism. The “Eat your greens” PSA is charmingly corny & ironic given that Kara subsists entirely on doughnuts & potstickers. Kara is bad at livestream Q&A’s. Mitch became Nyxly’s techie-toady after Naxim dumped him. How did Kara heatvisioning a cryo-bomb restore her magic power? (I was expecting Orlando to deactivate the bomb with his EMP power.) She destroys the building so neither side gets what they want.

I remain disappointed by Supergirl making Mr. Mxyzptlk look mundane. He hasn’t even put on The Hat’s hat yet! Can he please get a kookier wardrobe upgrade when he pops over to Superman & Lois? Thomas Lennon sang that whole scene on set with a steady-cam opperator doing circles around him.

Our previous feline overlords were too small to get piggyback rides from.

Nxyly made them fight a giant cat! It’s blue like Dex-Starr. Streaky would’ve been most helpful! Kara using her hear vision like a laser pointer to distract it was hilarious. The Kryptonite-firebreathing dragon was also a highlight. Nyxly wants to trap Mxy in her crystal ball because he’s the last descendant of Jareth Jyrryd so she can find seven totems that sound awfully like COIE’s Paragons required for an omnipotent Philosopher’s Stone Allstone. Unfortunately she succeeds in trapping Myxy just as a new anti-magic manacle is clasped upon her, so we’re all out of magical whimsy for the rest of the season. The disguised artifact fetch quest make it become Warehouse 13.

Speaking of which, Kara & Lena are also the best couple everyone thinks is canon except the showrunners since Myka Berring & HG Wells. Since corporate even nixed a heterosexual cunnilingus joke about Batman & Catwoman from Harley Quinn, I didn’t expect SuperCorp to become canon like Korrasami or Catradora. Although Lena Luthor is comparatively obscure, they don’t want homophobes boycotting a cash cow like Kara. Of course the Superman: Son Of Kal-El comic staff were given police protection following bisexual backlash, & that wasn’t even the original Superman as clickbait headlines implied. (Do research before kneejerk death threats, bigots!) If they couldn’t or didn’t want to pair Kara & Lena, however, they should’ve toned down the abundant Clois/Supercorp parallels. Getting Alex Danvers & Kelly Olsen as a couple was easier to get approved since neither existed before this series. It is possible for a series to include a canon queer relationship & still queerbait with another. They could’ve gone the Gotham compromise route of having Lena be open about her attraction & Kara opting to just remain friends. It’s not as if there’s Lena Luthor merchandise to boycott. (Well there is an out of production LEGO Lena.) “Supercorp” was actually used in the script for the season three episode “Trinity?”

The writers wanted to apologize for Merlin’s Morgana, so Lena’s mom was an Irish a Newfie witch. (It feels like this, S&L, & LOT made more of an effort to set scenes in Canada this year. Was this a new mandate to qualify for Canadian tax rebates?) Now the gay coding is complete! So Lena’s lineage is almost like Silver Banshee’s except they’ll save on La Catrina makeup when she powers up. (It was so disappointing that she had so much build-up, an ignoble defeat, & then never reappeared.) Katie McGrath won at Beeboverse flashback wigs. This is pretty random that the waited until the final season to give magic powers to a character rooted in science. That’s what happens when writers pick a magical villainess before checking if their team has a magical superheroine to counter. When she hastily leaves without taking the grimoire, her mother’s friend has it posted so it arrives in National City before her. That proves she’s a witch, as Canada Post is much slower.

Kelly Olsen looks better as Guardian than her brother, mostly because her armor is gold. I also like her helmet’s slight Phantom Of The Paradise vibe. Are those supposed to her braids or is it a disguise wig? I never expected her or Alex to become costumed superheroines with similar meaning codenames. (So that leaves Lena the outlier again.) The timing is odd since Kelly was finally getting arcs that show her value to helping civilians independent of costumed crimefighting. Thankfully “Blind Spots,” co-written by Azie Tesfai, makes a much stronger case for Kelly being Guardian than it ever did for James. While Supergirl works on a macro level, Guardian II will defend  the underprivileged on a micro level. A gentrifying councilwoman who literally siphons the life from low income people of color was a suitable foe for her. Of course most of the injustices Kelly personally stands against, like the city’s broken foster care system, can’t be solved by smacking them with her shield.

In a year where covid kiboshed the annual Beeboverse crossover, kudos to Diggle for being one-man Post-Crisis continuity glue! If only he’d made it onto Black Lightning too! At least he got to quote Jefferson Pierce.

This series puts a more varied spin on “courage” than I expected. The broken slingshot of David (it wasn’t a sling in the Prime-Earth Bible) totem gives J’onn the courage to compliment everyone! There being an alien dragon in disguise was less weird than it just being an emotional support iguana some lady was walking around the Science Museum with in her arms. Possessed Brainy sounds like Taika Waititi doing Yoda with regular syntax. The DEO dessert base is referenced as still being in existence, which makes it even stranger the agency immediately dissolved once once branch was demolished. I’m disappointed Dr. Beatrice Lahr didn’t become the new Livewire. (She’s played by Jesse Rath’s girlfriend, Holly Deveaux.) How’d Guardian not get wrecked blocking supercharged lightning with a metal shield?

Unlike Kara, Nyxly wins her gauntlet by being brave enough to have an emotional breakdown in front of a vision of her faithless brother & father during her failed coup. This strong scene restores some of the sympathy Nxyly lost since her heel turn. The Fifth Dimension palace looks like high fashion sci-fi when I hoped for surrealism. Would Kara have passed her gauntlet had she revealed her true identity after rescuing Alex’s plane?

Activating the Courage Totem made citizens go berserk. Activating the Humanity Totem made even more citizens go berserk but in a duller way since no lightning experiments were involved. These totems are pretty limited. I resent the second totem being said to remove people’s humanity as if humanity hasn’t demonstrated it can do plenty of horrible things without magic. The Empathy Totem would’ve been a better name for it. Kara plans to boost the spell’s effect to flood Nyxly with enough empathy that she reveals herself is extremely callous to the rioting denizens. It’d make sense if Kara becomes more sociopathic as Nyxly is crippled with compassion, but the inverted link isn’t explicit. Lena objects, but her girlfriend convinces her that it’s okay to do monstrously unethical things so long as William reports on them to the public. National City is somehow not aghast to learn Supergirl deliberately exacerbated the riots.

“Lena broke my brain!” Lena & Nia bonding scenes are great! Move over violet; Lena Luthor looks great in green! Kara’s bullet catch is badass! Karalena shared potstickers like a married couple. All they have to do to defeat Nyxly is publish an article with her name spelled backwards & get her to read it. (It’s unclear if all imps have the same weakness in the Beeboverse.)

It’s strange that Kaznia & Corto Maltese would be at war given how geographically distant they are. Why do such small nations have such large nuclear arsenals too? Kara decides that she doesn’t have the right to interfere with the affairs of sovereign nations, then does so anyway once they launch nukes. The notion that Kara could inspire more hope as a journalist was a compelling idea that got swiftly discarded for a Superman IV reference. To prevent Nyxly from collecting the whole set, Kara destoys the Hope totem too (It gets better.) without considering whether this’ll backfire on the world.

Martian Manhanuter doesn’t have an arc this this season. David Harewood ruptured his Achilles tendon, (Hopefully the working conditions weren’t as hazardous as on Batwoman or Titans.), but they could still give him something to chew on. What happened to M’Gann?

One castmember swaps out every episode, which contain one solid plotline surrounded by a bunch of middling ones. Dreamer having to reconcile with her jealous sister to get the Dream Totem was thematically great & showcased complex emotional shifts. Maeve apologized yet still acted selfishly. Dreamer refused to forgive her sister but also gave her another chance going forward. With her oneirocriticism expertise, Maeve would be a great sidekick to Nia if they can finally overcome their bad blood. It’s rare the series paints someone in a light that’s ambiguous about redemption. The Dream Totem rejected Maeve for being impure of heart, but Nyxly could just take it with her Lexo-guantlet? Unlike the writers, Katie McGrath acknowledged Dreamer is “unstoppable meat.”

Unfortunately that’s paired with a generic nightmare monster escaping the Dream Realm that wants to eat a nuclear power plant because nuclear energy is somehow analogous to dream energy. (Surely a sleep clinic would’ve noticed people becoming radioactive while dreaming.) The Super Friends cut it off by putting part of National City under the dome, only to piss of the public by not explaining the situation. All this keeps Kara from making her big interview with the leaders of Corto Maltese & Kaznia that she pushed for. Kara Danvers sucks so much at journalism this season that she quits CatCo. This is really frustrating because they kept teasing the possibility for Kara’s writing to be equally as inspiring as superheroics. New CatCo has been so soulless that her sacrifice feels more like a relief than heartbreaking.

It’s so refreshing to see Lex Luthor out of his comfort zone trying to woo Nyxly. I’m glad Nyxly’s first instinct was to immediately spurn Lex for being too much like her father. Lex & Otis were a comedy dream team. Lex traveling to the future & back requires plenty of disbelief suspension for this storyline to work. I wish we’d gotten a flashforward episode devoted to that.

Nia won at sweaters. I was surprised her closet cosplay of Dreamer wasn’t something specially made by wardrobe. Nicole Maines used to LARP in Maine, although they wouldn’t let her manifest dream-swords this season.

Esme is adorable. Alex pressuring her into mastering her mimicry in one day is in her Type-A character. (Which was worse: Alex assuming she could set up a private engagement party at Al’s Bar with no notice, or Kelly nearly giving her a heart attack by secretly booking it in advance?) Kara suggests to giving Esme her childhood lead-lined glasses as a way to help with uncontrollably manifesting powers, but Alex angrily shuts her down because she feels it’d be suppressing her adopted daughter’s identity. Using aliens as a metaphor for homosexuality may work from a Doylist perspective, but it won’t always apply to Watsonian interpretations. Alex ought to defer to her sister’s experience in this case rather than jeopardize everyone’s safety. Esme would probably welcome a power dampener so long as it wasn’t used offensively like it was at her previous foster home. She’s actively discomforted by suddenly replicating the powers of whatever aliens are around.

Andrea Rojas uses her powers & tissue thin journalistic integrity to steal Lex’s journal & publish it. She couldn’t have stolen something more damning? If Lex writing love poems about destroying his enemies was supposed to make me like him less, the writers FAILED! It’s amazing that they have similar powers yet I have opposite reactions to Acrata & The Shade appearing on my TV.

The LOSH inform Brainic-5 he must return to the future to merge with the Coluan Big Brain to save his species from an AI plague. This news puts Brainia into a funk. Why must he leave as soon as Lex & Nyxly are thwarted? Can’t he wait until after he has a long & fulfilling relationship with Dreamer before arriving at the crucial moment because time travel?

Supergirl heat-visioning out of her wrecked spacesuit was badass. Why does Supergirl still need a spacesuit Post-Crisis but her cousin doesn’t? It’s probably so stunt doubles can film more of the role, but it makes her look far weaker. Did Crisis retcon her being the most powerful Kryptonian?

William Dey may be the most improved character in the whole Beeboverse Post-Crisis. (Myxy is a very strong contender.) Did they always intend this change, or did the writers just seize the opportunity once they saw he wasn’t clicking with the fans? (It came too late for Staz Nair to avoid being bullied online.) William the baker with excellent advice & a girlfriend in Canada was a much better supporting character albeit a bit dull. He dies getting his boss footage of Lex doing a murder. So much for J’onn’s security! How did Lex not notice his phone? Desi characters continuously die on this show!

The penultimate episode obliquely references season one & Legends Of Tomorrow, but what the Devil was going on with that solar satellite subplot? Brainy says they can use a satellite to give Kara’s powers a boost against The Allstone. Why would this put The Sun out of whack for six months? Civilians freak out over Supergirl causing a minor eclipse as if it’s the worst thing she’s done this season. Right at the end of the charging countdown, Kara decides that enhancing her power to counter other enhanced powers is wrong. It’s unclear if she did get a boost from this if they shut if off a picosecond early or if The Sun got wrecked anyway.

Lillian Luthor helps torpedo the Lex & Nyxly ship because she is 100% that bitch. This is why we can’t have nice things! The assembled Allstone is thrown around like a hot potato until it’s broken into thirds by Lex, Nyxly, & Kara. Somehow this doesn’t revert it back into seven individual totems. Nyxly mortally wounds Lillian. (Lena doesn’t revive her.) Nyxly’s & Lex’s faces suddenly become monstery but not Kara’s. By fighting each other across the globe just National City with their totem thirds (She forgets to use it power to remove the anti-magic cuff to give herself the edge.), it drains the populace of the qualities each totem embodies. This goofily decolorizes everyone who’s not a Super Friend. In a move that is very on brand, Brainy & Lena join forces to beam Kara’s inspirational speech to everyone around the world. By convincing people to believe in themselves as their own heroes, citizens depower Lexy & Nyly while freeing themselves from The Shadowlands regaining colorization.

Nyxly uses her third to summon the dragon, nightmare being, & a parliament of owls but sadly not the giant kitty to fight the heroes. Luthor conjures up Parasite, Metallo, Red Tornado, & Overgirl. I would’ve preferred these to get more focus beyond last minute cameos. When he opens a Phantom Zone portal, the Phantoms suck him & Nyxly in instead of the assembled Super Friends. Their Allstone shards can’t overcome the Phantoms or escape their dimension? Does that mean Otis runs Luthor Corp now?

It’s a clumsy conclusion for this former power couple. This is especially disappointing for Nyxly as the Totems were giving her therapy. It would’ve been more fulfilling if she was finally able to move past her trauma by completing The Allstone & return home as a liberator rather than a destroyer. The Fifth Dimension remains under the heel of her psychotic tyrannical father, King Brpzx, whom the Super Friends could’ve helped her depose. Lex Luthor is important enough that he’ll probably be freed from the Phantom Zone, but this is most likely the end of the line for Nyxly.

Mon-El says he’s never coming back to the 21st century. Unlike Toyman II, he doesn’t even attend William’s funeral or the wedding. I’m so glad the rumor I heard months ago that Lena would die & Kara would go to the future with him were bogus! No shippers go home happy! They didn’t even bring in Comet the Super-Horse or Ogrox (Supergirl & Zatanna fought over a yeti. It makes less sense when you read the synopsis.) as her surprise soulmate. Supergirl x spinsterhood is endgame!

Not only does it avoid wastefully killing off any of the supporting cast, it gives them all happy endings. Lena, Nia, & Andrea form their own foundations. J’onn is going to restart the DEO, which sounds like a bad idea without a major overhaul. We don’t see him reconstitute after the crystal is shattered, but Winn says that Myxy is alive in the future. (If you can’t handle me at my Mxyzptlk, you don’t deserve me at my Kltpzyxm.) He also says J’onn & M’gann have a son.

Unlike Sara Lance, Alex’s mom & Kelly’s sibling get to attend their wedding. The Kent-Lanes don’t. (Where do the two series correspond timeline-wise?) The LOSH wouldn’t let Brainy stay for the wedding in three weeks. He comes back for Nia anyway! Kara & Winn duet the happy brides with “We Belong.” Nia catching the bouquet, James giving Esme a camera, & Dansen asking Lena to be Godmother were cut from The CW but not Showcase.

Realizing Rojas ran it into the ground, Cat Grant buys CatCo again & wants Kara to be its Editor-In-Chief. Kara doesn’t want the job because she still feels like she’s two people. Cat tells her to get over it by dropping the secret identity. (I thought Kara already knew that Cat knew in season two?) Then Kara & Lena the Gothest wedding guest have an intimate heart to heart that really sounds like mutual coming out speeches. Since they’re not getting together or exchanging any new information, it feels really bizarre. The framing only makes sense for romantic declarations, which these textually aren’t.

Kara reveals she’s Supergirl in a CatCo interview. But the 100th eisode specifically said she shouldn’t reveal herself to the world or baddies would murder her allies! Despite the contradictions within the series, it’s about time Supergirl made her identity less secret. (That goes double for Barry Allen!) It’ll be another avenue to distinguish her from her famous cousin. Will she prefer the public address her as Supegirl, Kara Danvers, or Kara Zor-El? Although all her friends are superheroes, it’d add a dash of extra excitement to see how they deal with enemies coming for them directly. This should’ve been a season finale so we could witness the new status quo. We didn’t even get to hear the interview or the public’s reaction.

So Supergirl ends without ending Supergirl? This would work as a series finale if it was still isolated on Earth-38, but it’s less satisying now that it’s part of Prime Earth. What will the in-story excuses for Kara not pitching in for all successive Beeboverse crises be? Will ditching her alter ego free Supergirl to focus solely on deadlines? Sentinel will aid Flash against Despero with her underused Hand Of The Warrior, but what about the other Super Friends? Finishing on an open-ended note is a wise move, yet ending at this moment feels unsatisfyingly abrupt & arbitrary.

The final season was reflective of the overall series. There were plenty of great moments scattered throughout so much stupid. Sadly they couldn’t all be season four. It ends with its inspirational heart in the right place though.

The key component to making this series work despite its assorted shortcomings was Melissa Benoist. She’s the best lead in the entire Beeboverse. I considered jumping ship numerous times, but her performance kept me around. “Melissa Benoist is so cute that kittens make internet memes about her!” She has amassed many dinosaur figurines from the set over the years! (This is ironic since Supergirl killed the dinosaurs!) She deserves more awards recognition than just the Saturn & Teen Choice Awards. Even when the show didn’t live up to her, Benoist was always super.


Cool villain costumes are few & far between on Supergirl. Yet the foes who got them (Reactron, Silver Banshee, Maxima, Master Jailer) disappeared after a single use. Meanwhile Brit Morgan never got to wear a cool supersuit as Livewire. With the budgetary constraints, you’d expect there to be a mandate for the writers to bring back costumed baddies as much as possible to get their money’s worth. It’s just weird when Arrow & Flash saved supersuits for recurring characters while Supergirl didn’t figure this out until Reign.

 Jesse Rath commissioned a custom Barainiac 5! Then he commissioned green Brainy, Dreamer, & Sentinel! Curse DC Collectibles, Mattel, & McFarlane Toys for dropping the Beeboverse’s ball! The new Shadowcat’s head looks like it’d work well for a Dreamer custom.

This Power Girl custom shows what Melissa Benoist could’ve looked like in her costume. The series also missed an opportunity for Supergirl’s Post-Crisis LOSH replacement, Andromeda. She, Brainiac 5, & Invisible Kid did the distracted boyfriend meme before it was cool!


My Doom Patrol season three blog is going to be timely?


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